Would Mom approve?

photo credit  hobvias sudoneighm

photo credit hobvias sudoneighm

“What do you think?” was the question, asked maybe the dozenth time.  I lost track.

“Does it matter? Would it change anything?”

A lot of times when that question is asked, it doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t change anything. So why do we ask it?

On my radar: approval issues.  As in who wants approval, who needs it, and what we’re willing to do to secure it.

I saw this as general topic emerging via themes of those year-end Zodiac spreads last year, and figured the Aries/Libra axis eclipses may be coming into play, among other astrological events.

Maybe it’s all this Cancer energy: the grand collective has mommy issues!

“How is she REALLY doing? Did we offend him? Are you having trouble with your weight again? I don’t like the way she talks to her mother. This isn’t mine–it’s for my grandson.”

Every freakin’ which way it goes, I am seeing the world just swimming in who approves of whom and it’s knife-wielding cousin, who doesn’t approve of whom. Even me, the new aged, pink-haired hippie chick, is not immune. Even when it’s not important or informed or meaningful approval. It still IS.

The Universe sure has a way of driving home a point, doesn’t it?

Everybody wants to make Mom proud, you know? More or less. But sometimes, Mom is nuts. Sometimes, Mom just has different ideas than you. Sometimes, Mom means well but doesn’t have a clue.

And sometimes–like if I’m your mom–Mom is AWESOME but she tries to stay the Hell out of your business. I have to do what I think is right, best I can. And if I cannot manage somebody else’s differing opinion, I’m in trouble! Even if it’s my mother. And if I need somebody else’s opinion to appease me, to reassure me I’m doing right, I’m in trouble.

Reminds me of this week’s Tarot Flow forecast: the energy to avoid for Monday was the Empress. Ironic, considering that Cancer New Moon coming up.

Maybe that new moon is an opportunity, to think about how we mother. Who do you mother, and how? (And I don’t care about biological equipment; we all “mother” somehow.) Who do you look to mother you? Are they good at it?

I have more questions than answers today. But that’s okay. It means I’m thinking things through.

Also? I don’t need anybody’s approval but my own. And I approve of this message. Har!

Are you seeing collective “mommy issues”?

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10/02/13: Instant Judgment?

judgement legacy of the divine tarotThis version of Judgment seems a fitting prelude to the upcoming Libra New Moon, even though Justice is the card officially associated with Libra. This angel is Plutonian energy, thank you very much!

I’ve been reading one of those books I voraciously devour on all topics magical and metaphysical, and there was a meditation involving the Angel of Judgment that struck me the instant I saw it as potentially being very, very powerful and very, very serious.

And it also struck me, were someone to opt in, the New Moon might be a very good choice.

The meditation involved appearing before the Angel of Judgment and asking for your fate to be balanced in this lifetime, clearing the “karma” slate and rebalancing the scales, as part of a life of service.

It’s a very interesting notion, and not in the artificially polarized “Good versus Evil” way. I suspect there is not a single one of us who would not be surprised by the outcome, if were were truly to rebalance the scales in the course of a single lifetime.

My advice for the day is to live as if the “Karma”is instant—whatever that notion means to you without the moralistic reward/punish baggage attached.

What would true “judgment” feel like, you think?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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08/07/12: Seeking an Elemental Balance | Justice


I’ve been reading a Book on Hermetic Mysticism. Or “sampling” may be a more accurate description! I haven’t gotten very far—it’s fairly dense material, including lots of arcane concepts that are largely unfamiliar to me. But a basic notion I found quite sensible immediately was the idea of keeping our Elemental energies in balance, in order to maximize our power.

I can see how that might play out. Too much Air, you’ve got only reason, logic, and detachment. All theoretical, all talk! Too much Fire, you’ve got lots of drive and action, but may just burning out before you get anywhere. Too much Water, there’s nothing but a sloshy mess of feelings. All feeling without reason (Air) or spark (Fire) or grounding (Earth) is debilitating. Too much Earth, physicality overshadows everything else. Planning or passion or ideas can get lost in day-to-day living. It takes all kinds of energy, ideally in balance, to be at your best and most effective.

Justice (Libra) may appear to speak to legal matters, a need for fairness, compromise, or as we’re looking at today, balance.

Where do you find the majority of your energy? Does it get used in thinking, in daydreaming, in ranting, in relaxing? Where is the minority? Tendencies can no doubt be seen based on the elemental balances in a natal chart, but you don’t need to know astrology to have some idea where you tend to fall on the scale.

Each and every type of energy has it’s place. Relying too heavily on one type or another can leave us out of whack, at a disadvantage. So look to what you tend to ignore, and see if you can’t get a better balance.

I think I could use more Fire, so I’ll give myself permission for some creative fun time, without so much emphasis on what that creative endeavor produces (e.g. my Earth bent).

Do you find your energy balanced (and how might you improve the balance)?

Deck Pictured: Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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10/16/11: No Navel Gazing | Justice, Hermit Reversed

“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.” –Charles Dickens

Goes both ways, really. Sometimes, I’m way too kind to myself, not seeing the little peccadillos that drive me nuts in others reflect my own quirks. Other times, I cut everyone on the planet a gigaton of slack but myself none. Neither of these approaches is ideal, y’know?


Today’s Tarot is Justice or Daughter of the Lord of Truth (Libra) and the Hermit or the Magnus of the Voice of Light (Virgo), both Major Arcana. It’s time to impartially balance needs; fairness is absolutely required now for a good outcome. Avoid falling into a victim stance or over-focus on yourself. (That goes for being less kind to yourself as well as more kind.) Everybody has to have equal weight here. Don’t withdraw, engage. Break it down, list it out, and give everyone their due. Just maintain fairness and an even hand. This is what facilitates growth.

How are you at weighing out the facts?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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08/04/11: Your Part in the Show | Knight of Pentacles, Strength & Justice

It’s been a bit of a chaotic week around my house. Maybe you’ve noticed, my energy hasn’t been as present? Sorry about that, but real life goes on. However, things are settling I’m glad to say, and as always, Tarot is here to help us  with much-needed perspective. So let’s take a peek, shall we?


  • Prince of Stones (aka Knight of Pentacles), associated with Air in Earth
  • Strength, associated with Leo
  • Justice, associated with Libra

Practical concerns rule the day; don’t let details slide. They matter. Think everything through carefully, and then follow through on your ideas to make it real. Mercury is now in retrograde (infamous communication snafus and do-overs until Aug. 26) along with a Cardinal Grand Cross, so we can safely say there’s stress. Having backup plans and allowing for flexibility is favored in this astro-weather.

Perseverance is also a must—it’s absolutely time to perform! You’re on the stage and will be judged (or more likely, judging yourself) according to how dramatically you pull it together. Special attention to balance and fairness also pays off. Each individual has their own part to play. Appropriate boundaries are a necessity to managing well. Where divisions of responsibility are not equitable, expect problematic issues to surface. While this may be uncomfortable, it’s necessary to resolve such questions for a truly sustainable future.

Cheer on others but earn your own applause, granting loved ones the respect to believe they can earn theirs. Your faith in their abilities to pull it off is more valuable than any direct assistance you could provide, anyway.

You working on your performance?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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