Courting Intuition via Creativity

Opening yourself to creative flow is an excellent path to ramping up your personal psychic mojo. But sometimes? People do it in ways that tend to shut down the channel instead of open it up.

I’ve been thinking about it as akin to courting.

If you wanted to woo a new partner, you wouldn’t begrudge time or energy. This is where you want to spend your resources! You wouldn’t criticize and pick apart your partner or offer a running commentary on your date’s shortcomings.

“I’ve got a few minutes to kill. But I don’t want to spend any more money, okay? You cost so much! And…geez. If I introduce you around, which I think I won’t, but if I do…I will just open with an apology so they know I realize you’re subpar.”

Not exactly promising for a budding romance. But that’s exactly how we “court creativity” all the time. Either we worry about it’s demands or it becomes a reason to focus on our shortcomings. Eeek!

We can do better.

To woo, you wine and dine–eat well and sometimes, indulge. It’s a full-blown, full-body sensual experience. There is not resentment over resources–you feel good about time or money you spend this way. You don’t force the flow and you don’t rush it. Rather, you gladly invite it in and love every leisurely minute of time together. Because it’s too wonderful not to savor!

You can use a similar approach to tapping into you powerful, divine creative force and you’ll find it an excellent tool for turning up and fine tuning intuition.

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This works because imagination is a primary channel for incoming information. It can be just like recalling a rich memory–awareness of vivid, sensory information within your own head. While people sometimes have more tangible, physical experiences (such as vividly smelling dead Grandma’s perfume), most often, interpreting psychic information is much more subtle and internally focused. It’s a light and practiced touch.

Folks sometimes break down this info into categories by how it’s perceived–clairvoyance vs. clairaudience vs. clairsentience, etc.–and can grow a bit of an ego or inferiority surrounding how tangible their own incoming signals are or are not. That’s all fine and well if it interests you, at least the classification part. The ego score we can safely dismiss.

But in practical terms, the reception itself counts a whole lot more than whether or not your aura-vision looks like it’s coming from outside your own head. Whatever form is good enough. Welcome ALL that you get, and bless it and then, utilize it. As you do this consistently, it becomes more and more strong and dependable over time.

What DOES matter a great deal, though, is openness to the incoming signal and facility with receiving and interpreting that signal. This grows from practice. And activities that stimulate your true creative flow–a highly connected state–are invaluable to developing your skills.

Creativity to Improve Psychic Mojo

  • Select joy-driven activities.
  • No self-criticism need apply. (Am I getting repetitive with that point yet? Because if not, let me try harder! )
  • “Let yourself go” into creative activity.

Start by selecting an activity that you really love. Your creative process is ideally classifiable as “play.” It’s best something to look forward to, a rich and deep wellspring of pleasure. The love you have for the doing is already setting the stage for improving your connection by lifting your vibration from the moment you begin planning. Just thinking about it will start the energy moving and the more intensely you’re enjoying the preparation, the more intensely the energy moves.

Since the point here is plugging in, there is no way to get it wrong. There may be more and less effective, but no “not good enough.” Seeing room for improvement can be another avenue of satisfaction for the artist, and that’s great. Just be sure that however you are framing the process itself feels GOOD, satisfying. That’s how you can tell it’s an effective tool for you.

With self-doubt set aside, you are free to tap into the flow. The more you can let go of self-consciousness, the smoother the stream flows. As you love what you’re doing, you begin channeling more and more life force. That’s the real buzz of creative pursuits, tapping into the bigger energy stream of Universal life force. That’s where the high of “being in the zone” comes from.

And as you probably well realize, this in-the-zone state, when practiced and therefore readily achievable, is highly conducive to receiving intuitive/psychic information. And it’s fun to boot. Win-win, man, Win-win.

Have you found creativity to aid your psychic connection? Tell me you story!

Mind / Body / Spirit Spread

mind-body-spirit-checkinOne of the first (and easiest) spreads to learn is the Mind/Body/Spirit. Not surprisingly, that’s a 3-card spread covering–you guessed it!–mind, body, and spirit.

Oddly enough, when using the spread I find it reads very similar to a Past/Present/Future layout, the messages are very similar. Which makes sense, I guess. Thinking is heavily influenced by  (past) experience, physical body is extremely present-tense, and (at least in my world) the future is driven by spirit. Experiment with reading one spread both ways to see exactly what I’m talking about.

I also love combining these for myself with my “Trust Your Vibes” deck for specific advice on improving any weak points. I find this combination works exceptionally well for me, with the advice from Sonia’s deck spot-on and helpful.

And I was thinking…New Year’s resolution focus is waning by now and maybe, a check-in would be a good idea for others as well as for me. So I decided to offer them to y’all for the rest of February.

Mind/Body/Spirit Snapshot 


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Learning Tarot: Dealing with Reversals

Lots of Tarot newbies wonder when, how or if to incorportate reversals into readings. Dixie hands them a strategy.

Short answer: Get clear with the cards upright first. When you feel ready, experiment with options for interpreting reversals after clearly setting your intention to do so.

Do you work with reversals?

Interpreting Tarot Court Cards: Person or Not?

Great question! The Court cards are challenging, especially for those just starting out. I know I hated getting court cards at first. As I once heard the lament, “I’m looking for an answer, not a person!” But the Court can be strong allies in your reading once you get to know the family a little, you know?

A court card generally points to 1 of these 3 options:

  • An actual person
  • An aspect of the questioners’ personality
  • A quality, energy or approach in the situation

Your first clue is context! What exactly, did you ask? What position is the card in? If I saw the Queen of Wands come up for advice, I’d probably suggest remaining strong, determined or even stubborn. No flinching! The Page of Pentacles could suggest clear communication, whereas the King of Cups may lead me to suggest acting on feelings. In the past position in a relationship spread, it may well be an ex-partner making an appearance. In an outcome position, the court could represent what qualities you can expect to manifest as a result of the energies in play. Context and the position of the card together tell the story.

Look at the surrounding cards. What came before and after the card? Stings of cards present as part of an ongoing dialog, each rubbing elbows with those nearby. What interpretation best fits into the narrative of the surrounding cards?

Personal Associations. If you have a special association for  a particular royal, that card can show up to draw your attention to something related. Say the Knight of Wands always makes you think of your brother. Does he show up in a reading to refer to the questioner’s brother, or suggest an approach your brother would take, or maybe just reveal some other parallel between your brother and the question itself?

The card itself. Look for details that seem to “pop” at you, whatever seems bigger or brighter or catches your eye. That will often show you the most relevant features of a card. So if you notice the face, perhaps we’re talking about person. If you notice a detail of the background, maybe the card speaks to the background of a situation. Or maybe it’s just showing up to give you a single idea to convey. Listen to your inner voice, whether or not the interpretation is standard.

It’s always about the Questioner. Even if the court card shows up to talk about somebody or something else, the argument can be made that every situation in an individual’s life–and the people in it–is an expression, direct or indirect–of that individual’s energy. So even if the card talks about another person, or an approach to a situation, or whatever, it’s always kind of always about the questioner as well.

As far as telling the difference, if you stay in the flow of the reading and have your radar full-throttle on, you’ll be able to just go with what you get in that flow without over-thinking. It’s that second-guessing tendency that leaves us feeling confused. Your first impulse on reading a court will normally be the best. But if you find the card nagging at you after you’ve moved past it, return to see if there is more. A card can sometimes have multiple interpretations, more than one meaning or layer to add. Just follow the vibe.

Hope that helps!

How do you do with court cards?

Have your own question? Ask Dixie!

Conflicting Advice Learning Tarot? Video on Coping

One of the most frustrating parts of teaching myself the cards was dealing with conflicting advice. In this video, I give advice on dealing with the issue.

How do you resolve conflicting advice when you’re learning?

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