1-Card Tarot Video Reading: Josi’s Pressure?

“What is causing this tremendous pressure I’m feeling? ” -Josi

So sorry to year you’re feeling awful pressure, Josi. Glad to see what we can find out for you!

Short Answer: It appears to be emotionally generated, having to do with some “old business” that’s been tweaked but is exceptionally painful to look at, buried deep in a box in the corner of your closet. You don’t seem to want to go rummaging in it, for fear of the creepy-crawlies that will turn up. Pay attention in the next week, any time you feel “buzzy” like you’re standing close to a live, electrical wire. That’s a clue you’re nearing the source of the pain and will help you identify it!

Hope that helps, dear! You’re very welcome to give feedback or updates, if your so inclined. But either way, hope it clears for you soon!

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1-Card Video Tarot: How can Cat Stay Positive in the Face of Pain?

“I have recently closed up shop on my business due to health and personal reasons… just looking for where to best focus my thoughts for success in creating a healthy/ balanced life… as it has been tricky to remain positive with everything that has happened in the last 5 years. A card to think upon would be very helpful at this time. *BIG HUGS* Much Gratitude” -Cataplasm

I’m SO sorry to hear of your troubles, Cat! I’d be glad to see what I can get as far as perspective that might make the trek a little easier for you…

Short answer: Take the pain and the blame (mostly self-blame, but sometimes other) and transform your perspective from failures and obstacles into advanced cosmic lessons. You’ve gotten yourself a Ph.D. in compassion and understanding from the tests you’ve completed. Give yourself Kudos for survival and appreciate your own path with the same understanding, tenderness and caring you would those who have sought your counsel in the past. This transforms and heals.

Hope that helps a bit! Much love, Ms. Cat.

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1-Card Tarot: Why can’t Lilliput quit crying after quitting smoking?

“I just stopped smoking 6 weeks ago but now I can’t stop crying? Can you tell me what I’m crying for?” -Lilliput

I just hate it when I’m crying and cannot say why! (((Lilliput))) Let’s see what we get…

Short answer: You gave up the smoking, but you still don’t feel “free.” Look to the reasons why you started smoking, what the smoking itself meant to you, for clues on how to leave the sadness behind. Hope this helps!

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1-Card Reading: How can Libby get moved?

“What is the best action I can take to move into a better place to live?” -Libby

Glad to see what I can get for ya, Miss Libby…

Short answer: In terms of specific action, the most important is budgeting. Make yourself a spreadsheet, start crunching numbers, get an end-date in focus. Protecting yourself energetically as well as keeping your spirits up are also important. Hope that helps!

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1-Card Tarot reading for Hawaii Jake: New Man?

“Please, give me a reflection on when I will meet the right man for me.” -Hawaii_Jake

Be glad to see what I can get, Jake. Here goes!

Short Answer: You’re very close. It comes with “graduation” from whatever course or work you’re finishing in the name of improving and healing YOU.  Congratulations on your healthy approach. I expect it to pay off.

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1-Card Tarot Reading: What to do about money?

“What should I do about money?” -Marly

Dixie, a deck of Tarot cards, and Chongo the Cat team up to help out.

Short answer: Change how you look at YOU, and how your money flows will change as a direct result of that.

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