Three of Wands: Journey to the True You

People think they’ll be happier when circumstances get better. Whatever “circumstances” bothering them at the time.

Really, it’s the other way around. Get happier, and watch those circumstances improve.

I’ll understand if you wanna slap me for saying that, though. Sometimes, I’m tempted to slap myself over such things coming out of my mouth.

And if it makes you feel better? Then you can think about slapping me. Just don’t do any real slapping. That’s assault, damnit.

When you’re neck deep in the craptastic, it’s hard to get a whiff of optimism. It’s hard to see anything but the mess that’s all over the floor. I understand.

You can usually ease it a bit though. Decide to do the best with what you’ve got right now, getting through it. Don’t have much choice anyway, right? So make peace with where you’re at. Don’t look for who is at fault or who is being ugly or what’s right and wrong. Blunt the pain a little bit by reminding yourself, it’s okay to be where you are at. You won’t always be there, but being there right now is okay and you’re doing what you can with it.

You don’t have control over the outside circumstances. You DO have at least some control over your perspective on it. Use that control to be as generous with yourself (and everyone else) as humanly possible.

And yes, you’ll want to set your sights on the future. You can expect it to continue major suckage, or you can expect it to brighten up.

Take a wild stab as to which one I’m going to suggest?

Next Week in Tarot

The Three of Wands/Fire from the beautiful (but still poorly-photographed-by-me) Good Tarot, is paired with Lilac from the Botanical Inspirations deckFirst Emotions of Love. Together, these cards suggest expecting good to come your way.

Start looking ahead optimistically. Specifically seek out what you love, what brings you joy and what you can appreciate.

I mean, you could expect the worst. Many people do and can make a solid argument to expect suffering. But why on Earth would you want to argue for that?

Looking for the goodness and the glimmers of hope just feels better. But it helps in a more substantial way, too. It helps you tune in to the flow. You connect easier. Guidance is more readily available. And an attitude of optimism is also more authentic, in that it’s more representative of who you are, at a core level.

I love the quote here on this lovely Lilac card.

“Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.’ -Ben Hecht

Love DOES transform people, into purer versions of themselves. Nothing is more beautiful than eyes shining with love.  Love makes people grow and glow and their light ripples out to everyone in the vicinity.

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If you’re feeling crummy, that’s okay. Just begin to expect a little relief. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Seek out what you love on the horizon like a kid looking for the ice cream truck. Tune in to it. Expect it. Listen for it. Be alert to it.

And you’ll see that good coming. That’s how you write your own story.

Need a little help getting tuned in? Give me a holler for a private consultation. And be well, friends!

Break up and Date up: Weekly Tarot Flow, April 6 -12

Weekly Tarot April 6, 2015

This week reads like a breakup, but the week ends with a new date. Like in real life, the new date doesn’t tend to show up until after the breakup. So bear that in mind if you’ve got some letting go to do.

Looking over this combination as a whole, it speaks of fresh starts. Not a shock coming after an eclipse/full moon, a huge time of release. You have to let go of the reality you have to make room for a new one, y’know. Monday and Tuesday, there’s an burgeoning awareness of emotional complications. Wednesday is cutting free day. Thursday and Friday allow for regrouping and reconnecting with your people. And the weekend is positioning to begin anew. Very poetic! Passions appear to be an overall theme to the coming week, so keep an eye on yours, m’kay?

Monday, Fertility –  Page of Cups: Whatever happens today is born of (and in) the heart. I’m expected it to be an emotionally sensitive day, as the Page of Cups isn’t known for thick skin. But there is a point to the touchy-feelies here. In particular, do gut-checks to identify feelings, Don’t ask yourself what makes sense, ask yourself how you FEEL about what’s going on. That is going to give you a lot more information. And if your feelings aren’t quite what you expect? Examining your emotions is a fruitful activity today.

Tuesday, Passion Ignited –  Five of Swords reversed: What is worth fighting for? Because if you know that, you also know what is NOT worth fighting for. Both are quite valuable tidbits. Of course different people have different convictions and different passions. But we don’t choose what everybody else does or feels. We only direct ourselves.

Wednesday, Emotional Withdrawal –  Three of Swords: Today virtually screams LET IT GO! Seriously. Step back and you know, if there is sadness there, allow it. Take some time to yourself and allow that distance.

Thursday, Intuition –  Knight of Pentacles: Act on your instincts, intuitions and “funny little feelings” in the real world. Make physical, concrete decisions and take real-world action on those little sparks of divine insight today.

Friday, Spiritual Union –  Three of Cups: Spend time connecting with your people. There’s no replacement for love, one of the most healing powers in the universe.

Saturday, Awareness –  Ten of Pentacles: Taking charge of your own life pays off in both tangible and intangible ways. You CAN do this!

Sunday, New Beginnings –  The Moon reversed: Opportunity to start over with more honesty, less crazy. You’re in, right?

Overview/Advice –  Knight of Wands: You’re going to live what you build. Why accept what life defaults you? Put your heart into living this week. It will help you stay true, know what’s real, and decide what’s next.

Affirmation: Lilac –  Strengthen your faith. Just because you don’t know every step from A to B doesn’t mean you’ll never get to B. Oh ye of little faith, cultivate some. You’ve made it this far, right? It’s fine to ask for direction and guidance. Just don’t expect your decisions to be made for you, because that’s not how things work. You make the call and ask for backup support for the capital-U Universe. It will come.

How’s your week looking?

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