Moon Signs Blanket: A Little Woo in Crochet

Crochet is therapy. And art.

I used to crochet in high school–during a difficult time. I wasn’t getting along with my folks so well. I was breaking free from a whole lot that wasn’t me. And you know, the crochet was shockingly helpful.

A whole lot of angst, frustration and pain was burned off, right into those stitches.

So now, I completely understand, folks that use crochet to grieve, to heal, to meditate. The work requires just enough attention to distract and clear the mind, but not so much you have to focus heavily for most of it. It’s very zen.

My daughter recently took up crochet. “They crochet all the time on “Orange is the New Black,” and it made me want to learn.”

Which inspired me to pull out my yarn and hooks again, after some thirty-five-ish odd years.

I’d heard of a Temperature Gauge blanket and loved the idea. You do a few rows a day, choosing the color from a predetermined palette to represent the temperature. So it becomes a tangible representation of that time period, when you birthed it.

But I wanted something more…astrological.

I wasn’t super clear on the plan. You know, because the Temperature Gauge notion is all about the random. I’m great with random. Whereas, the moon goes through signs in a predictable order.

“Okay, I will just use whatever yarn matched where the moon was, when I was working on the blanket.”

But that’s kind of tough to purchase the yarn based on such a premise, when you don’t know how much work you’ll be doing in each sign. And besides, I wanted to be sure and include all the signs. What if I crocheted like a madwoman in an Aries moon but slept through the Pisces moon? Would not work.

So I settled for doing the work in order, making sure I did at least some work with the current moon sign during each moon. Because if I had too many rules, it would suck out the joy. I had different types of yarns and different size skeins. I was badly out of practice crocheting. But it didn’t matter if it was perfect. Only that I got something out of it. And I did!

But this wasn’t about making a blanket. Not really. I have been following the moon. It seemed a way to creatively connect to the energy of each moon sign. I had SO MUCH FUN picking out the yarn for each sign.

Astrological Yarn Choices

  • For Aries, I was looking for fire! I could have done more red, but this is what we found and Aries didn’t want to wait for a better fit.
  • Taurus had to have some green, with an earthy vibe. And soft! Taurus insisted on being soft. Wouldn’t budge on the point.
  • Gemini insisted on boldly multicolored–it’s the only thing that distracted from the bother I couldn’t find the right sparkle yarn. Next time, Gemini.
  • Cancer was going to be silvery like the moon reflecting on a lake, but let Aquairus have the silver yarn instead, because Mamas do that. So a quiet, peaceful pool of blue, Cancer was.
  • Leo came in a different, more fussy form–a hank, you know, for the special yarns–and was not as flexible as I would have liked. But Leo sure looked great in the final show, as you’d expect.
  • Virgo is modestly sporting the hues of a spring garden. There wasn’t quite enough. Must encourage Virgo to take a full turn next time.
  • Libra is pretty and dainty in jewel tones. I’d have liked a more dramatic showing for Libra, but she didn’t want to be treated differently than anyone else.
  • Scorpio blends the colors of night, with purple for power and depth.
  • Sagittarius expansively casts tones of an exoctic sunset.
  • Capricorn refused to be anything but boring–not realizing those flecks would make the final section look like it had fuzz! Capricorn is mortified, but stoically denies it.
  • Aquairus has a hint of futuristic, metallic shimmer, like the Star card who shares it’s modern, planetary association of Uranus.
  • Pisces is just muddling together the colors of the sea–not as soft as it should be, but Pisces quickly forgets that.

I already want to do it again! Get all the same kind of yarn, and try for a better match for each sign. Maybe variegated yarn for mutable signs, with single colors for fixed? Two strands for Gemini? Or maybe I could do big squares for each sign, with something that represents the energy worked in? So many options.

Now, when I look at yarn, I see the zodiac. Or chakra colors. Or Tarot cards. Or elemental energies. Or magick spells. Sabbat throws? Eclipse hats? Prosperity pillows? Who knows?!

And I love the creative process of it, even if kind of suck at the craftsmanship bits. Because I’m doing it for the JOY of creating it. Personally, I think there is no reason better.

My favorite (not surprisingly) was the Gemini moon yarn. I just ordered a boatload of it but don’t know what I’ll make with it yet…once I’m done with this one.


Upper Chakra blanket, in progress.

Do you do any art for art’s sake?

03/14/12: Madness or Magic? | The Moon


“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” Carl Sandburg

Today’s Tarot is the Moon, associated with Pisces. (And if you read the Book of Seshet, companion to the Rosetta Tarot, you’ll understand exactly why.) Here, she’s depicted as Scylla, a sea serpent from Greek mythology. The heads of wolf and dog as part of her body give a nod to Tarot Moon card tradition, suggestive of wild, untamed nature. This is an unpredictable card by nature.

Between her and her counterpart, Charybdis (a giant whirlpool, here shown with stairs leading to the depths of the unconscious), it’s clear that navigating will be fraught with potential peril. Let’s just say nothing is clear cut. Exactly what you’d expect, with Pisces energy.

The Moon speaks to the unknown—below consciousness, dreams and delusions, a great, watery mass of shadows and mystery. Pisces can grant spiritual epiphanies or a descent into madness, and you’d be hard pressed to identify which is which in the process.

SO…when you see the Moon, understand you’re no longer standing on solid ground. What you perceive is outline, suggestion, with no more than intuition to connect the dots. Or is it imagination? That’s what you’ve got to figure out. Be aware of the potential for deception, particularly the self-made sort. You may find incredible insight and a spiritual experience—or you may just have a helping of crazy on your plate.

Either way, stay attuned and look for daybreak before you make any big leaps. And don’t hesitate to pray! That’s a good way to access guidance and faith from the Moon’s realm of dreams and illusion. It’s a trip you take alone. Since you can’t trust your eyes in the silver shimmer, ask for divine assistance as needed.

Are you feeling the moon?

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02/03/12: Looking for Secrets? | High Priestess


Reading for others, one of the easiest traps to fall into is making intellectual assumptions on the face value of you’re told instead of relying on the reading process itself. Now, you’ll bring your brain as well as your intuition to every reading, and that’s proper and right. Your folks deserve the fullest of whatever you have to offer. But when you give your brain the bulk of the job, you’re cutting off your primary and most reliable source of information: the ethereal.

Tarot_2_The_High_PriestessToday’s Tarot is the High Priestess (Moon). Considered  something of patron priestess to Tarot readers everywhere, she deals with secrets, the unseen and unknown. Maybe even the unknowable. She is passive as opposed to active, receives as opposed to creates, essentially Yin to the Magician’s yang.

Funny—so much of the time, this card is read straight up as “secrets” when there is so much more there. Not surprising, I guess, considering who we’re talking about.

When you see the High Priestess, there is no need to seek out that hidden truth, by the way. Seeking actually confuses the issues because the surface details don’t reflect the full reality here. The are veneer, which does not interest her in the slightest. Instead, she gets quiet and she waits. Not only knowledge, but a deep, emotional (Moon) understanding comes via waiting, watching, and accepting.

The High Priestess gives pretty simple advice: wait, be open and receptive. FEEL your way around, and accept whatever you get. Accept, receive and acknowledge. Let all things flow and they’ll be revealed in their own time and place. There’s nothing for you to do.

Can you find use for the High Priestess’s advice in your life?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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08/13/11: Not all about You! | High Priestess Reversed

high-priestess-reversedI absorb. And if you are an absorber like me, sometimes, you’ll have trouble knowing what you generated personally and what energy you simply inhaled from outside yourself. At least, I have to remind myself to look for the difference. Energy can be sticky, from what I can tell.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the High Priestess reversed or the Priestess of the Silver Star, associated with the moon. I’ll most often see the High Priestess reversed when it’s all on the table, the issue is not ours, or we’re cut off from the Source. Certainly an appropriate card for the Full Moon in Aquarius! The card’s reversal suggests some emotional detachment (Aquarius) may be in order.

Tarot twos speak to duality and the High Priestess in particular carries absolute polarity within herself—she knows the unknowable, after all. She sees the invisible and feels the imperceptible. Being Yin, she is utterly yielding, receptive. She doesn’t need to seek, but allows the flow to come to her. The trick is being able to receive without becoming overwhelmed by the flow itself.

With the perspective granted in the generous light of a Full Moon, check those emotional boundaries. Where are the feelings coming from? Are you wearing someone else’s energy? Better yet, no matter—go ahead and steer toward joy by consciously seeking to act from a place of love. Goodwill is like Karmic insurance. And it feels good.

Do you notice yourself absorbing?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Everyday Tarot, 07/19/11: High Priestess Suggests Leap of Faith

high-priestess-tarot-meaningKnowing the unknowable…it’s what the High Priestess of Tarot does, and it’s also kind of my job. For this very Virgo chick—one who’s been known to obsessively research info before sharing with clients, for example–this is an odd juxtaposition to willingly undergo. And yet, I do.And I’m glad for it. It really does take a leap of faith.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the High Priestess or The Priestess of the Silver Star, associated with the Moon. She’s all about the water, man. As one of the Tarot Twos, her presence is felt in terms of polarities—the seen versus the unseen, the known versus the unknowable. What you see and what you feel are two different things here.

I’ll tell you something, about reading the cards. Every single reading I do, without fail, in an act of absolute faith, trusting in that unconscious, unseen, spirit world, that it will provide the goods, you know?

It reminds me a lot of how I felt, when I first began working for myself. There’s that point you reach, when you somehow know, you CAN do this, it will work, as long as you expect it to, listen to your inner guidance, and allow. Before you hit that point, it feels very touch-and-go. And it is.

Leap-of-Faith--Adelie-Penguin-1The “allow” part? That’s the hardest. Fear gets in the way. Fear activates the vibration of lack, of wanting, and that’s what you experience. It quickly becomes a vicious circle. Whereas allowing requires you are yin, open, receptive to whatever comes, EVEN IF it’s not in the package you’d select or expect. It’s listening to your gut and acting on your intuition, even with no outside indication.

Funny thing, about those leaps of faith? Each one you take and survive makes that faith a little stronger. Your faith grows, and thus each leap takes you a little further. I mean, you can stop jumping whenever you’d like. But if you did that, you wouldn’t get nearly as far, now, would you?

The High Priestess reminds us to honor our psychic, intuitive gifts by acting in accordance. She would have us trust our inner knowing, without requiring outside confirmation beyond a history of not having been betrayed by our higher selves.

How’s your inner knowing treat you?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

by Ciro Marchetti

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