Muddy, Cutting Communication – Page of Swords

Lots of Swords energy lately. I pulled this one up from my writing archives.

Even when Mercury’s retrograde, the world goes on. For some, it’s business as (mostly) usual and for others, it’s just another reason to worry. I want to land somewhere in the middle. There is still business to be done, a life to live, during these weeks; there is also reasonable caution in approaching that business.

Here we have the inverted Page of Swords, associated with Earth in Air. Swords can sometimes be a challenging suit, as pure intellectualism can be harsh. I often see this card appear to reference contracts or formal agreements but really, this page can bear any sort of news. As we’re in the suit of swords, we’re dealing in cold, hard facts.  This page is a precocious young man, so inverted, I’d warn not to be overconfident and double-check your assumptions.

You can control what you say, but not what others hear. You can keep your own intent in check, but not be sure of perceptions, your own or anyone else’s. Your best defense during this time is careful focus—know what you’re trying to do clearly, and keep reviewing your progress to make sure you’re still moving in that direction. Touch base frequently: with others, with your priorities, and with the fruit of your labors. Don’t take anything for granted.

And watch snap conclusions, okay? Just because you’re HEARING a cutting message doesn’t mean that’s the intended delivery. Grant everyone, including yourself, extra slack now if you can.  Many are stressed and short-tempered and sometimes, that emotion gets leaky. Keep your own reasoning under scrutiny and step back from flawed reasoning you may see elsewhere. It’s not your job to set ’em all straight right now, even with all the Aries. It’s your job to set YOU straight. The rest will either follow along, or not.

Are you seeing muddied communications?

07/14/12: Mercury Retro & Watch Your Mouth | Rev. Knight of Swords


Reader Alert: It’s Mercury Retrograde in effect for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Double-check communications, travel plans, anything Mercury related. Pack your patience and you should be fine. Great time for reflect, review and redo! (I’m going to be editing the next volumes for the Everyday Tarot Archives books during this time…)

And what a great card to usher in Mercury Rx—the reversed Knight of Swords! Be aware of communication misfires, errors in logic, or reasoning that’s “not quite right.”

As always, extra love and patience is very helpful during this time as others are often fussing with the exact same types of annoyances you are. I have started to see this Knight reversed when there needs to be special caution to watch your mouth, so you know. Forewarned and all.

I will say, though, I usually start feeling Merc Rx periods at least a week in advance, and this one is much quieter and gentler than most. I’m grateful for that.

Are you feeling Mercury Rx yet?

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by Dixie Vogel

Something to entertain you while you’re waiting out Merc Rx. Ha!

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Mercury Retrograde Alert! 3/12 – 4/4

It’s that time again–Mercury Retrograde. With the abundance of Mercury energy ’round this house, Rx periods don’t go unnoticed. As a Merc-heavy type, my personal experience of this vibe starts about a week before the actual retrograde. Lucky ducky me, huh? Ha!

For the uninitiated, retrogrades are periods when, from our Earthly perspective, a planet appears to be moving backwards. This has the same type of impact you would expect: delay! Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. As Mercury rules communication and short trips, these periods are famous for frustrations, delays, and all sorts of confusion.

If you can avoid signing contracts, making major purchases, or beginning new projects or commitments, that’s a good idea. It’s NOT, however, reason to freak out if scheduling works out to where you need to do this stuff during an Rx period. Life goes on, you know? Just double or triple check your details, and be prepared for delays, miscommunications, or the need to go back and re-do something you’ve already done. Give yourself extra breathing room, build it in to your plans, and you’ll fare just fine.

The exception here is for those who were born during a Rx period; I’ve repeatedly heard from these folks that the retrograde does NOT disturb their mojo the same as for everyone else. But do remember, even you protected types were not born into a vacuum. You may miss some of the stress personally, but people in your world won’t be. So be extra kind to the rest of us, okay?

Mercury Rx is an excellent time, though, to do anything that starts with “re” – revisit, review, rework, rethink, redo. So don’t think of it as a screwed up mess. Think of it as a second chance to get it right! Mercury would approve.

Note: We also have Mars and Saturn retrograde as well, so on many levels, this period may feel especially sluggish, difficult to move forward. Take a deep breath, review those details one more time, and do the best you can. That is good enough.

You feeling this retrograde yet?