Colorful’s Search for Peace Tarot Reading Video

“Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of inner anger, and though I want and try to feel and think inner peace, that’s just not happening right now. How can I move past my inner anger to find true peace within? ” -Colorful28

That’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor. I’d be delighted to see if I can help.

Short Answer: Smells like an old, unrealized dream that has resentment attached. You felt like you deserved and there is some bitterness in not feeling a payout for your work. Look to detach from that and align your focus with your blessings instead.

Note to my mini-reading folks: Sorry for the delay getting these processed and up for you. It’s been a challenge finishing these for a number of reasons, but didn’t want you to think it meant your questions were unimportant to me.

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1-Card Tarot: Lilliput Wonders, What to Release?

“What or who should I let go of?” -lilliput

Open to whatever we can get, gotta love that! Let’s give it a go…

Short Answer: Whatever “truth” you etched in your soul after the “big breakup.” It’s not so true and it costs you. Hope that helps! Much love.

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Patty’s less stuck but…Video Tarot

“You did a reading a few months ago – I was stuck….struggling business and not great relationship. I feel like I’m handling things better, so not stuck so much, but in the icky place where things are transitioning and there’s still no bright side. Some days, it feels so awful, I’m not sure if I’m moving forward or sliding backwards in order to avoid the ickiness. Would love any advice — last time was very helpful. THANKS!” -Patti

Patty, I’m SO glad the previous reading was helpful. Let’s see if we can get you shifted to the next level!

Short Answer: Before, the issue was largely centering on other people’s negativity about you that you consumed and accepted as your own. You cleaned out much of that and felt encouragement, but you haven’t yet replaced it with more affirming messages to create the reality you want. Fear also plays a role here. Affirmations can help you become more aware of your strengths and rewriting that internal dialogue to something more empowering.

Hope that helps!

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Pamela asks: “Let employment happen?” Tarot Mini-Reading

“After years of unemployment, casting about for new ways to ‘be’ in this world, I have finally decided that now is the time to allow the universe to unfold a direction for me, rather than trying to “make” something happen. Am I being foolish?” -rpamela

That sounds stressful; I’m sorry! I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you…

Short Answer: What you know deep down is eternally right (even if the peanut gallery does not agree). You would be foolish–in the positive, Tarot sense–to stop pushing that round peg into that square hole and start following your heart for a very welcome change. Good luck! We’d love to know how it comes out.

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02/22/13: Find Perfection in the Flaws / rev 10 Pentacles, rev World

So, I like the Ten of Pentacles! Nice card. But I’d prefer not to see it reversed. I pulled a second card to see how to get that happy/prosperous vibe freely flowing again and got the World reversed.

I’m reminded of when I first read David Burns’ FEELING GOOD book; the part on perfectionism struck me, because…well, that’s something I have had issue with here and there.

*Cough! Virgo much? *Cough.

And he suggested to make a discipline out of doing something imperfectly. Like make your bed and deliberately leave a rumpled bit. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to intentionally walk away from rumpled covers?

Maybe for you it’s not. But for a Virgo gal to see it and not fix it, not easy! But helpful. That’s what this combo brings to mind.

Don’t pick apart what isn’t right. Don’t don’t seek the flaws in the whole. This is especially applicable with family. It’s not perfection, but that’s okay! Appreciate what’s right and solely focus on that to turn that inverted Ten right-side up.

Just for today, pick out the perfection in the flaws at home. Deconstruct and dismantle, but seeking what’s right instead of what’s wrong. Even if you have to dig a bit. I know you’re capable because you unearth the problems. Today, look for the shiny bits. You just may uncover some previously undiscovered treasure.

What do you think? Is that workable for you?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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10/13/12: Non-traditional | Hierophant Rev


“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” W. Somerset Maugham

I’ve never been much of a traditional gal. Can you tell?

Whenever I get too close to the drive to conform, I get itchy. It’s not that I don’t’ respect established wisdom. I do! How could you work with Tarot and not? It’s just that I have to find my own path. I’ll study it, I’ll learn what others think, I’ll be glad to benefit from the wisdom of the ages. But in the end, if it’s not my own, it’s nothing.

The Hierophant (Taurus) is old school in every respect; he shows us the traditions, the institutions, the accepted methods of study and learning and all things conventional. He holds the keys to being accepted via established tradition. He very often shows up for spiritual teachings, although that’s not his only possible venue.

Inverted, I wouldn’t say he’s advising us to bail on all that came before. But I would consider it notice to examine all with a critical eye, take what works for you and discard what does not.

I know not everyone is of that mind, and that’s fine. Thing is, if just accept it because it’s what you were taught, how much of it is yours anyway?

Are you non-traditional?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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