09/03/12: Not mixing! | Temperance rev

Ah. I had this card come up recently, Temperance inverted, as take-home message in a reading. Told her that she cannot mix the fire and water, meaning she couldn’t make the other person come ‘round. ... [Manifest the Rest]

08/25/12: Living Perpetually Pregnant? | Empress

I was complaining about the Empress showing up in these daily draws…of course, that is exactly how the cards work. And if you’re writing a column, or doing a Tarot journal, or doing a draw on a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Major versus Minor Arcana: Ebbs and Flows

The Major Arcana (Cards 0-22) represent the bigger mysteries--the greater truths, the universal laws, the energetic and spiritual realities. The mythic Fool's journey of the Majors outlines the ... [Manifest the Rest]

06/23/12: What’s stopping you? | Rev World

Almost. What's weighing you down, keeping you from achieving? Is it the stuff you keep under your bed? What old energy hides in the corner of your closet? Is it the story you tell yourself? Does ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/15/12: All about You! | Hermit

Oh, Tarot is such a cut-up! Yesterday, we got the Mars card. Today, we've got the Virgo card. Mars insists on going first, of course. Mars just went direct in Virgo. Virgo power! So let's put it to ... [Manifest the Rest]

04/14/12: Get Moving!! | Emperor

Ok.  My floor freezer just died—so I was fishing mushy meatballs out of ice water. That's every bit as much fun as it sounds. And I'm never happy to see a watery mess—then tend to show up around me ... [Manifest the Rest]

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