Justice: Just Live It

I’ve noticed a rather infuriating phenomena: when I get an all-but-overwhelming urge to set somebody straight, if I step back and take a deep breath, I realize that doing so would generally make me guilty of exactly whatever I’m fired up to criticize.

I usually manage to catch myself, which is good! Hypocrisy is not a good look. I can’t very well go on saying “it all starts and ends in the mirror” day and and day out without holding myself to the same standard, after all.

I don’t think it’s just me, either. If you’re emotionally distanced enough from the topic of a debate, you can observe this dynamic over and over again. It difficult to spot where you have heavy emotional investment. But try observing debates on issues where you have some detachment and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Damn you, Law of Attraction! 

Next week? I wouldn’t try to set the world right. Instead, I’d suggest personifying the reality you want to propagate.

I advocate for this “live it” approach a lot, I know. And I know not everyone agrees with me on that. So be it! As far as I’m concerned, the only way to claim your own power consistently and fully is in the choice of who you want to be. That’s all I see anybody has control over or rights too, anyway.

Maybe you’ll want to consider the idea, anyway. Next week will offer ample opportunity.

Next Week in the Cards

Forecast for this week is Justice–advice is the Knight of Swords. The cards pictured are from the Star Tarot deck.

Choices have consequences. I expect we’ll notice consequences (including the unintended kind) becoming more and more evident as the week rolls on. Bills are starting to come up for the decisions made up to this point.

So what to do individually in such an environment? The Knight of Swords advises clarity, behaving without hesitation in strict accordance with your own standards. He practices what he preaches and it he does so without hedging or excuses.

In short, he isn’t an “ends justify the means” kind of guy. In fact, this Knight is NOT all about the feelings. He favors reason, science, intellectual clarity and equality in all his dealings. If he has one standard for those he agrees with, then he is careful to apply the same standard to those he finds less enchanting. He’s nothing if not consistently fair.

It would be a very good time to make sure you’re clear about your principles and make even more sure you’re living up to them personally.

Make your actions match your words and spend your energy MOVING toward the world you want (as opposed to trying to herd others away from the world you don’t want). This may sound like semantics, but in practice it’s as different as night and day. You can either obsess over all you find wrong, or you can leave it in the dust as you move forward.

I’m moving forward. What you do, my friends, is always your call.

If you’d like to up your own clarity quotient, give me a holler for a private session. We’ll work it out together.

Three of Wands: What Do You Expect?

What do you expect?

I’m not asking in a preachy sort of way. There’s no chastisement here. It’s a simple, straight-up question.

What do you expect?

Because it matters. Expecting good paves the way for good.

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I don’t “expect” anyone to take my word for it, though. My word means nothing in this context. Your experience has to bear it out for you. I expect it will.

Next week in Tarot

This week, we have the Three of Wands from the Tarot Illuminati, along with the Yellow Rose from Botanical Inspirations: Enthusiasm & Friendship.

Tarot threes indicate a birthing, new creation, or expansion. After the coupling/standoff of the Tarot twos, the threes are what is born from that process. In this Three of Wands, the figure is literally watching as his ships come in. He’s made his preparation and is awaiting the birth of results.

The yellow rose is associated with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Together with the Three of Wands, the suggestion is that we look at what we feel good about and like, expecting all to go well. We’re looking for a good feeling, good-natured sort of blending of energy. In this sweet spot, we are satisfied where we are, as well as expecting continued improvement. It’s an optimistic stance.

“Don’t create problems you don’t have” is one of my favorite bits of advice, even to myself. This is a time to heed that advice. Look for what’s right. There is no call to imagine things going poorly and fret over the imagined woes. If you find yourself doing that, time to back off, change the topic, distract or otherwise distance.

Worry is like a prayer for disaster. It’s not helpful and it’s not fun. Positive expectations, on the other hand, is a sort of preparation for improvement. It’s raising your vibration and it’s clearing the way.

Do you usually have positive expectations?

Want to make some adjustments with your expectations? Give me a holler for a 1-on-1 session.


Nine of Pentacles: Unflappable

One of my life goals lately is becoming more “unflappable.” Less bothered by what anyone else thinks (including those I love), and more self-contained. I realize some may see this goal as selfish, but I don’t bother too much about that. (See what I did there?)

It really is freeing. If somebody is mad at you? You don’t have to care. You can realize it feels really crummy to be mad and not blame or judge them for it, nor take it upon yourself to change the situation. If someone disapproves of your choices? No big deal. They can approve or not. It’s their choice, not about you. And if somebody else is hurting? You can be compassionate without having to adopt the pain (or task of resolving that pain) as your own. It works so much better than trying to fix it all!

You’ll always see the storms. But if you want to be unflappable, prioritize your own well-being while wishing well to the rest of the world. You just excuse yourself from the task of figuring out and executing the “well” that you’re wishing. It’s enough to have the good intentions and reserve the sense of responsibility for your own life. That’s all you really have rights to, anyway.

This Week in Tarot: You Do You

This week, we have the Nine of Pentacles from the gorgeous (although poorly photographed) Tarot Illuminati, along with Violet from Botanical Inspirations: Faithfulness & Modesty.

Refine your own sensibilities. Become your own guru and leave the rest of the world to do whatever it will. Our job–here, now, or anytime, really–isn’t to create a list of all the good things in the world and all the bad, enforcing one and eliminating the other. You see how that will bring you nothing but grief? It’s a never-ending job!

Our job is much simpler: decide how to live, on an individual level. Disregard anything outside of that.  We sometimes think our individual decisions requires compliance, from the mate or the kids or the parents or the neighbors or whomever. It doesn’t if you let go of the “how” part of the equation and stay firmly grounded in your own energy and focus. Plenty will want to argue this point, I know. But if you can let it go? You’ll find the truth underneath. By demanding to know the “how” part, you limit yourself from receiving the “what” part. It’s pure hubris to believe we know all or can do the work of manifesting better than the Universe can. Just let it in by not fighting all the ways it cannot work, and you’ll be forever ahead of the game.

It doesn’t matter what anybody is doing. You do YOU. That’s all you need to be doing.

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Ultimately, the goal is to be unflappable as frequently as possible. The world can be doing what the world does. The boss or mate or kid can be doing what the boss or mate or kid does. No one benefits if you become upset with the external situations–least of all, yourself! It doesn’t prove you care. It doesn’t help the situation. It just adds to the drama. As much as you can stay solid in your own truth, while allowing others to think or be whatever they are thinking or being, the better you will fare this week. It’s an ongoing project, nurturing the self-contained contentment. It can be challenging at times, but it’s well worth the effort, I promise you.

Armchair Astrology: Retrogrades & an Eclipse, Oh My!

The usual disclaimer applies: I’m not an astrologer and I don’t play one on the internet. That having been said, I do pay attention to the energy flow and hence, I  watch astrology. So here are some high points of current astro cycles, “armchair” or dilettante style.

Mars is still retrograde until August 27th. If you don’t speak astrology, that translates to a whole lot of fussiness, barely repressed irritation (and more), and a general underlying theme of frustration. At least, that’s what I’m seeing. Remain aware of any anger you’ve got bubbling under the surface as well, as you don’t want to become a snapping turtle yourself. I’d stay out of conflict as much as possible and not worry too much about what anybody else is up to right now. Use this time to your best advantage, reconsidering how you go about getting things done and know that feeling of trying to run through the mud will ease up toward the end of the summer. We’ll get there! It’s a time to pace yourself.

Mercury also goes retrograde July 26th (until August 19th).  Standard advice applies here–this is the perfect time for revisiting any issue but especially those related to communication. I have great luck with editing under Mercury retro. Mercury is the messenger god, after all. Taking a second look during Mercury retro is highly recommended. Allow for breakdowns of technology, misunderstandings, and delays because you will experience some of that. Think of it as the time the universe is untangling knots in processes, procedures and lines of communication.  Just double-check your details and stay chill. It will be fine, really.

Add into the mix a full lunar eclipse July 27th in Aquarius. Mars and Uranus are involved here, so be extra careful of safety issues. I expect this to feel pretty raw and intense for many, with some sudden plot twists. I also expect the endings and changes that this brings on will ultimately empower, but it may not be an easy ride in the throes. Take excellent care of yourself physically and be sure to allow extra time to rest and recoup because it will help.

Be kind to yourselves out there!

Magician: Focus as Your Magick Power

Some–okay, most–of the truths I hold most dear now would have struck me as utter nonsense, at some other point in my life. I don’t even remotely think that’s a bad thing.

In fact, I really like that about myself. It lets me know, I’m open to new ideas. And I look forward to having more changes of perspective as life calls them to me. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Modesty is a shining light that prepares the mind to receive knowledge and the heart for truth. -Madam Guizot

Not the flashing-some-knee-or-not sort of modesty here. More a being-open-to-new-perspectives kind of modesty. It’s about growth. It’s about being excited by new ideas instead of resistant and argumentative.

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Coming Week in Tarot

Both the Magician (from the Cosmic Tarot) and the Violet (from Botanical Inspirations), “Faithfulness and Modesty,” feature shining light in some fashion. I like that! And are those violets on the the Magician card as well? Repetitive Tarot is repetitive. Ha!

Expect changes in perspective this coming week. Understand how you choose to frame any given situation shapes your ultimate experience of that situation. Shine light on what you prefer, what matters to you, what you appreciate and want to see more of in your world. This sort of concerted focus gives that perspective new life.

I mean, you could focus on what’s not working, too. That’s certainly a valid choice. But that’s old news to me–a manifestation, the result of the energy already expressed. Looking at bothersome “reality” is sort of like standing in the midst of a mob, adding to the cacophony of voices about what already is. But looking forward, focusing on what you want to see, is more akin to a front-row seat to the future. That’s the ride I like best.

Your magic tool here is your focus. Use it as you will. Understand that feelings will be magnified, so it makes sense to consciously direct thoughts that shape those feelings, which in turn shapes the reality you are creating for yourself.

Armchair Astrology

Full moon in Cancer on January 1st, so maybe not so surprising we’re talking about shining light. That’s what full moons do!

It’s in the sign of Cancer, so it may be sort of like the world has a case of “the feels.” Be completely sincere or withdraw, since people will be very receptive to vibes and any misdirection or other crapola just isn’t gonna fly. This full moon is opposing the buildup of energy we’ve got in Capricorn right now, and strikes me like a potential fight between mom and dad. Honor both emotional wishes and responsibilities and you’ll do best.

Full moons are for releasing, so it’s a good time to set your intention to let go of emotional concerns or hurts that have outlived their usefulness. Also, we’re talking Cancer, so cooking yourself up some comfort food on New Years’ Day is a great plan. Spend extra time with family, loved ones or just loving yourself! If there is one thing Cancer energy has right, it’s loving.

Happy New Year!

Hope the transition into 2018 finds you warm, safe and happy. May the year be jam-packed full of blessings for you. I am sure mine will be. And you know how I’m so sure? I’m going to seek those suckers out, hunt them down and appreciate the holy heck out of every single one of ’em!

Be well.

Knight of Wands: Passion and Value of Trouble

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened and vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” – Helen Keller

I don’t know I agree that suffering is the one-and-only way to build character, but it sure can be a shortcut!

In the last year or so, I’ve been refining my personal philosophy. Taking the foundation I had already and expanding it. It wasn’t really a planned thing, but that’s how it’s working out and I like it.  And as I think (and talk, and write) my way through this process, I’m finding it becoming easier and clearer all the time.

I’m also finding myself straying further outside the norm, but I try not to bother much about that.

I am looking to drop as much judgement as I can manage about what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” Of course, absolutely there are things I see around me I don’t want, as well as much celebrate.

But when I move my focus from what feels good to me, to what feels bad in order to “fix” or even neutralize the people that perpetuate the “bad,”  invariably I start to veer off course. And I know I’m off course because it feels terrible and I lose my sense of being plugged in.

Basically, I see all the aspects of life as being served up on a plate. And there’s stuff on that plate I love, and stuff on the plate I despise. I can either spend my time devouring what I love and looking for more of that, or raging against what I despise and yelling at people they should not make any more of this awful stuff.

Passion is never a problem. Passion is always a gift. It’s what you DO with your passion that can feel good or not. Trying to control outside conditions is slow-moving and difficult trek. Controlling your own perspective, on the other hand, is relatively easy and you’re still contributing to the sum total of what you see as good.

All that having been said, not everything you run across is welcome. And that’s fine. Sometimes, challenging or painful circumstances can help propel us to a new level of understanding and really crystalize priorities in a way nothing else seems to do. And that’s all fine and well. In fact, that’s good. Because if you can see the good in everything that happens, extract that benefit and blessing out of it to appreciate, you will find a freedom that no other perspective can grant.

[bctt tweet=”Always reach for appreciation. It makes the best of everything. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

If you can get to the point you can extract appreciation from EVERYTHING you see, at least some part of it, then you have found a rock-solid center that becomes scarcely shakable. Making the best of what you have, doing what you can with where you’re at now, making peace with whatever is going on around you? THIS is the path to connection. This is the path to joy. And believe it or not, this is also the path to positive change and growth.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself, if you’ve a mind and see if it doesn’t work for you, too.

Do you look for the value of trouble?

Featuring the Radiant Rider Waite and Botanical Inspirations decks.  Give Dix a holler for 1-on-1.

Six of Swords Reversed: Who’s to Blame?

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. –Ralph Marston

I’d even go so far as to say, you present yourself the only possible obstacle. All roads lead home.

The Six of Swords speaks to making a transition–sometimes after a long, stressful cycle. Reversed, the transition isn’t necessarily direct or smooth. I’m seeing this as lacking consistency, not being grounded or steady in the process of a transition. Emotional flux in the process. With this card reversed, you’re falling in the (emotional) waters!

Eclipse season, folks. To be expected so don’t sweat it if you’re finding yourself a little waterlogged lately.

Not that you cannot get there–from overwhelmed to steady–and usually it’s pretty easy, for that matter. Provided you’ve decided to find your center and you keep reaching for that center to the exclusion of all else.

[bctt tweet=”Prioritize personal balance to the exclusion to all else. Through it, all else is possible. ” via=”no”]

The more you practice reaching for steady and centered, the easier it is to regain your footing when you slip, as you will again and again and again. Because that’s the nature of centering. Much like steering on the car, or tacking on a boat, you’ll spend more time correcting course than on course. This is how we move. And as you practice with little things, the bigger things fall into line more naturally, because grounded and centered become your default state.

So often, we congratulate ourselves when things go smoothly and fuss at ourselves when they don’t. We are happy when life shows us what we want, and upset with ourselves (because we “should have known better”) when what we want is not yet there. What would it be like, if we decided to love and accept ourselves NO MATTER WHAT? What would that look like? What if we were to recognize the perfection in every moment–not because we are eternally satisfied with our now, but because we understand we’ll always be reaching for more and the only way to acheive more is by making peace with here?

We are in transition. How do I know? Not because of the sky or my vibe-reading skills, mad though they may be. Because we always are! Transition is a constant state–a side effect of being alive. Stasis is an illusion: it’s merely the act of recreating the same thing, over and over. Can’t stand still, no matter how hard you try. But you can tread water, in place.

When you can look at your situation and no longer blame others, you’ve made progress moving forward. When you no longer blame yourself, you’ve made more progress. When you no longer look at whatever you’ve got without need to blame or explain or justify or condemn it? When you can just BE, and appreciate what every situation has given you and love yourself, knowing you’ve done the best you can as you’ve gotten to wherever you are? That! That is when you open the path for real shifts.

As long as you explain, justify, and wallow? You’re recreating the circumstance in your experience. You’re living it through your attention to it. Over and over and over again. And it doesn’t help anything or anybody. Not to mention, it feels awful. So why do it?

Every step you’ve taken up to this point is part of who you are. Every step you will take is part of who you’re becoming. And there is no way to get that wrong. It’s a constant refining and adjusting and deciding. Because this is the process of being in this physical world.

Each of us lives in the Six of Swords, more or less. It’s the human condition. We just get to decide if we are jumping out of the boat and flailing around in place, or enjoying the ride.

This week’s thoughts featurethe Gilded Tarot and you know you can give Dix a holler for a personal consult, right?