01/14/12: You don’t make me happy…| The Sun Reversed

sun-reversed-meaningAnytime your happiness relies on someone else, it puts you in precarious position. You are not only handing over self-determination, but infringing! Your happiness is YOUR rightful load. In forcing over the weight, it’s exerting a form of control, manipulation. Responsibility for well-being is individual.

Today’s Tarot is the Sun reversed. Welcomed even reversed, the Sun is happiness, radiance, and inner light. No wonder people love it! The Sun reveals and shows everything in it’s best light. It’s a content, joyful card.

Inverted, maybe there are a few clouds in the sky. But the basic building blocks of “happy” are still intact. Maybe you’re overlooking the bright side? Maybe there’s been a little rain on your parade. It happens. But really, how big of a deal is it? Perspective is always helpful.

And if you’ve pinning your definition of happy on somebody else, is that your best plan? I know you care, but you can love without attaching that way, you know? It’s the difference between weighing down versus lifting up. You can cheer ’em on, be a support and encouragement, without getting mired in someone else’s mud. That helps no one.

We don’t know how the scene will unfold—that’s the material plane gig. So basically, you’ve got your good sense and faith to work with. Do it! If something’s not working for you, then work on it! It’s your job to work toward your own happiness. If you get distracted trying to do your neighbor’s job, you’ll never get anything done. And it isn’t really doing your neighbor any favors, really.

How much does your happiness feel dependent on others?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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01/13/12: Making Change Permanent | Temperance


“Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passion.” Thomas Aquinas

I’ve started to pay attention to my weight again…it’s been a while. Some of you know, I lost over a hundred pounds, several years back. And mostly, it’s stayed off. But gradually, almost imperceptibly, it’s been creeping back. Christmas cookies, M&M’s on special occasions (and boy, are there a lot of special occasions if you look!), a bite here and a nibble there, all adds up.

I know this. I have coached countless others on the very same issue. But here I am, in full realization that if I don’t rein myself in, bigger pants are in my future. And I have to ask myself, “Why?”

The challenge comes not from wanting to go back—I wasn’t happy, nor healthy. I was courting Diabetes, straight up. It’s also not because it was ungodly difficult to do the work. It was actually a lot easier than I could ever have guessed! I could blame stress or lack of time or any one of a number of peripheral issues, but that would be bull. I know in my heart, it’s attributable to a lack of temperance.

Today’s Tarot is Temperance, number 14 of the Major Arcana. Her astrological association of Sagittarius is a hint that she’s a “big picture” gal. As one of the Tarot fives, you also know the energy surrounding her is dynamic and often, conflicted. She arrives to address drinking issues, needed compromise, or situations where moderation and blending disparate interests are required for the highest outcome. Temperance is where the polarities of Tarot—and hence of life—are reconciled harmoniously.

Merging is a concept central to Temperance. The secret is always in the mix! You don’t have to give up treasured prizes to achieve resolution. You DO have to exercise thoughtful self-control, however, to prioritize. It’s not haphazard; rather, a precisely executed merging keeps all considerations in exacting proportion to properly unite.

In my case, that means that I don’t have to abandon what’s important to me. I have a sweet tooth and no amount of low-carbing erases it! So, it’s my job to combine my tastes with choices that support my long-term goals. There are days when I feel tired or lazy and don’t want to cook. Knowing this, instead of turning to DQ I can prepare with easy options on hand ready to go. The point is integrating my most important desires and requirements into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. It’s not about willpower. It’s about creating the right mix. Compromise on what does NOT matter to create a whole that includes what DOES matter.

It’s interesting to see this card appear shortly after “Death’s Promise”, as it follows Death in the deck. The transformation (Death) of the old ways has occurred, and you’ve got your fresh start. So what are you going to do with it? Let’s hope something’s different, lest you end up back where you started, huh? (Yeah, I’m looking in the damned mirror.)

Considering the cards we’ve been seeing lately, I can’t help but think there are some majors shifts going on out there! That’s a little scary, I know, but even more, it’s exciting! Change comes for a reason, and Temperance is a prescription for integration, thus making changes permanent.  Well worth the trouble, don’t you think? I sure do.

Are you hearing the call for Temperance in your life?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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01/11/12: Death’s Promise?


“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.”
Edvard Munch

Ahhhh, Tarot Death (Scorpio). Or as we sometimes call it ’round here, expired Mayo. Ha! People dislike seeing Death for obvious reasons—but there’s one, very important point to  remember about Tarot’s brand of death: only the “sick” dies. This is Death’s saving grace.

Whatever wasn’t serving anymore, wasn’t real, whatever wasn’t healthy dies off. I won’t say the process can’t hurt. Often, albeit largely in proportion to how hard you fight the understanding it brings. It can prompt a hard look in the mirror, asking questions you’d rather not. But at least, you have some say.

But always better, because the sick part is what’s gone. And lighter. When there’s release, you reclaim all that energy spent running life support for a terminal status quo. Even staying unaware or remaining hopeful has demanded energy, constantly running. It wears you down. Letting Death do it’s work RELEASES, gives freedom.

And that brings us to the flip side of Death, after the release. Death’s promise is to make the way to new life! The caterpillar dies to give birth to the butterfly. Energy is recycled, never lost. Death is a requirement to make way for birth that follows. It’s the natural order.  You get power earned through the experience, an infusion of energy and a fresh start.

Do you think Death carries a promise?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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01/10/12: Taking the Window | The Fool


“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” Tom Peters

Today’s Tarot is The Fool (Uranus), numbered 0 or in some decks, presented without a number at all. He is everything and nothing—a blank slate, innocence, pure potential. Much as readers usually welcome The Fool, it’s not like he signals sheer, unbridled joy.

He just can. Or not. It really depends on how things progress, you know?

I see the Fool often to herald an opportunity, an open window. NOT a guarantee of what you’re going to find on the other side, though! Only that it will change you somehow. The Fool arrives to mark the beginning of a path that will alter who you are, what you believe to be real, change your destiny.

But always, it’s about your choices, your path. You know?

Know when the Fool arrives, you have the option of taking his journey. Know that it consists of the unknown! Realize, you’re arriving innocent and without a real understanding of where it will end up. What you learn along with way will afford you more personal control (as you get to the Magician), but starting out, that just isn’t there.

Deciding to take this trip is an act of Faith. That’s what you need to pack up and sling across your shoulder before setting out—your faith. It will come in handy. Honestly, it’s all you need.

Are you seeing “Foolish” opportunities in your life?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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12/29/11: Karma Insurance | Temperance

temperence-meaningToday’s Tarot is another non-traditional take from the Psychic Tarot Oracle—usually known as Temperance (Sagittarius), this version is called “Patience.”  I consider this a very “soft” deck, a bit Pollyanna even for me. Ha! Patience is a good example.

Typically, Temperance calls for blending  contrasting ingredients into a unified whole, mixing fire and water. It can also signal drinking issues, or perhaps a tendency toward emotional drunkenness. But Patience, planting the seed and waiting for it to grow, at least captures the notion the act of combining energies in the right mix creates the magic.

It’s the steadiness—it may take many moons for the seed to sprout into a Lilly. (Not pre-germinated!) But there she sits anyway, focused and calm. If she’d tried to force the seed to grow faster, tugged it out  of it’s protective shell before its time, she could have easily killed the plant. That’s not how you get beautiful blooms.

This kind of steadfastness is only possible in clarity. Knowing what you’re about, knowing what you want to accomplish, and most importantly, knowing who you want to BE, you can see the right path to follow. Living as authentically who you want to be as possible doesn’t require forcing external circumstance.

Remain open to inspiration and flow, so you can adjust to the emotional weather. But never fret on outcomes, because if you’re already living as high and true as you know how, outcomes become irrelevant. You’d make the same choices regardless. Not because it promises what you want, but because the CHOICES themselves are right. That’s some Karma insurance, right there.

And while you’re being fully present in the moment, the future arrives utterly of it’s own accord. It’s the one in closest harmony with your highest and best energy, because that’s exactly what you expressed in creating it, right? No assembly required! If you want a better future, live a better today.

How patient are you?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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12/23/11: Not Quite Perfect | Reversed Sun


“Actually, I can’t imagine anything more tedious than a perfect person, especially if it was someone who also demanded perfection from me.” –Hugh Mackay

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Sun. Even reversed, this card is usually welcome as heralding an encompassing sense of well-being, happiness—a sense all is right with the world. Inverted, I’d say it’s not quite perfect. But good enough IS good enough, you know?

I chuckled seeing this, as I realized this morning I hadn’t set an Everyday Tarot post to load today. Ooops! Not quite perfect, huh?

It’s time to appreciate all you’ve got, flawed or not. Love the quirks, the dents and scratches on your life and your people with as much honesty and truth as you love the sparkle and shine. It’s all part of the human experience! It’s all part of growing and living and being human. We probably get more useful stuff from dealing with the flaws and lacks than we do from the perfect life, anyway. And sometimes? Those dents and scratches need love the most. Love heals. So love your flaws along with your strengths. They are all part of the same whole.

So today, I’m not going to fuss at myself or anybody else for being less that perfect. Imperfection presents us a road to growth! I’m going to accept their flaws and my own, as “character” and detail painted broadly upon the landscape of life. The beauty’s still there, underneath any nicks. Appreciation  turns it up.

You have some “almost perfect” in your life?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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