Nine of Cups: Finding Value in Everything

I read an interview with Stephen Colbert, some time ago. And there was a part that really stuck with me.

He ended up as a comedian because of a tragedy. And he says of that, “You’ve got to learn to love the bomb.” The bomb is whatever blew your life up.

You can be grateful for what a bomb gave you, without having wanted it to happen. Those are two different things. They can and do coexist.

It’s Eclipse season, folks. Which you already know, if you’ve not been too “eclisped out” to notice. Big, bold shifts of energy everywhere you look.

And I’m thinking of BIG changes, big shifts. All those big shifts we ride through the years. Some of them are bombs, without question.

How they never turn out to be what you think they are going to be, at the time. How some of the most challenging turn out to define you, help you hone in on who you really want to be, at a depth you’d never found, nor would have been driven to find, outside the experience that spurred it.

And you can’t go back. Not that you’d want to. Not really. But it doesn’t matter, because there is no “back.”

There is only forward. And it’s your choice, what you do with that.

The Nine of Cups is often called “the wish card” and often read as a wish granted (including by me). But today, I want to call it “contentment” instead. And contentment isn’t contingent on any outside condition.

You don’t have to get your wish, to be content. In fact, it has nothing to do with what you have at all, and everything to do with how you’re thinking about it.

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So many times, people try to refill their spirit from the outside. Who loves me? Who agrees with me? Who reassures me? Who validates me?

When the conditions of my life better, I’ll be better! When I find someone who will give me what I want, I’ll be happy.

Those kinds of refills are only temporary at best, because the hole is constantly recreated by the doubts that spawned the questions. Of course it feels good when other people shine their love on you! And it feels good when you shine your love on them. But the only way for that love to flow freely is if you are shining on yourself, first.

Stay centered, my friends. Don’t worry about what others think of you, because it’s impossible for that to be about you anyway. And how you feel about it is always and only a translation of how you feel about you. All roads lead home, always. Always, always, always. There is no other way it can be.

Whatever bombs you have, do your best to appreciate them. Tap into the best of everything it gave you, through your appreciation and loving energy. And in doing so, you get access to the power of it.

Contentment isn’t a destination. It’s a perspective, and it’s accessed entirely by choice. Choosing what you focus on in any given experience, what vein you tap. It’s all there but you can mine what you choose from it.

Be well.

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Queen of Cups: Mind Your Own (Emotional) Business

I’ve made much more of a practice recently, of looking to mind my own business. And it’s tougher than I initially would have imagined.

I have no issue keeping my mouth shut–much to the surprise of those subjected to my mouth. Har! They have NO IDEA how much commentary flits through my brain that somehow doesn’t escape the hole in the front of my face.

Mars in Scorpio can keep a mouth shut.

But the emotional end–not becoming directly invested in what other people say or do or feel, themselves? That’s much, much tricker. We equate caring with winning others over to our conclusions, “fixing” something. But caring is not the same as asserting your own belief upon someone else, no matter how much you think your belief will serve in the situation.

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The drive to help, wanted or not, or the drive to correct or clarify or fix what’s going on in someone else’s world can be strong. Even that habit most of us have, of dividing life into piles of good and bad–and often, campaigning for others to accept our definitions? This all is minding the world’s emotional business, usually to the exclusion of our own emotional business.

And I’m not saying it’s wrong, if you decide to do this. (See what I did there? I’m staying out of it!)

I’m saying I’ve decided, for me, that I’m much happier if I’m not trying to recruit the rest of the world to be me. One me is plenty.

I’m much happier, trusting the people I care about to have the resources they need to figure out their own lives. (They do.)

I’m much happier, focusing on my own emotional state and remaining as healthy and stable and happy as possible.

This is a big world, you know? There are plenty of things you could focus on. If you’re fearful or angry or upset, you can find lots and lots in this big world to not only justify those feelings, but grow them exponentially.

There is also plenty in this world that is beautiful and encouraging and uplifting. And you can find lots and lots of that to focus on, to grow those feelings.

The choice is yours. As for me? I’m looking to mind my own business and keep my own focus on what helps me stay happy, in the flow and connected. Because that’s the most important thing ever, to me.

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dixie from a fool’s journey dot com. I’m here with a thought for the energy of the moment. So hang on. Let’s see what we get.

Okay. Queen of Cups! Queen of Cups.

Really, really a good time to go with the flow. Now, that’s easier sometimes than we give, we give credit for. Because…this is a theme I’ve been on lately, I’m sorry. But basically, we try to manipulate the rest of the world.

Rather than trying to fix other people, just live yourself. Okay? Just live yourself! Just do you.

Just look to stay in the flow. Just prioritize how you feel and particularly your sense of connection. So that when you get those subtle little bumps here and there to try this or to do that, that you’re ready.

This can be a very comfortable week. Or a very emotional, kind of upsetting week. Really depends on you and how you direct your focus and thoughts as far as what it’s gonna be like.

So I would really suggest that you mind your own damn business. Okay? And that you stay focused on being in the flow, being connected, doing your own emotional state. Finding as optimistic and as positive an approach or perspective as you are capable of. And things will go better for you.

Okay? So that’s the snapshot of the moment. I hope it’s helpful to you. I hope you have an awesome week! Take care, peace out from the Goddess. Ommmmmmmm. Bye bye.

How are the things most important to YOU going? 

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Energy Budget: Weekly Tarot, Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2017

I spend a good amount of time on social media for business. It’s goal-driven participation, but you know how that is. So much of everything there…

Oh my God, I hide so much!

It’s daily. Lots and lots and lots gets hidden or blocked. And not because there is thing one wrong with what I’m hiding. People can discuss whatever it is they want to discuss and feel about it however they want to feel about it. I am genuinely egotistical, but not so much I think I’ve cornered the market on truth or perspective. I would never want to impinge upon the freedom of others! But that doesn’t mean I have to be a participant in all of it, either.

It’s just really important to me, how I feel. I consider how I feel THE top priority in my life. It’s my job to feel as good as I can, as much of the time as I can. And to that ends, I won’t become mired in lengthy discussion of issues that are upsetting to me.

Does such avoidance make me selfish, uninformed, deluded, privileged, or otherwise derelict in my social responsibilities?

Maybe. I know for a fact, there are kind-hearted, loving people who deem it so–and that, too, is their right. Don’t care, if you want to know the God’s-to-honest truth. I love y’all but I’ve gotta make decisions for myself. Some people feel that fighting what they perceive as wrong is the only way to impact change. If that’s what you believe, then you should do that! Always do what you feel is right and I wish you well in doing it.

For me, I believe being the best person I know how to be is my greatest opportunity to contribute. So I’m doing that.

This week? People may benefit from a less direct approach across the board, too–more water, less rock. At least, consider stepping back until you’re feeling utterly stable in your own skin. Impulsiveness or brashly powering through barriers is not favored.

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Tarot foretells a week that remains somewhat squishy, with a mix of primarily Cups, Pentacles and peppered with some Major Arcana. We start out rough–eclipse hangover, perchance? But by the weekend (provided you played your cards right), it’s looking pretty sweet.

Overall, I keep getting themes of budgeting energy expenditures. Don’t spend what you don’t have to freely spend on any level, and prioritize managing your emotional state. That is something you ARE in charge of!  I’ll take it, ’cause really, what choice do I have anywho?

View the Full Forecast in video, here.

I liked the Queen of Swords advice last week to hit the bullet points, so I’m running with it.


  • Monday, Queen of Pentacles rx: Mind your resources and don’t spend more than what you’ve got of whatever it is.
  • Tuesday, Knight of Cups rx: Hold off with emotional dumping messages. Highly sensitive time in general and strong possibility you’ll be misheard if you communicate impulsively.
  • Wednesday, Six of Pentacles rx: Take care of your own business. Don’t hop in to try and fix for others. No charity work.
  • Thursday, Ace of Pentacles rx: Lowish energy. Don’t overspend, anything, again.
  • Friday, The Tower: Choices earlier in the week culminate. If you overdid, it will fall apart today. If you showed restraint, the crashes won’t be yours.
  • Saturday, The Chariot: Single-minded focus on what you care about, and forget the rest. Simple.
  • Sunday, Two of Cups: Great date night. Expect peace, harmony and music. Good flow today.
  • Overview/Advice, Six of Wands: It may not be obvious, but it’s all working out in the bigger picture. Appreciate what’s working and let everything else be.
  • Affirmation: Loss. Focus on what you’ve got, not what you don’t. It’s your choice, what you make bigger in your life.

Are you able to “mind your own emotional store” easily? What helps you?

This week’s forecast features the Tarot Illuminati and Wisdom of the Crone deck. You know where to find me if you want a personal consult.

Dealing with Discord

I’m not trying to be preachy, really. This is just how I keep feeling good amidst strife. And if it can help encourage somebody else to feel better, I figure that’s worth the risk of sounding like an ass.

And it’s true.

[bctt tweet=”Almost everybody means well. They just have vastly divergent visions of ‘well.’ #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

Of course, however you feel is fine. Feelings aren’t right or wrong. They just are. If you want to stay good and pissed for a good, long while, far be it from me to boss your pissed-off-personage around. Plus, feelings are sticky–they hang around a while because one thought draws another like it and so once you ramp up a good head of steam, it isn’t always easy to shift gears.

But for whatever it’s worth, to the extent a person is both willing and able…if you can edge towards feeling better and you’re of a mind try, it sure can help a body stay on center.

And anything that helps you stay on center is a powerful force for good in your life.  I wish that for us all.

Much Love,


What Can You Feel Good About? Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Jan 26–Feb 2

Weekly Tarot Forecast

“Do what you can feel good about.” I’ve given this advice many times, both to others and to myself in the mirror when faced with a hurtful situation. Family issues, rejections, and betrayals can sometimes leave us simultaneously wanting to make up and strike back. So in trying to decide what’s appropriate, a yardstick that doesn’t try to measure anyone else’s behavior is incredibly helpful.

This week? It’s like that. Do what you can feel good about and what you’ve committed to do.

Most of this coming week looks pretty good! While I’m not crazy about the weekend which the cards suggest may lean toward the raw side, I believe we can use the energy of the rest of the week to carry us through. It looks to be a fast-pasted week with emotional notes, starting off with the Knight of Cups, and including the Chariot and a very busy Five of Wands. The orange topic cards are people, so both yourself, others and your relationship(s) play a major role as well. In other words, this week doesn’t appear in a vacuum, folks. I expect both conflict and comforts to come from your inner circle. So be aware.

Also remember, we’re still in Mercury retrograde. So there may be a little déjà vu of old news showing up to spice up your week. Be graceful and gracious, and always double check your facts before taking action here, and you should be fine.

Monday, Future Life – Prince of Cups: This card promises an upcoming emotional connection, or a deepening of an existing emotional connection. Knights’ energy is not static; it moves! In short, your feelings take you new places. Sometimes it’s pleasant and sometimes it’s not, but it’s definitely moving. So what do you think of that?

Tuesday, Mind – Two of Wands: A decision to be made. If you wonder, “Am I up to this? Can I hold my own here?” The Two of Wands answer is “Yes,” although you may not be as certain as I am.

Wednesday, You – Ten of Pentacles: You’re surrounded by a loving family (be they biological or chosen) and the richness of being a part of that community. Revel in being a part of such a group.

Thursday, Others – The Chariot: Ah, people around you are going places! Be a follower or be a leader, but whatever you do, don’t stand still. You’ll get left behind.

Friday, Relationship – The Moon: This could go either way. There could be mystery and magic afoot, or it could turn out-and-out crazy on a dime. I would advise scrupulous honesty in all relationships. The Moon can show up for lies, and that’s not really the energy you want to invoke here. Don’t push for hard facts. Just allow interactions to take shape and don’t discount the power of emotions in creating reality.

Saturday, Hopes and Fears – Five of Wands: Either there is worry a conflict will never end, or an itching to kick some ass. Keep the temper in check.

Sunday, What You Can’t Change – Ten of Swords: Whoever has hurt you, it’s done. Whoever has not been true, it’s done. Facing up to the full impact is not fun by any stretch, but it’s the hardest part of betrayals. Once that’s over, the healing can really get underway.

Overview/Advice – Four of Wands: Regardless of what others do, honor your commitments and do what YOU feel good about. Your goodwill may waver based on others’ behavior, but your integrity should not. Stand by your word.

Affirmation: The Universe is Big Enough to fulfill my every intent. I am thinking of this in terms of expectation versus reality. I may EXPECT to get my desires in a straightforward, linear fashion because I’ve been “good” and tried my best to do my work. I may get disgruntled if I start at point A and life throws me a tsunami and I realize I’m so far away from my pre-identified point B that I can not longer find it in my radar.

But our vision is so very limited and sometimes, what we end up with is much different that what we envisioned. Doesn’t mean we’re not moving ahead or growing. It only means it’s not in the way we might have plotted it. We need both a deliberate intent for who we want to be, and the flexibility to ride the flow and discover new alternatives. At times, that ugly package is the Universe’s biggest gift and we just didn’t know. Wherever you are, make the best of it and know that if you surrender to the flow, you’ll get much further than if you fight it. Don’t ask “how” you’ll get there so much as focusing on the what you want your life to be about. That vision, attention to where you are going, is what gets you there. Fixation on the rocks brings pain. Fixation on the destination keeps you tracking ever towards it.

Hope you have a wonderful week and manage to sidestep the rocks. And if in doubt, remember, do what you feel good about! Everything else (eventually) falls into place. Much love.

How’s your week looking?

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Law of Attraction Minus the Smug

Artist: Lapolat

Artist: Lapolat

I’ve had the Law of Attraction philosophy notably come to my attention a few times in the last week. While I absolutely see some validity to the notion, I find it grossly oversimplified as it’s most often advocated.

In other words, my personal interpretation of the Law of Attraction is not entirely mainstream.

There’s a shocker for you, huh? Har!

“Think perfect, happy, magic thoughts.” If you don’t have a happy, magic life, then you’re obviously to blame, right?

Bah! When I first started playing around with the Law of Attraction, the whole mindset me feel like such a loser. It’s a vicious circle! You come seeking a way to make your life better, but the drive itself to make your life better leaves you feeling bad because it’s YOUR FAULT things suck now, which means you feel even worse and cannot make your life better.

I do believe in the Hermetic Law, “As above, so below” and it’s corollary, “As below, so above.” That’s my starting point.

What we see in everyday life is to a considerable extent a reflection of our emotional life and vice-versa. When you start interpreting life events metaphorically, you will find countless parallels between your physical, real-world life and energetic state. This is not unlike how Tarot works, or dream interpretation, or magic, or talking to spirit animals. Whatever. I see my own life as one big, fat metaphor. It works for me because it holds true with my observations.

But I do NOT believe that if  your neighbor is an asshole or your bank account is low or you have illness, it somehow means your spirit is assholish or poor or sick! I don’t believe we should blame people for personal struggles–even though sometimes people are their own worst liability. Frequently, in fact. But rather than apportion blame, I prefer to focus on making things better where we can, or finding a more comfortable perspective where we cannot.

Now, if every relationship you have is a train wreck, or you are chronically broke, or somehow see the same problems over and over, of course you should consider the common denominator–i.e. yourself–and see what you can do about that. But I’m also willing to consider other options.

It’s my belief  we come to the physical plane for an endless variety of reasons, hoping to master an endless variety of lessons or serve others who are doing the same. Of all of the potential lifetime classes, the “Everything is Perfect all the Time” class with optional lab work in “Rich, Attractive and Youthful, Advanced” isn’t the only one open to the spiritually sound.

We are here not only to create perfection as some Law of Attraction devotees may assert, but also to grow!

If you want to grow deep compassion, you’ll probably have to endure pain.

If you want to learn serious generosity, you’ll likely somehow experience poverty.

If you want to become a healer, you’ll have to face your own wounds.

It goes on and on, just like that. Those who want flexibility must overcome obstructions. Those who want courage will get served threats. Those who wish for patience will be faced with frustrations. How could it be anything but? A piece of fur is pleasant to touch, but it won’t smooth out rough wood. You need the harshness of sandpaper for finishing wood. Muscles grow when they are exercised. This is the yang to the yin, how life works. It’s perfectly balanced. We develop those skills and abilities that we reach for and practice. We grow out of both desire and need. We grow through living! That growth, to me, IS the creative process of life, the beauty and wonder.

And I don’t need any Hippy-Dippy neo-do-gooders telling me that whatever pain I’ve got is due not thinking pretty enough thoughts. Often such suggestions are causally thrown out as a way to minimize the speaker’s discomfort–too often served with a side of smug.

Truth is, NONE of us have untangled the whole thread of the fabric of reality. We’re lucky to catch glimpses of it, understand small parts of the weave. The path for some is working to understand it just a little better. But I’ve yet to meet anybody who has the market cornered on truth, although plenty may think so. But “plenty” could stand to get the Hell over themselves, if you ask me.

I will encourage people to raise expectations of good, increase their vibration and improve the quality of the energy they put out. I do see like drawing like–along with, sometimes, complimentary. I know if you constantly focus upon and expect pain, then pain becomes–at least to a significant extent–your reality. I know that gratitude and joy draw more of what you are grateful and joyful for, into your life. I’ve seen these concepts at work, so I’m not trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater here. There is something to it.

But there is definitely an asterisk. I’m married to a mega Virgo. Worrying is his superpower. If the Law of Attraction worked without any asterisks, I can tell you right now, I’d be dead of some bizarre accident. Hell, we’d all be dead of some sort of global calamity. He could name off a dozen or more scenarios for the Earth’s demise. I could (and do) encourage him to worry less, but that’s like encouraging him not to breath so much. It is who he is and while it causes him grief, I am not about to suggest he is WRONG for being himself.

Nor will I suggest you are wrong for being who you are, however flawed, however wounded or pained that may be. You work with the raw materials of your life, and make the most you can of them. No reason to feel like crap doing so.

Do you subscribe to some version of the Law of Attraction yourself?