Knight of Wands Rx: Impulse Control & Stability

The last few years, I’ve changed how I interact with the world at large, and a lot. While I do still follow the news, I don’t discuss it with anyone other than my husband. I am also much less emotionally vested in what goes on around me–and even less vested in deciding who is right or wrong, good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate.

To some, such a stance is nothing short of abdicating responsibility to right the wrongs of the world. But to me? Maintaining my personal balance and perspective is the only way I have anything meaningful to offer anyone.

I am not any less caring now than I was before. I am just a whole lot more centered.

The coming week, I’m suggesting you prioritize maintaining your own center and personal balance.

Next Week in Tarot

We have the Prince of Wands reversed (aka the Knight of Wands) for our weekly outlook, followed up by Justice as advice from the Tarot Illuminati deck.

The Knight of Wands is passionate, loyal and intense. But reversed, he’s especially prone to hard-headedness, impulsivity and jumping to conclusions.

In other words, I’m expecting a week of people having rather marked and emotional responses to what’s going on around them, generally without fully understanding what’s going on around them.  If you watch the news or have internet access, you already know what I’m talking about on a global scale. I also expect this on a personal level. So not anything super new here, but it will likely be even louder right now.

Justice coming in as advice is straightforward enough: slow down. Breathe. Get clear. Find your center and maintain your balance. Independent thought and full consideration of the facts are in order.

Weigh out decisions logically, giving a full hearing to all with relevant information, whether or not you are warm and fuzzy about the source of the ideas. Libra (who rules the Justice card) demands fairness. She doesn’t make declarations based on whom she likes best. Ideas must be judged according to their own merits, independent of source.

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We’ve got an eclipse on and there’s plenty of raw and intense emotion to go along with it. You can manage this if you are conscious about it. Breathe deeply, and make a point to regularly replenish yourself as needed so you remain solid and clear. This is more helpful to others than most people realize because an example is much, much louder than anything else you can do. A sense of stability is just as available as it ever was. But like always, it’s an inside job.

Are you feeling stable?

If you need a little help, give me a holler for a private session to sort it out. And take care of yourselves out there!


Knight of Wands: Passion and Harmony

Just about every day, there is some new thing people are wound up about. Have you noticed? Maybe big things, maybe little things, but they seem important to the people talking about them all.

Sometimes I follow the stories and sometimes I don’t. Mostly, if a story is interesting to me, I follow it. If it bothers or upsets me in any way, I don’t. I prioritize being happy over being involved.

There is so much of everything in this world to choose from! I make a habit of selecting those things that harmonize with what I want to give the vast majority of my attention. I think I have a better life for it.

Next Week in The Cards

Does this Messenger of Fire (aka Knight of Wands) look familiar? She should. She’s been here recently! Her job today is to describe the coming week, with advice coming specifically from the Two of Water (Two of Cups), both drawn from the Good Tarot.

Expect communication to be passionate and intense this coming week from all sides. Instead of looking for which source is the rightest of the right, seek out harmony.

It’s fine to decide what you feel is best about anything and everything. Just don’t hold your breath about others coming along for the ride. Some may, but many won’t.

The intensity we’ve got here leaves you with a choice: you can either get really, really agitated focusing on (and therefore growing) all these areas of disagreement.

Or you can happily swim along, paying attention to that which vibes with how you are feeling it. This week, actively seek out those moments, ideas, things, whatever, that resonate with you; pay less attention to everything that doesn’t.

Want some one-on-one help getting reoriented? Holler at me for a private session.

Diversity of opinion makes this world a more robust, dynamic place (and we cannot escape it anyway, so why not make peace with it)?  Both what you want and what you don’t are present in every issue. What you focus on is turned up in your world.

What do you want to turn up?

Knight of Wands: Silent Knowing

I’ve always felt a bit like a weirdo, but the sensation is getting stronger in the past couple of years. Mostly I’m okay with that. Although to be honest, it can feel a little isolating at times. I like feeling connected to other people but if I worry about that, it messes up my own vibe.

It’s not the connections with each other that matter nearly so much as your connection to what’s bigger, what’s divine, your own soul. That’s the ONLY connection that matters. Everything else comes as a reflection of that connection, that energy and never the other way around.

Can I feel compassion for those who see the world dramatically different from how I see it? Because if I can’t, I’m kind of sunk here. That group includes damn near everyone. And I want to feel kindness for damn near everyone. It makes for a happier life. It feels more like who I really am.  It doesn’t require consensus or persuasion or action by a committee, which is impossible anyway. There’s no force involved.

It just requires my energy be on point. That I can do.

This coming week is all about that inner connection that you find by way of your heart.

Here we have the Messenger of Fire (aka the Knight of Wands from the Good Tarot) and Gloxinia from Botanical Inspirations–love at first sight & proud spirit.

Where is your heart? Listen to that beat, above all the static and din of “other people’s opinions.”

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On my psychic soundtrack this week, I’ve got The Sound of Silence. And it’s loud, ironically enough.

“People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening”

I’d advise the same to you. Listen to the silence and see what inspirations visit you.

Are you tuning in to the silence?

If you’re looking for some feedback on your journey, holler at me for a private session.

Knight of Wands: Who do you want to be?

I noticed myself not taking my own advice today. I hate that.

I hate noticing, I mean.

I’m sure, I ignore my own advice all the time. There are times you manage being the person you aspire to be, and times you don’t. This is the human condition and there’s not a damn thing wrong with it the way it is. We’re not meant to be static beings, never stretching our wings beyond where we’ve been before. We flex and grow, flex and grow.

The fun of life isn’t about being perfect. It’s not about arriving. It’s about the trip, every minute of every day. And the quality of your trip is in your own hands. What you see anywhere you look says less about the conditions themselves than it does about your focus. We attune most readily to perspectives that are already primed from practice.

What are you practicing? Do you notice?

I was doing a reading the other day–recording onto my phone. While I was talking, the phone vibrated and popped up a notice of incoming call.

Huh? The recording app isn’t supposed to let a call through.

I look down a little sternly, to see what disruptive caller had breached my technological interruption defense system mid-reading. And I laughed out loud.

What was I talking about, again? Because the caller ID said “Dixie Vogel” with my cell number. Somehow, I had managed to call myself. I literally “had my own number” with the advice I giving my Tarot friend at the time.

Damn it.

Every reading, on some level, is a reading for yourself. Every interaction in an interaction with some aspect of yourself as reflected by and in whatever is standing before you.

You are connecting with who you’re connecting to, you’re seeing whatever you’re seeing, as a result of where your own energy is at any given moment.

Sometimes the match is because you’re on the same wavelength. Sometimes the match is about one of you having a little piece of magic the other could use, with the Universe orchestrating meetup. But one way or another, there’s a match.  No match, no manifestation. If it’s before you, it’s matching something you’re vibing out. No way around it.

All roads lead home. You may notice that about the roads, if you’re looking.

And if you’re not looking? You may have to call yourself on the phone to get your own attention.

Well played, Universe.

This week, we’ve got “Intensity” (aka the Knight of Wands) from the Osho Zen Tarot and the No match, no manifestation from Botanical Inspirations–Majesty and Virtue.

Both of these cards speak to purity, focus and integrity. Together, they paint a clear picture of moving forward in a focused way, being sure to remain true to your most deeply held core throughout. You do what you do, and you stay YOU while you’re doing it.

It’s a good time to know your own mission. Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish here? How do I want to feel?” And focus single-mindedly on that. Your attention is best trained on where you want to go, what emotional space. Not where you’ve been or whether someone else is or who you’d like to see somewhere else. Just you and where you’re going.

Knight energy can be somewhat jarring and intense. He is on a mission! He moves quickly and in some cases, may have to make sudden changes in course to maintain his objectives. So if you maintain a close connection to your highest intentions, you can ride the wave comfortablely and quickly. Just make sure your focus is clean and pure. You’re moving fast. Make sure you are feeling good and tune in to the vibe you’re reaching for before you turn up the juice with any action.

Tune in to your highest self–the version of you that you aspire to be–and focus on the feeling you want to have. Use it as your touchstone, your mission statement. Clutch it close as a compass aimed at true North and take every step in expression of that journey. Not where you’ve been or where you’re going. Here and now. Now and now and now and now.

Ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?

And then? Focus on that! And ride. That’s all you gotta do.

Knight of Wands: Passion and Value of Trouble

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened and vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” – Helen Keller

I don’t know I agree that suffering is the one-and-only way to build character, but it sure can be a shortcut!

In the last year or so, I’ve been refining my personal philosophy. Taking the foundation I had already and expanding it. It wasn’t really a planned thing, but that’s how it’s working out and I like it.  And as I think (and talk, and write) my way through this process, I’m finding it becoming easier and clearer all the time.

I’m also finding myself straying further outside the norm, but I try not to bother much about that.

I am looking to drop as much judgement as I can manage about what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” Of course, absolutely there are things I see around me I don’t want, as well as much celebrate.

But when I move my focus from what feels good to me, to what feels bad in order to “fix” or even neutralize the people that perpetuate the “bad,”  invariably I start to veer off course. And I know I’m off course because it feels terrible and I lose my sense of being plugged in.

Basically, I see all the aspects of life as being served up on a plate. And there’s stuff on that plate I love, and stuff on the plate I despise. I can either spend my time devouring what I love and looking for more of that, or raging against what I despise and yelling at people they should not make any more of this awful stuff.

Passion is never a problem. Passion is always a gift. It’s what you DO with your passion that can feel good or not. Trying to control outside conditions is slow-moving and difficult trek. Controlling your own perspective, on the other hand, is relatively easy and you’re still contributing to the sum total of what you see as good.

All that having been said, not everything you run across is welcome. And that’s fine. Sometimes, challenging or painful circumstances can help propel us to a new level of understanding and really crystalize priorities in a way nothing else seems to do. And that’s all fine and well. In fact, that’s good. Because if you can see the good in everything that happens, extract that benefit and blessing out of it to appreciate, you will find a freedom that no other perspective can grant.

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If you can get to the point you can extract appreciation from EVERYTHING you see, at least some part of it, then you have found a rock-solid center that becomes scarcely shakable. Making the best of what you have, doing what you can with where you’re at now, making peace with whatever is going on around you? THIS is the path to connection. This is the path to joy. And believe it or not, this is also the path to positive change and growth.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself, if you’ve a mind and see if it doesn’t work for you, too.

Do you look for the value of trouble?

Featuring the Radiant Rider Waite and Botanical Inspirations decks.  Give Dix a holler for 1-on-1.

Knight of Wands: Get moving!

I run a sizable Facebook page. And people getting started out sometimes come to me, asking for advice. I’m generally at a loss for what to tell them.

Because when I tell them the truth, they are not likely to believe me. 

They are expecting secrets and formulas and systems. I don’t have any of that.

See, I tried to run a business like it, years before. I had a good start and was very excited and worked very, very hard. I gave it all I had!

And I got exactly nowhere beyond mediocrity. I eventually gave up, but still had the Facebook page. For a long time, it sat around collecting dust and spam.

It was a touchy subject.

But as time passed, I started feeling better about the whole thing. I got over the topic–and more importantly, myself. I released expectations and just played there, whenever I happened to feel  like it.

People would email me, wanting to network on something or other, and I said “No thanks,” over and over again. “This is just a little thing I do for public service,” I’d say. “I am not trying to turn it into anything.”

I was just doing whatever felt good, whenever I felt like doing it, because I wanted to do it.

Guess when it took off?

[bctt tweet=”Not trying pays off. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

In the initial trying, I introduced a LOT of contradictory energy. I was worried about my decisions being right or my skills being good enough or letting down other people or whether or not I was worthy of success in that space.

In the not trying, I just did my thing. There was no split in my energy. I didn’t take any action, ever, TO make something happen–and hence, I didn’t have any doubts or fears or self-criticism clouding the choices I was making. I was just doing what felt good, in the moment–one moment after another moment after another.  The steps that took me from there to here unfolded naturally.

We spend so much of our lives, thinking success or failure is all wrapped up in our action–studying, figuring out the right action, taking it, working hard, giving it our all. It sure wasn’t for me.

Results come with good timing. And the timing doesn’t come from analyzing or figuring out all the permutations of potential trajectories.

Good timing comes from being connected.

Doing what I wanted to do, what I enjoyed doing, when it felt good to do it? That hooked me up with the right people and circumstances to grow into more. That gave me perfect timing. That is pretty much the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

The best action today isn’t going to be the best action last month or the best action next week. And the way the Universe works? You don’t see way ahead, how every step is going to play out. It’s malleable. It moves and transforms. It’s energy in motion and the flow of that energy is going to change from moment to moment, just like your energy flows and changes, from moment to moment.

You see the next step forward and that’s it. But honestly? That’s enough.

Plugging in is what makes your timing right. Being connected and in the flow. Am I starting to sound like a broken record about this? Because honestly, I think this is always the answer.

That being said, of course: I’m expecting this week is ripe for some action. And if you stay plugged in, it should work out well for you. Just make sure you’re more interested in feeling good while you’re doing it than in how it’s going to pay out and you’ll do well.

Knight of Wands: Expect movement! While you may change your mind and adjust course, don’t worry over it. Just enjoy your ride for the sake of the ride. If you do that, then it will be fun and rewarding every step of the way and into the next, best place you’re going.

Be well out there!

This forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite and Dixie. Check on a private consult, right here.