Perspective with Plans / Weekend Flow, May 31–Jun 1

May 31 Weekend Flow

Are you feeling the shadow of Mercury Retrograde yet? I’m seeing little signs of the next retro coming in now (June 7-July 1). I’ve got myself a boatload of Mercurial goodness, so I tend to tune in to his schedule anyway. But I’m thinking he’s already planning his retrograde hijinks now that the shadow has started. Be ready to think on your feet!

With two Pentacles cards and one from the Wands suit, it’s going to be a good weekend for grounding activities—going outside, exercising, cooking, gardening, or everybody’s favorite, sex! Being fully present, in the moment and in your body, along with a go-with-the-flow approach, helps keep life pleasantly on course this weekend.

Saturday, Reversed Three of Pentacles: Expect social plans going slightly awry. Flexibility has the potential to be the saving grace of the day. I wouldn’t expect an apocalyptic mess. Just don’t overreact to last-minute schedule changes or unexpectedly unavailable cohorts. I’d also avoid a rush to judgment over this behavior, because it’s likely the facts are not in.

Sunday, Seven of Pentacles: Patience IS a virtue today. The vibe favors long-term preparations of any sort. Of course, no question it would be a great time to work in your garden—that’s what the guy pictured is doing! But it’s also a good time to go grocery shopping, or update your budget (Pentacles, hello!) or wash clothes for the coming week or organize your closet by season and color. (Sorry, that was a Virgo moment we just had there.) The point is that anything you do today to make tomorrow easier has an especially solid payoff. But you’re totally good standing back and admiring your progress prepping for the future, too.

Coping, Queen of Wands Reversed: Avoid stubbornness or temper tantrums. I’m seeing the possibility for blurting criticism with immediate regrets to follow, so watch your mouth, eh? Too much type A behavior and you may be apologizing to somebody before the weekend is through!

Affirmation: “I see my parents as tiny children who need love.” Now, that’s kind of an odd affirmation (to me), but it’s interesting in the context that of something that’s been on my radar—how very much we carry our childhood with us, and how unconsciously. We give our parents such power over our own self-definitions, when in truth they are every bit as jacked up as we are. Sometimes more. We carry that into our relationships with one another and our own children.

In the context of this weekend’s forecast, that affirmation suggests knee-jerk reactions or out-of-kilter emotional responses that crop up may be connected to old childhood issues. And what’s more, your folks probably didn’t have any better idea of how that impacted you than the people that could be triggering the same thing now.

Does this fit with your weekend?

 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Mercury Rx in Scorpio Alert: 10/21 – 11/10

Update: It’s here!

It’s that time again, folks…Mercury is going retrograde from October 21 – November 10, 2013. Please be mindful of the standard Mercury Rx precautions: anything revisited, or with “re” in front of it is workable.

New projects, new starts? Not so much! And for God’s sakes, don’t sign contracts or long-term leases during this time if you can help it. They will have to be redone.

Mercury is in Scorpio for this go round, so look to the items being revisited to potentially be deep, dark and very mysterious. Whatever you got going during this retrograde, I’m thinking it probably won’t be trivial. Check the house in your natal chart to review what sphere of your life will likely be most impacted.

Being rather Virgo, I often sweat the Mercury retrogrades but I’m very comfortable with the Mercury/Pluto mixes, so I’m not going to worry about this. If you like your communication and thinking deep and real, any questionable rot will out itself during this period. So be it!

How do you feel about Mercury retrogrades?

Mercury Wreck-trograde!


So far, I’ve got a posts missing the schedule, a dead microwave,  revelation that my van gas gauge reads 1/8 over reality (don’t ask) and now the AC went on the fritz. Tomorrow’s forecast is 97.

How’s your Mercury Wreck going?

Communicating with Mercury Saturn Aspects

Whether it’s via birth chart or by transit, Mercury-Saturn aspects can be an absolute bear to deal with when trying to communicate. Here are some quick tips from a Mercury-Saturn native!

Short version: Consciously express Saturn qualities in your communication (or thinking, or whatever Mercury-related realm) to satisfy the old man like integrity, hard work and responsibility–and you’ll be spared the sting of the less comfortable expressions of Saturn.

Are you familiar with Mercury-Saturn combinations? What do you find works?

Mercury Retrograde Already Fogging it Up

February 23 – March 17, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde. Most people know this is a time when communications go wonky, short trips get delayed, agreements are confused and electronics explode, or some variation. I’m heavy on the Mercury energy so I tend to feel retrogrades about a week out and this one is beginning to steam up.

For this retro period, Mercury will be hanging in the puddle that is Pisces,. Mars is in the neighborhood as well, so there’s a chance you’ll feel a sense of drive or frustration over sorting out the unsortable.

But that’s no reason to get all weirded out. You may not like it much. But it is what it is, man. Life goes on.

To do your best during this time frame, make a point of revisiting or redoing projects underway. Mercury Rx is always a good clean-up and clarification period. And call upon the Pisces superpower of faith and transcendence. This 1-2 approach will let you skip on by a lot of the angst–I’m not going to say ALL of it, mind you–but life flows easier if you swim with the current rather than against.

In general, you can address Virgo problems using Pisces energy and vice versa. Solve muddle with defining and planning, and solve perfectionism with releasing and blurring.

Not sure exactly how it’s going to play out, but I’m thinking it will be an interesting mix at least. Heads up!

You feeling this yet?

07/14/12: Mercury Retro & Watch Your Mouth | Rev. Knight of Swords


Reader Alert: It’s Mercury Retrograde in effect for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Double-check communications, travel plans, anything Mercury related. Pack your patience and you should be fine. Great time for reflect, review and redo! (I’m going to be editing the next volumes for the Everyday Tarot Archives books during this time…)

And what a great card to usher in Mercury Rx—the reversed Knight of Swords! Be aware of communication misfires, errors in logic, or reasoning that’s “not quite right.”

As always, extra love and patience is very helpful during this time as others are often fussing with the exact same types of annoyances you are. I have started to see this Knight reversed when there needs to be special caution to watch your mouth, so you know. Forewarned and all.

I will say, though, I usually start feeling Merc Rx periods at least a week in advance, and this one is much quieter and gentler than most. I’m grateful for that.

Are you feeling Mercury Rx yet?

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