Mini-Reading: Inspiriation for Baluga’s Healthy Eating

“I’m doing my best to ‘eat well,’ and I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got the nuts and bolts down, but any inspiration you can throw at me?” – Baluga

A worthy goal, and I’m glad to help. We’ve got input from not only Tarot and Dixie, but Chongo the cat!

Short answer: Less struggle, less self-criticism, more joy in the cooking and eating process itself. Make your food with LOVE. It adds very healthy, healing energy.

Feedback always welcome. (Just make sure it’s prepared with love. Ha! :heart:)

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Mini-Reading: Will Lee’s kid get into that school?

“Will my son get a placement at the school we wish him to go to soon?” -Lee

Let’s see!

Short answer: The Six of Cups. I sure think so–and furthermore, you can trust it’s going to be an excellent choice. I love giving good news! Lee, we’d love to have an update once you have the final news…

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More Free Video 1-Card Readings

Hey folks–I have been planning on doing a few more 1-Card readings on video. They were a lot of fun and I consider them a public service, especially when the sky is as crunchy as it is at the moment.

These are time consuming to film and edit, so I’m only doing few. Tips are always appreciated but not expected!

If you’d like to participate, please ask a brief, focused question, and I’ll be glad to see what I can get for you. But be quick! When the slots are filled, the form will disappear.

It may be a couple of days or so before I get them posted with my comments. I like to spread them out a bit over a few days but I know people get impatient to see their own reading, so you’re welcome to keep an eye on my YouTube channel for previews, as they hit there first.

Let’s get this party started!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Mastering KR’s Saturn Woes

“I feel like I’m going through a Saturn “thing” currently. I have a Gemini moon which is more mental than emotional and it squares my Pisces Saturn (don’t you have that too?). I feel like I’ve been repressing my feelings on a lot of family related issues that can’t be ignored any longer. I say that because it seems I keep on attracting people in my life whose Saturn is on my Moon (ouch!) or my Sag Sun. I would love for you to pull a card for me asking for guidance (and clarity) around the sensitive issue of learning how to master my Saturn. Thank you.” -kr

Man, KR, I totally feel your pain here! You’re right about my chart as well, I have Gemini moon (in the 10th) square Saturn in Pisces. So yes, I’m hip. See my video response below.

Short answer: Saturn-moon aspects can make folks feel like they suck! I’d look to work your Natal Saturn. Use Saturn’s hard edges to shore up places Pisces lacks definition; use Pisces compassion to temper Saturn’s harsh criticism and turn it into loving, self-coaching to grow. Saturn has to feel like he’s achieved to be happy. Your Gemini moon will allow you to change how you feel via how you frame it. Use that Superpower, because it can suck out a lot of Saturn’s sting.

Hope it helps!

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Busy Erica’s New Job?

“Will I be getting a new job soon?” -Erica Is Busy

Thought it would be fun to do these on video, so here you go!

Short answer: you’re close. It’s likely the option you currently think is just out of your reach, by the way. I’m expecting action within three months, the full process within six. Hope this helps! (And hope I’m right. Ha!)

Much love.

Mini-Reading | Moving to Montana?

Ten of Wands Reversed

“I’ve gotten a lot of signs about Montana lately. I wanted to be there for a long time, and when I moved back from Boise, ID to live with my aunt, I gave up the dream. Am I moving soon to Montana soon? (Insert Frank Zappa tune here. Me and the pigmy ponies.) Ha! Thanks!” -Libby

Listen to the full reading here, or see the summary below.

Moving to Montana?

Libby…right now, you’re carrying too much to start doing what you need to do in order to move. Financial, emotional, functionally, you’re not in position to start making those “little steps” that pull it together, that you can find synchronicity and gifts and the roadsigns that help speed you along the path.

Doesn’t mean you can’t. But before I see it happening, you need a shift. You can start the shift by detaching emotionally from the outcomes of the people around you. Not that you can’t help. There’s nothing wrong with helping. It’s kind and generous and sometimes, just right, you know? But if you remain on the hook for their lives, you don’t have option to just live your own. Because there is always crisis, always needs, always something around you that takes precedence for you. Each one of these concerns is a tie that keeps you where you are.

Start emotionally distancing some from the anchors you have here, now, and you shift into the flow directed where you want to go. That’s where I would begin.

Good luck!

See anything different here?