Weekly Flow Tarot, May 4–10th: One Step at a Time

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Welcome to my first Tarot forecast experiment, which I’m calling a “weekly flow.” I pulled a card for each day, looking at the overall flow for all of them along with the daily energy.

It looks like this week is going to demand some stamina, with solid follow-through and a dash of faith to fare the best. With over half of the cards inverted, I am expecting  impatience and frustration about slow-moving situations and the inverted cups in particular suggest the delays and frustrations can be emotionally draining at times. If you already know to expect this, you can factor it in.

Sunday, The Wheel – Be on the lookout for a lucky break today and hop on that train if it pulls up outside your door! Even if you don’t notice a specific opportunity though, do use some part of the day to do any necessary prep for the week ahead since it looks to give you a good leg up on following days. This day is the kiss of the coming week.

Monday, Queen of Swords – Stick to business and  forego editorializing in conversation. It’s liable to be misunderstood or taken too harshly. Prioritize; focus on the facts and especially the most important. Let anything irrelevant to the main objective go. Detach and rise above conflict if it doesn’t further the agenda.

Tuesday, King of Cups Rx– It’s looking squishy today!  You may have some of those messy ol’ feelings, about which there is absolutely nothing to do. Potential for self-pity or someone arriving with a sob story looking to divert you from your better judgment. Set aside major decisions until your emotional mojo is refilled. Chocolate would probably help… (But then again, I always think chocolate will help.)

Wednesday, Four of Wands Rx – Potential for cranky housemates or feelings of isolation and alienation in general. Cleaning (with the intention of evicting stale, disruptive energy along with grime) will help considerably. Order in your surroundings makes a big difference. I do mean literally and in every sense of the concept. If you get an email that bothers you, clean out your inbox. If it’s an argument in the kitchen, do the dishes. If you feel bothered at work, organize desk drawers. If you can find a physical action that’s symbolic of the bother, that’s even better. Follow up with adding something special to the space—a rock, a plant, a pillow, whatever that symbolizes being “at home” again.

Thursday, Queen of Wands – You’ve got this! You’ve made it through most of the week. The capacity to get your $*%$ done is in high gear. You have access to creative solutions and nobody’s getting one over on you. Be confident and bold!

Friday, Ace of Cups Rx – Damn, this looks like tired to me! Great day for a little escaping into music, a movie, a good book or even a nap. Eat well and rest. Exhale.

Saturday, Five of Pentacles Rx – It’s like the stressors you haven’t had time to process so far sink in. Don’t wait for others to know you could use some support or skip the asking, assuming there is none to be had. Reach out for what you need, or offer it to others if you are not in need. You’re not on your own today with whatever’s weighing you down unless you insist on being on your own.

The affirmation for this week: “I trust the process of life.”

Despite the demands and emotional blips, what needs to happen is happening. Stay present, stay optimistic, and stay on task. All materializes at the right pace. You got this…

So what do you think?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Forecast for Dec. 23 Week – Don’t Blame the Temptation

I’m back with a weekly video forecast. I think the face I’m making is pretty self-explanatory.

Short version: The sense of “no control” is false. Whether your “drug of choice” is spending, food, a bad-for-you relationship or whatever, indulgence or abstinence is entirely your call. Make whichever call you want, but do so understanding the consequences. And for God’s sakes, don’t get yourself arrested!

What are you seeing for this week?

Dec. 16 Weekly Forecast: Don’t Give Up, Sparky. You can do it!

This week’s Tarot forecast isn’t…exciting and fun. But it’s not out-and-out discouraging, either. It just needs a nap.

Short version: It looks to be a tiring time and maybe you wonder if you can get through this stretch. If I’m pulling the 9 of Wands, the answer is yes! Seek support, taking care of yourself, and hang in there friends!

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Moderation, Grasshopper!

For the week of December 2…maybe I should have gotten this out earlier!

Short version: I’m feeling a back-and-forth pull between spending freely and regretting it the morning after. Budget your resources of all kinds, including energetic!

Are you feeling “spendy?”

p.s. Yes, I know I have funny faces in my video picture thumbnails. I do it intentionally. One, it could make people wonder “What the Hell?” and watch my videos. 2. It helped me get over my fear of doing videos by learning not to take myself too seriously.

10/07/13: One Step, One Step / 3 of Coins


No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now. –Alan Watts

The Three of Pentacles is always an encouraging sight to me—it’s the gift of planning! By carefully working out the physical (Tarot Pentacles) details one by one and refining the specifics of your plan as you go and gain information, you can make real progress.

The trick is to keep doing as you’re planning, even if you don’t quite know the end result. Plan, do and adjust, man. Do pay attention to details but do not let the scope of the job overwhelm you.

One step, one step, one step strung after another and the next thing you know, you’ve taken a great journey! This card doesn’t assure us everything will necessarily go according to our plans, but clearly points out the benefits of planning anyway. And that’s good enough to recommend the practice.

Are you working on a plan? Is this how it’s working for you?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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10/06/13: “That One Guy…” / 4 of Wands Rx


Don’t send the invitations out yet, if you’re seeing the reversed Four of Wands! Because something about the partnership, venue or agenda is not sewn up yet. Often referred to as “the wedding card” (the more traditional RWS version shows formal event preparations), this card can speak to weddings, celebratory events, or rites of passage. I sometimes even get it referring to a more psychological concept of safe haven, a place of rest and respite. Tarot fours are stable structures in whatever context.

Think incomplete here. Like the acquaintance that you feel “more or less” at home with, or the party where you like the majority of the people attending, this sense of solid, safe union isn’t utterly absent and may well develop over time. It’s just not quite there yet. Sort of like you dig  most of the inlaws, except, “Eh, not to sure about that one guy.”

That’s okay. Doesn’t mean “that one guy” is a dick. He may be a peach of a fellow. Just keep your eye on him, because you don’t know yet!

Consider this a coming together being underway, but still with reservations.

Can you relate?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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