Everyday Magic: Literal or Metaphorical?

Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic is where the spiritual and physical intersect.

Literal or metaphorical? From the comments:

“I think I sometimes take these wonderful spiritual metaphors and relate them right back into the material world, even though they may not be intended as that.

But I actually did spend hours yesterday taking lots of old clothes out of closets, and marked it for Goodwill.” – sophie

I mean the metaphors both ways. Multi-layered reality. Both physical cleaning and energetic cleaning are brands of the same type of energy–release. So working on one enhances and smooths the way for the other. As above, so below. This is an everyday expression of the Law of Attraction.

Do you see the energetic/physical connections?

Haphazzard Magic

magic witchcraft

Haphazzard Witch?

I like to mark astrological events like the eclipse we just had–really, any moon activity. Since the moon is watery, it’s going to impact emotions, psychic work, creativity and manifesting. Under the right astrological weather, it’s easier to tap into the flow. It’s like the difference between swimming with versus against the current. You’ll get further swimming with, so I try to be mindful.

But since I’m not well-versed in witchcraft, and I used to think I couldn’t do any magic work to maximize these occassions, lest I inadvertently caused some kind of harm, messing about in forces I knew little about.

Until one day it occurred to me–what is magic work if not working with energy? Regardless of the tools you use, you’re still focusing intent and channeling energy toward that intention? I do that all the time, reading Tarot! I do that when I’m pray before a reading, when I envision light charging my body and cards, when I send out love and light for healing. Heck, I successfully perform magic all the time!

Besides–I think any spiritual endeavor should be joyous, and it’s hard to feel joy if you’re worrying about causing harm. So I ask for protection first–I pray, and often include the bit of Wiccan Rede: “An’ ye harm none, so mote it be.” Asking the source for guidance, for all things in the highest good of all concerned. Spiritual malpractice insurance. I ask for (and trust I’ll receive) exactly what I need. That makes it very simple.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy learning more about it. I do! But now, the learning is an adventure instead of a duty that must be fulfilled. It is a lot more fun that way.

Do you work magic? Do you think it works?

Everyday Tarot, 06/16/11: Planting a New Garden / 4 of Cups

tarot-forecast-four-cupsAre you a “grass is always greener” sort?  Or do you tend to stay with what you’ve got, maybe even long after you’d have been better served moving on?

Today’s Tarot is “Discontent and Boredom,” better known as the Four of Cups or “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the Moon in Cancer. And it’s true, sometimes this card can signal being stuck in a rut. Mostly, I see this fellow pop up when more attention is being paid to what is not than to what is.

Now, we talk about the Law of Attraction, and tuning in to the vibration you want. And what you want may not exactly be reflective of current experience. Ouch. Feeling like you’re missing the boat  doesn’t exactly put you on the frequency to fulfillment, huh? So you need another approach.

Instead, start with elements that have the essence you want, and turn them up. Since form is irrelevant at this point, you can be creative. Work your way backwards, starting with the feeling you want.

If I wanted a partner, I’d look to what I expected to get from having that relationship. Companionship, security, and love? Get a dog! A sense of shared goals and dreams? Volunteer, or work on a cause. Your enjoyment is much more important that how you activate that vibration. The more joy, the higher, quicker, and louder the energy echoes into other other areas of your life.

But—and this is important—don’t dog yourself for feeling restless or unsettled sometimes. It’s not a failing. It’s a gift! Uncomfortable feelings are like a warning buzzer that something’s out of alignment. Or maybe we have extra challenges—difficulties give us powerful insights and potent energy. Our wounds grant us compassion, empathy and ability to heal.

Any difficult energy can operate like a a pent up spring—an invitation to burst forth in a new direction. It may be a challenge to master, but it’s a potent force for creation. “Discontent and Boredom” reminds us if we don’t like the view, we can plant a new garden, using whatever seeds we’ve got on hand.

How are your flowers doing?


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Six of Pentacles & Help Manifesting

six-pentaclesFrom a reading:

Divvy out your attention according to what it is you WANT in the physical, not escaping what you don’t. Change does not come from dreaming about how everything will be perfect when you’re out of a situation you don’t want. It’s not event-based. Change comes from small actions taken on faith, a result of directing your energy where you want to go.

Work on your feelings daily to vibrationally align with the ones closest to what you want.  The trick here is feeling gratitude for the essence turns up the volume. All your activities related to where you want to go are best started charged with the kind of energy you want to connect to.

Do you see this principle operate in your life?

Inverted Sun: Love, Not Regret

From a reading…

Don’t worry that you’ve created the mess by not always focusing on the light, okay? Yes, you create your reality, but in a relationship, you do not create it alone. So stop thinking of problems as a personal failing, where you were not “good enough” to successfully fight for the higher ground.

This whole thing, the ups and downs and in between, is a series of the life lessons for you to study. You are not failing spiritually, because of the shadow on your happiness. You do not control everything that happens directly. You control your thoughts, where your energy goes.

And even when things stray into uncomfortable avenues, there will be something of use there for you to pick and and learn from that can add to your eventual fulfillment and gifts to others. So accept it all all part of the process, okay? With LOVE, not regret.

What do you see?

Everyday Tarot, 06/06/11: Queen of Rainbow’s Miracle-Gro

daily-tarot-forecast-zen-queen-rainbowsI had an old car once that I hated. Hate-ed. I fussed and grumbled to myself every single time I got into that thing. I hadn’t picked it out, it steered funny, it was a piece of junk, blah blah blah. I didn’t keep anything personal in it, because I didn’t feel connected—I never bonded. Problem was, it was the best I had to drive at the time. And I was creating my own miseries.

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