Mini-Reading | What’s up with work?

Reversed Five of Pentacles

“What is developing in my current job?” -Josi

Listen to the full reading; summary below.

Josi’s Work?

Josi wants to know what’s up with her job…looks like there are funding concerns. The place doesn’t seem about to close, but there are cash flow issues, maybe grants or something similar that haven’t come in as anticipated or desired. Like there has been delays in getting funding that was being counted on or expected.

I do think your job is secure; the people who are at risk here are the ones who should be at risk, i.e. those who routinely don’t pull their own weight, tend to generate office drama or are otherwise problematic from an employer’s perspective.

I do NOT feel concern about you losing your position, nor do I feel any layoffs that happen will necessarily hurt the functioning of the environment. It’s not disappearing. But the sense you have, there are cash flow problems? You’re on target, as you normally are.

I’d say just keep doing your thing, honey.

Y’all see anything else here?

Mini-Reading | Heart’s Desire & 8 of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot

Who’s standing guard?

“What is blocking my heart’s desire?

(Sorry if that’s too corny, but that’s what I came up with)” -the z

Corny, not an issue for Tarot. Sometimes, Tarot can be pretty darned corny anyway.


Listen to the recording for the full reading, but here’s your Cliff Notes version:

What’s blocking your heart’s desire? YOU. Fear. Fear of getting hurt, not being good enough, fear of failure. Fear that if you try and fail, you’ll have nothing. You hold on to the dream because it seems more comfortable; you can’t fail in your imagination.

What have you told yourself that you cannot risk? What have you taken off the table? This is limiting you.  The options you’ve discounted, whatever you’ve determined unacceptable risk? Look there. Your quest for safety is costing you here.

Pay attention to the people you are around especially–who is supportive of you? Who is not? Because the folks that are not? They are a problem, weights around your ankles.

It requires a risk, moving through the fear and realize that your “worst case scenario” isn’t that bad; at the very least, it’s much kinder than the true worst-case scenario–not giving it your all. Living your life without allowing yourself to grow to your fullest capacity. Stretching your wings, you may fall. But you can’t fly without trying.

Hope this helps. Good luck, Z! ♥

Mini-Reading | Never-Ending Demads and Rev. 2 of Wands

Reversed Two of Wands

Not choosing is a choice.

“Thanks Dixie, for this opportunity! I do have a burning question today…..

How do I deal with my mom and my sister?????

They make me do most of the work, and get treated like the outsider. My mom has ALWAYS favored her. I have been the good kid, and she played the role of black sheep, and yet gets more respect. My sister drinks daily, and has a pattern of manipulating and lying. I’m the older one, it’s just us two girls, but I’ve always thought we were living out the prodigal son story.

We are brought together now by circumstances, to work together in this situation, the three of us, plus my mom’s sister. I feel like I have to keep quiet, and be treated as if I have no credibility or any say in anything. She calls my mom and influences her to get everything done her way, which results in more work for me, and less for her.

They both claim that I have more free time and should do more, but my sister does the bare minimum and yet has the maximum control. She claims to be busy, and then sits at home smoking and drinking, but my mom believes her. I have put in hundreds of hours over the past couple months, and my own home and family have suffered from it.

I don’t like feeling this resentment, and I have managed to avoid it over the years by living my own life and having my own success.

I don’t know enough astrology to interpret this, but I saw that Saturn is transiting my 3rd house, which relates to siblings. I have very early memories from when we were babies, and my mom would hold her and ignore me. Others have noticed this as well. My mom has always been pretty obvious about it. Sometimes I feel that I was put here to teach them how to act decently, through example, and I had a dream about that once.

So how do I now fulfill my family obligations, with love, not resentment? They are seemingly making it impossible for me to stay in this situation with peace and self-respect, or respect for them. But I can’t walk away… this is a true obligation.

I tried to “pour love on it” but the negative seeps in as well. I want to uplift this situation, and make it the best it can be. I want to act with the highest INTEGRITY AND KINDNESS, yet I’m being pushed pretty hard, and spoken to with anger and sarcasm.

Did I mention this was a burning question? Sorry it’s so long!!!” -FeellikeCinderella…

Not fun, Cinderella! Don’t worry about the length. Sounds like you’ve been feeling left out for a long time now…Listen to the audio for the full reading, summary below.

Cinderella gets no rest!

We’re looking at choice, making versus abdicating choice. There is push-back here, but it seems you’re the only one who lets yourself get pushed. You’ve got a season’s pass on the Guilt Trip Express, lady! I am not surprised you are feeling resentful. I would be, too!

You need to take your choice back. Note: it’s not the choice over WHO does what–that’s not yours!–it’s the choice over what YOU can comfortably do. There is a big difference. You’re getting caught up in a need for consensus here. In the threesome of you, Mom and Sis, the two of them will always pick you as the labor force. Given.

Hey, you’re the black sheep already, right? So why be the black sheep who has to do all the work, too? Why not be the happier, well-rested black sheep who doesn’t feel like crap for checking out on her own home and the people who feed her? You’re pouring all your emotional resources down a bottomless pit, and keep waiting for it to be topped off.

I’m not saying don’t contribute. You wouldn’t feel good about that. I’m saying LIMIT you contributions to what you can reasonably afford. Your responsibility is NOT everything heaped upon you. It is what you can feel good about, do with love and without resentment. Then let Sis and Mom decide for themselves who does what outside that. You give ONLY what you can without resentment. No more. Let the others judge it how they will; that’s there issue. You run your life by your own yardstick and no one else’s. Handle the situation the same you’d hope to see a child of yours handle it if they were faced with similar. Martyr isn’t the best option.

Saturn in the 3rd, the timing is perfect. As in, setting boundaries (Saturn) with siblings (3rd), perhaps limiting (Saturn) communication (3rd). It will be work, because Saturn always demands that, as well as integrity. But the work gives you mastery (Saturn) over the situation.

Take your choice back. Don’t allow your sense of obligation be determined by others. The example you set is one of appropriate boundaries. You officially have permission to say, “No.” It’s hard at first but gets easier and it sure feels good.

Hope that helps. Much love!! ♥

Mini-Reading | Struggles and Rev. Tower

Mini-Reading | Struggles and Rev. Tower 1

Where’s the struggle?

“Why am I struggling so much to achieve my goals?” -Lilliput

Hear the full reading via recording. Summary below.

Why is Lilliput struggling?

We got the same as today’s Everyday Tarot!  May want to check that out…

So first off, look at what you’re avoiding, what you don’t want to see. What assumptions are you operating under? Some of your “rules,” over how things have to be, what options you can pursue, may be creating problems.

Pay special attention to who you align yourself with. I think a lot of the weight is related to those whom you surround yourself with, where taking on some of their perceptions is a handicap. Avoid people who are either all doom-and-gloom, just as much as you would want to avoid people who ignore your reality, encourage you to make bad choices, who don’t have your best interests at heart. If you’re watching your finances, stay away from the “pals” who encourage you to go out drinking all the time to forget! Just as much as you’d avoid Debbie Downers.

Look for people who are optimistic, encouraging and helpful. The people around seem to have a big impact. You’re looking to shift your vibration and there is a tendency to align up with whomever you’re around the most. So those who are sketchy, iffy, not well grounded, contribute to keep you off-balance.

Make friends with those that look for the next step up. And keep looking yourself, at that next step up. Because once you plug into hopelessness, you won’t be able to see and act on opportunities that come your way. I know it’s heavy…but you empty that backpack of rocks you’ve been carrying one rock at a time.

And get some sleep. Journal, pray, meditate, do whatever helps you let go first. You need some oasis here. So whatever you can do to get some breaks without compromising your needs, this helps you shift your vibration a whole bunch. Friends can be a helpful part of that. As you shift yourself, you’ll also find the people around you shift…

Hope that helps you get back on track and big hugs! ♥

Mini-Reading | Spiritual Quest with King of Wands

Mini-Reading | Spiritual Quest with King of Wands 2

“OK, my question: I’m working my tarot and psychic skills, which I’d eventually like to use to help others just like you do, Dixie. But sometimes I feel lost, like my striving is all in vain or that I’ll never see the growth that I’d like to see. Am I on the right path? ” -Colorfulness28

Full reading via recording, summary below:


Fear and nerves gets in the way as you learn to access psychic/intuitive information consistently. It definitely takes practice. Worry about doing it “wrong” keeps you second guessing yourself and really is a huge block. You have to give yourself permission to be wrong before you can learn to be more right…every single reading is a leap of faith without exception.

Look at creative venues to help you get in better touch with the flow in a playful way. A serious approach is appropriate working with clients overall, but as you develop your skills, you especially need a sense of FUN. And even then, this kind of work should always keep a sense of love, fun and non-judgement…not just of your clients, but of yourself as well.

Look at non-related creative activities–art, cooking, singing, or painting birdhouses! (Why do I want to keep talking about birdhouses? Be sure to tell me if you figure it out! Ha!)

You’re wanting to smooth the way for relaxation, fun, and a sense of creation. Anything that you visualize and then put together is great for this. Any activity that takes you outside yourself is helpful. Take some creative time right before you do your meditation and readings and see if it smooths the way for you.

Hope that’s helpful and much luck and love on your path! ♥

One-Card Mini Readings, for a Minute!

One-Card Mini Readings, for a Minute! 3People are often nervous about getting a Tarot reading if they haven’t had one, or sometimes have concerns about the cost. I’d like to help, so I thought I’d try something different.

So…for the next FIVE people who ask, I’ll be offering 1-Card Mini readings for just $10. Use the form below to ask your question and I’ll post your completed reading to the AFJ website.

You get a quick, personal reading, other folks get to share the Tarot wisdom, and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way. If this works out well and y’all find it useful, I may be persuaded to offer them again from time to time.

So go ahead and give it a whirl if you’re fast enough! After five readings are purchased, the form will self-destruct. Ha! And let me know what you think…

Sorry, but the special has ended. Hope to catch you next time around!


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