How to fix this mess?!? Video Chakra/Tarot Reading for Patty

“I am struggling!! to make a small business profitable before going bankrupt and to find love (and detach from a bad relationship). I feel stuck, but the more I work to become un-stuck, the more I feel like I’m flailing and failing. Thanks!” -Patty

Well, let’s take a look-see in this video reading!

Short Answer: A lot of this struggle is related to energy tied up from the bad relationship. The negative messages that you’ve saved from this person and keep reading to yourself over and over? They take root and block your ability to accept love or even fully love yourself. BURN them, discard them, get that energy out of your life and the other issues will start easing very quickly. The money is tied to your sense of self worth and ability to work your heart chakra energy. Heart chakra is the source of powerful magnetic attraction!

:yinyang: Getting your sense of who you are as a worthy, worthwhile person helps the rest start flowing again. We’d love to hear you thoughts (and an update on how it works out) if you’re so inclined.

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Art Therapy? Mini Chakra-Tarot Reading for StaceyUK

“Just interested in what the cards say.” -StaceyUK

Okay, let’s see!

Short Answer: The base charka comes up as the main focus. The focus here is on creativity–trust your creative process to take care of you. And understand the creative process is especially powerful method for transmuting traumatic experiences. Whether it’s your old baggage or working with children who need healing, this is extremely effective. Don’t censor the outcome, just let the art become a vehicle.

Hope that helps!

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1-Card Tarot Chakra Reading: Miss Destroyer asks about this “Skin Thing”

“What’s up with this skin thing? Maybe an area to focus on? = ) <3” -Miss Destroyer

I’ll be glad to see what we dig up about that darned skin thing!

Short Answer: On the physical level, watch what you’re eating, particularly anything that’s past it’s prime. I’m seeing a food connection. On an energetic level, pay attention to anything that “gets under your skin” or “rubs yo the wrong way,” a constant irritant that you’ve all but learned to ignore. Look particularly to a personality issue, quite possibly with someone in the workplace. Where do you feel like you’re stuck with leftovers? You try to ignore it but it’s been going on a long time. That’s what’s disrupting your zen (and your skin), man!

Hope that helps!

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1-Card Video Tarot Reading: Beth’s Husband Happy Career?

“Keep it simple here… how will my husband be truly happy in a career and gain the financial freedom for his family that he wants? And, say ‘Hi!’ to Chongo! :cat2:” -Beth

Awesome question, Beth! Be glad to see what we can get.

Short answer: He already has something he loves, something that he keeps in the back of his drawer and never feels there is time for, never finds it practical. It’s what he thinks is too silly to pursue. I’d suggest he invest some energy into that, without worrying about the payoff end. It won’t grow into something more for quite some time, but it’s a step towards unexpected opportunity for work that would fulfill his heart as well as the family bank account.

Hope that helps! Best wishes to you and your family, Beth.

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