04/02/12: Divine Mojo | Star


“Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.” Thomas Aquinas

The Star (Aquarius) is blessed. There’s a vision with endless possibility within her reach. She IS the hope that springs eternal. I think of her as Lady Luck—seeing the universe through magic glitterdust. She’s always future-facing, and gives good reason to be optimistic. It’s good to have a little divine mojo in your corner…

Do you see the Star’s blessing ahead?

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03/31/12: Mastering the Mix | Temperance

IMG_2101Life is a sort of alchemy. You combine emotion and action for an outcome. Love and hate, self and other, light and dark all come together to somehow create, you know? Power, control, intent and proportion determine  success (or lack thereof). Being who I am, it’s not hard to get off balance, in my mix. I dump in a little of this and little of that. I just hate being bound by recipes.

Today’s Tarot is reversed Temperance (Sagittarius). The angel shows up to clue us in, something’s off in the mix. Too much thinking, not enough dreaming. Too much passion, not enough action. Something, somewhere, isn’t in the proper proportion to create the desired result.

Seek to realign wherever you are out of whack. This is important! As in transformational. (We’re in the Major Arcana.) It may not take a big adjustment, but the impact is big.

So get quiet, clear your mind and let perspective come. Let go of how it “must be” and release your concerns to the divine. The answers you need show up that way, right on schedule.

Do you think you’ve got your own mix right?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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03/09 Self-Authority | Hierophant Rev

reversed hierophant

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.” Dalai Lama

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Hierophant (Taurus). Don’t take your view of what’s moral and right from an established authority figure. You don’t need a religious tradition, governmental incentive, public opinion, or even a Tarot deck to tell you right from wrong.

Don’t simply disregard that which has gone before. Instead, us it as springboard, thought provoker, and give it the respect it’s due. But live your own conscience.

Free will, baby. You’re creating your energy and you get nobody else to credit. So make sure what you’re making belongs to you.

Go ahead—read the Bible or Torah or whatever else that speaks your language. Consult Buddha or Confucius or Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti monster—whomever inspires you. Just take what you learn as a spark to your own spiritual fire, not as replacement for it.

The ONLY spirituality that counts is the one you own, free and clear.

Do you take inspiration from multiple traditions?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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02/05/12: Look in the Mirror | The Devil


“Observe all men, thyself most.” –Benjamin Franklin

Today’s Tarot is a very interesting take on the Devil (Capricorn, or Saturn for CJ) from Osho Zen: Conditioning. The book mentions the image illustrates an old Zen story: A lion was raised by sheep and believed he was a sheep, until another lion kidnapped him and showed him his own reflection in the water.

When we see ourselves exclusively through others’ eyes, it does limit options. It’s a kind of bondage, where the true self has to go through the “acceptable” filter and all be fit into another person’s frame of reference. That is a type of trap.

You can believe (quite easily) what others reflect of who you are. No doubt, other’s reactions can give you information. But for the definitive declarations, look in the mirror.

Have you peeked lately?

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01/26/12: Accessing Truth | Judgment


“Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ ” Khalil Gibran

Tarot_20_JudgmentToday’s Tarot is “Truth” of the Psychic Tarot Oracle, better known as Judgment (Pluto), number 20 of the Major Arcana. As is this deck’s style, the image is quite a bit softer than the traditional, RWS version of Judgment, which I’ve nicknamed the Zombie parade! But the idea itself remains powerful.

It’s relevant to note that as one of the Tarot twos, there is an emphasis on duality, polarity. There are two sides to this story! Associated with Pluto, the truth here is deep, perhaps dark, but definitely meaningful.

Accessing the truth behind Judgment can be a bit of an ironic exercise, however, because it often entails suspending judgment—the attachment to one side of a story, determinations of good and bad, picking winners and losers all get in the way. A healthy level of detachment is required to see clearly. Facts are much less in question than interpretation.

As an outcome, Judgment tells us what goes around comes around. Everyone will get their just desserts. As advice, Judgment suggest an even-handed accounting of responsibility, making sure not to exclude yourself, but if possible from a once-removed perspective. You may be too close to the issue.

But regardless, Judgment reminds us the truth will surface. All things will happen as they should, and there’s pretty much nothing that can be done to change that. I find the concept oddly reassuring, you know? Karma is on the job!

Do you see this energy at play?

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01/22/12: Defining Power | Magician

magician-meaning“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu

The Magician (Mercury) is one of my favorite cards. I would be best off making friends, since he’s prominent in my chart. And be he trickster, Magician, messenger, thinker or sage, he completely owns it. One of the things I love about Mercury is his competence.

The Mercurial Magician utilizes natural forces, commands the power of the elements, connecting  ethereal to  the physical. He’s the ultimate manifester. One hand holding a magic wand up in the sky connecting to universal energy, the other pointing down to the ground making it real, his mind managing the process. His efforts blossom. As above, so below.

The Magician tells us to claim our own power. Note I said “power,” not “control,” which would be the Emperor’s domain. Power is light years away from control!  Power expands, creates. Control limits, directs. Power opens, control closes. There’s a place for both, but know who is talking to you here. The Magician doesn’t try to stop something from happening. He focuses his intent on where he wants energy to go. As such, fear is not his driving force.

When you see the Magician, know outcome is both individual and self-directed. The focus of energy—via thought (Swords), emotion (Cups), action (wands) and feeding (Pentacles)—are your tools for crafting your magic. This is very good news. You have what you need to express your inner, power. So do!

What does the Magician say to you?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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