Think Tarot is a crock? Note to the Woo-Woo Haters

What follows is a rant, directed to no one in particular. So you think Tarot--or astrology, or runes, chakras, Reiki, magic spells, whatever--is utter bullshit? Okay. That's nice. Whaddya want, a ... [Manifest the Rest]

07/29/13: Answers or Questions? / Hierophant

In a modern literature class years ago, we were discussing The Razor’s Edge. Why did Isabel love the tortured seeker Larry, even after rejecting him in favor of the wealthy and highly conventional ... [Manifest the Rest]

Getting Started with Ganesha

If you've considered expanding your spiritual practice to deity but don't know where to start, Ganesha would be a great choice. He's very kind and mild-mannered. Even if you think of deity as nothing ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/17/13: Careful Spellcasting / rev Knight Swords

The reversed Knight of Swords often strikes me—strikes/swords! Har!—as cautionary, to watch your mouth. Words definitely carry weight, and I’m not just talking about inadvertently cutting speech, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Aspirin & Spell

I take workshops at my local witch store. Something said in a healing class really struck me. "Take the aspirin and do the spell." -The Teacher [Quoting her Teacher] Action is one way to make things ... [Manifest the Rest]

12/22/12: Magic and Crazy | The Moon

There is something both magical and terrifying about the dead of night. It’s that time when anything is possible—your wildest dreams and your greatest fears. It’s when ghosts come out to go bump, and ... [Manifest the Rest]

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