Speaking of Animal Messengers: Butterflies!

You know how I was talking about all the Cardinals? Well, there is another animal practically accosting me every time I step outside: butterflies!

And we’re not talking, “Shut your mouth, don’t you know it’s Spring, Dixie, you pink haired goof? numbers of butterflies. We’re talking, “What the Hell, is this a sign of the apocalypse?!?” swarms of butterflies. It’s been a near-constant stream. I haven’t tried to count them yet, but it’s a lot. I’ve had the standard butterflies flying by, but also butterflies brush up against my shoulder (tapping my shoulder?), butterflies land on my knee, butterflies flying in circles over my head, even a butterfly sit in my hair–and stay there! They are EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes, they slow down enough to let me take their picture. (Click an image for a better look.)

I think of butterflies as very Plutonian, for obvious reasons. It’s all about the transformation, baby! That’s the kind of symbolism I don’t have to look up.

Evidently, many cultures associate the butterfly with the soul. Greek myth represents Psyche (“Soul”) as a butterfly. We’re not talking surface level shifts with butterflies; more like DEEP, down-to-your-very-core sorts of changes. Maybe a little intimidating, but all in all, it’s a beautiful message to get.

I was contemplating this rush of birds and butterflies into my life when I hit a realization…my current card, from my “Living the Archetypes” exercise? Yeah. I’m on the Fool still.

And what do I do?

Let’s see. I sit outside in my Sacred Garden, surrounded by Morning Glories, birds and butterflies.

And this Fool card? He carries a staff of Morning Glories. On his right, a bird. On his left, a butterfly.


Um…I’m sure hoping that “alligator of the unconscious” in his path isn’t as dangerous as it looks…at least some of it’s showing already. So it won’t be a total shock when I…er, I mean, when HE steps on it.

Yeah. That.

And you may call that crazy, but I don’t. That’s what I call “living Tarot.” And you know what else? I like it!

Do butterflies come to visit you, too?

A personal Fool’s Journey: Living the Archtypes

Glasses at top of photo to show size.

I’m always looking to learn something new about the cards, and a book I picked up a few months back has been a goldmine in that regard: [amazon_link id=”0980409934″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tarosophy[/amazon_link] by Marcus Katz. One of the exercises I’m particularly excited about trying: “Living the Archtypes” (pg 49).

Using Major Arcana only, you take out one card at a time, put it in a prominent place, and just wait. Periodically reflect and meditate on the card, but leave it out and in your line of sight until the card speaks to you, something in your everyday life personifying that card’s energy. If you have to ask, “Is this it?” it isn’t! Doing this for the entire major arcana, Katz says you can expect it to take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete the cycle.

He suggests skipping the Fool, as the exercise itself serves that energy, but my Virgo doesn’t like to leave the Fool out. He also notes the method of communication will suit the card’s energy. E.g. the High Priestess won’t be as direct as, say the Emperor. The idea here is getting to know the Tarot better by life experience.

I just got Cathy McClelland’s gorgeous Star Tarot, a majors-only deck for this exercise. The cards are delightfully huge at 4 1/2″ by 6 1/2″, so great for this kind of use. I plan to frame the cards as I complete each in the exercise.

I’m excited!

Has anyone else done this type of exercise? Anybody want to join me?

Note on those interested in the book: it covers ground from basic to advanced Tarot, including a huge amount of material I’ve never seen  anywhere else and that’s saying something. I consider this a serious, study book. I bookmark pages and write notes in the margins! The writing at times drifts towards an overly academic tone and can be awkward, but only in spots. I would order it from an Amazon reseller over the publisher if possible–I had a rather unpleasant exchange with the publishing house in my impatience over the full month it took to receive the book. But even if you have to go that route, I’d still say the material here is well worth the trouble…

[amazon_link id=”0980409934″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tarosophy. Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape It (Modern Magistery series)[/amazon_link]