04/21/13: Self-Made / King Wands


The Creator is the alter ego of the King of Wands, and you know what he says to me? What you’ve got right now, here, in the forefront of your mind? This is what you made.

If you like it, acknowledge your role in bringing it about. Allow yourself to feel that creative power fully, so you can wield it most effectively.

If you do not like it, acknowledge your role in bringing it about. Not to beat yourself up, but to change what you do not want into what you do want.

Whatever house you are in today, you have built with your own hands and heart. Reside there or remodel, as the situation warrants.

Do you feel like a creator in your life?

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Aspirin & Spell


I take workshops at my local witch store. Something said in a healing class really struck me.

“Take the aspirin and do the spell.” -The Teacher [Quoting her Teacher]

Action is one way to make things happen. We must actually apply for positions, make the appointments, do the legwork to reach desired goals.  This is taking the aspirin.

A fairy princess probably won’t show up at our door with dreams, gift-wrapped and sprinkled in glittering gold dust. Especially if desires are extraordinary, lack of follow-through will leave wannabes as wannabes. Action is required!

But without belief, without faith (in ourselves or the divine or both), without some forces at work to orchestrate the occasional minor miracle on our behalf, dreams go flat and lifeless. There’s no momentum, no spirit without focused will and belief.

What do you working magic is comprised of, anyway?

The magic–be it executed in the form of prayers, spells, affirmations, visualizing success or what have you–is a method of directing will, shifting energy. But it’s not a promise. It’s a way to shift circumstances in your favor, tapping the flow of natural energies. If you want to go all Quantum physics, working magic is collapsing potentialities towards a desired outcome. It’s a sort of observation that changes reality. But it doesn’t replace reality. More like a reality-enhancer.

You could do but one or the other, to demonstrate the superior efficacy of your choice. But that strikes me as counterproductive. Why not stack the odds in your favor by taking the aspirin AND doing the spell?

Do you rely on both Aspirin and spell?

Colorful’s Search for Peace Tarot Reading Video

“Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of inner anger, and though I want and try to feel and think inner peace, that’s just not happening right now. How can I move past my inner anger to find true peace within? ” -Colorful28

That’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor. I’d be delighted to see if I can help.

Short Answer: Smells like an old, unrealized dream that has resentment attached. You felt like you deserved and there is some bitterness in not feeling a payout for your work. Look to detach from that and align your focus with your blessings instead.

Note to my mini-reading folks: Sorry for the delay getting these processed and up for you. It’s been a challenge finishing these for a number of reasons, but didn’t want you to think it meant your questions were unimportant to me.

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How to Let Go and Be Glad

So, for the Everyday Tarot forecast, I said, “Let go and be glad.” Lilliput asked a really good question.

“Any ideas on how to go about doing this?????????”

I know, right? It’s not always easy.

Remember, one of the cards I was looking at was the Hierophant. That would suggest to me emulating your teachers, calling upon your faith or path, whatever it is. The Hierophant is also associated with Taurus, so physical comforts are helpful.

For me, I pray, specifically turning over my worries to God/the Universe/the Angels/Ganesh/my guides, just whomever I am moved to call upon at the time.

If it have trouble getting it out of my head, I write it out. Journal, write a letter to the spirits, write a letter to the person whom I’m having trouble with (always in the 3rd person, actually, like sending off the energy in an energetic message).

If I’m strung out by the stress, I never go wrong with  the Taurus-approved nap option!

As far as being glad, one of the fastest, easiest ways to raise my vibration is spend some time working on a gratitude list. Yes, I know it sounds trite, but listing out as many things as I can find to be thankful for in the moment, spending a few minutes really FEELING that thankfulness, helps tremendously.

Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

I also find music is a wonderful aid in lifting my vibration. And baths or showers. I set my intention to wash that gunk right off me!

And meditation. And reading. Those are some of my favorites.

How do YOU let go and be glad?

Jealous Much?

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. ” Gary Allan

jealousyI’d planned on writing about jealousy for the full moon. It’s a Leo topic, you know? Instead, it sat in draft while I ended up talking to one of my Tarot peeps about–wait for it–jealousy! Har!

Aside: Nadia over at Ruby Slipper Astrology wrote a great (and succinct) post that covers being unappreciated. Good reason it was on my radar, I guess. Fits the sky.

Maybe it would be more semantically accurate to call it “envy,” but I’m talking about resentment over someone else having what you don’t.

The interesting thing to me about jealousy (or whatever you call it) isn’t what is says about whomever deemed “unduly blessed.” It’s not even what it says about the person feeling jealous, although it says something to be sure!

I’m interested the practical outcomes, energetically.

If I am jealous of your status, I am setting myself apart not so much from YOU, but from that status specifically.

I’m attaching a negative vibration (read: repelling energy) between myself and the coveted status. I’m defining having that status as evidence of wrongdoing, or the effects of dumb luck.  I’m finding reasons why you did not get there honorably, and excuses as to why I am not there myself. This is what we do to comfort ourselves.

By not crediting you directly, I’m relinquishing my own power to obtain similar outcomes. It is a shallow comfort.

I’m not saying I never feel jealousy. I’m as human as the next gal! But whenever it crops up, I know it’s a poke for me to look deeper and ask myself, “Why?” More times than not, it’s because I fear myself lacking.

And fear IS a great saboteur of success, having not a damn thing to do with anybody else. The good news is, fear is a problem that can be solved!

If someone else accomplishes what I would like for myself, there is encouragement! That means I could do so, too! If they worked harder than I am willing to work to get there, or have skills I do not possess, then it is not my path. But someone else’s shininess doesn’t detract from my own shine. Many beautiful flowers can come together to make up a garden.

Fear and resentment are repulsive energies. Appreciation and gratitude are magnetic energies. It’s not hard to guess which will bring the most success. Instead of rolling around in jealousy, I’m looking to up my own game and raise my own vibrations. That gets me where I want to go!

What do you notice about jealousy?

01/25/13: Yin & Yang Required | Temperance

temperence-osho-zenPeople sometimes get irritated about their rate of progress. “I should be further along by now,” they lament.

(And when I say “they lament,” you are far too polite to point that translates to “Dixie,” right? )

The eagle is of the air (thought). The swan is of the water (emotion). We must integrate the two—just as we join spirit (fire) and and action to make real (earth).

It’s not by breaking things down into components you find perfect order (although Virgos may argue with me on that). It’s by the understanding that everything that occurs, nay, everything that IS, all actually part of a bigger whole.

Everything has it’s place.

It’s like you have half of a puzzle that you want to pitch, because you don’t dig the pictures on that section. Without all the pieces, the picture stays incomplete.

Today is about fitting pieces into the bigger picture, without throwing any away. We need isolation to fully understand connection. We need darkness to fully experience light.

The point is not rejecting what one doesn’t like. Accept, and integrate it into the whole of who you are and what you understand. This is the definition of growth.

When you accept the difficulties of your life, when you accept the pain, you can also claim the gifts from that pain. The two are forever married.

If you reject part of yourself, you’re always fighting against it. That only makes that energy bigger. If you love all of yourself, you can integrate that, be as one, and grow from the process.

Are you following me here, or am I like a poet on crack?

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