Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: What’s Nana Need to know right now?

“What should I be aware of right now?” -nana

Well, Nana, let’s see what I can get for you!

Short answer: A younger, male seems to be trying to sell you a bill of goods. It’s kind of sad realizing things are not how they are being presented, but you also already know in your heart. “Too good to be true” is just that and if you were to move ahead on the misrepresented option, it will cost you. Sorry!

Hope that’s helpful. Much love for ya, Nana.

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Bridget’s Year Ahead

“What do you see in store for me this year? With regards to personal goals and Career mostly?
Thank you =)” -Bridget

Short answer: Limited choices as far as what’s coming up, mainly because there is some housework to be done dealing with stuff you’ve been putting off! Do the grown-up stuff, address whatever you’ve been shoving back in the corner trying to avoid. Eh, not a lot of fun, but usually not as bad as you think beforehand. But it has to be done, or you’ll lose some opportunity moving forward. After the housework comes playtime!

Hope that helps!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: What’s Lise need to know?

“Thanks in advance — I *know* you will deliver exactly the one I need today!” –Lise

Well, let’s get to the point then…

Short version: No hanky-panky is underway. What you see is what you get. Got it?!

Hope that helps. Much love

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Purple Bra’s Choice

“Is ‘orange’ a good choice, in the immediate? (‘Orange’ being code for an option being considered.)” -Purple bra

Oh what fun! I feel like a secret agent!

Short answer: Yes, for now, provided you reign in your expectations a bit and see it as a stepping stone. (I know, I know. Stepping stones can get old.) But you know where you’re headed and “Orange” can give you a piece of what you need to get there.

Hope that helps!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Lilliput’s Stuck

“Why is nothing going according to plan? I accept going with the flow but I wish I knew where that would take me?” -Lilliput

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear things feel stuck for you. Here’s what I got–this video is pretty long for a 1-card reading, but I wanted to get all I could for you to help get the ball rolling.

Short answer: You’re trying to carry everybody else’s baggage. Ask for help! It’s not charity, it’s right. And they will manage without your magic. You could stand to hoard some of that magic for personal consumption, thank you very much.

Hope it helps! Much love.

Free 1-Card Readings (for the Quick)

Latest Update, Friday evening: I’ve accepted all the free, 1-card reading requests I can for now. If you’ve already sent in a question, look for it to be posted in the next couple of days on the blog. Thanks so much everyone who participated!

The sky has been very harsh and I know there are a lot of folks out there struggling. Hell, I’ve had my moments as well! Being SUCH a Virgo, I want to help.

So to that end, I’m offering a limited number of freebie, 1-card Tarot readings as public service. I don’t do these all the time, mainly because my landlord doesn’t accept “good karma” for rent. Ha! But right now, I’m making the time.

Just fill out the form. I’ll do my thing and email you when it’s posted. (Tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated if you are able and find value.) Primarily though, I’m just asking that folks make good use of the energy I’m putting out there, to honor my intention to serve. Fair enough?

Image courtesy burgulgoth.