Slow but Still Going: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 19 -20

weekend flow tarot

Well, if that ain’t some weekend cards for you…we’ve got Pentacles (inverted), Swords (ouch!) and a Major, inverted to go with. My overall sense of these cards is again, trudging through mud. Maybe knee-high instead of waist-high. Slow but still going.

Saturday, Present – Page of Pentacles Reversed: This is suggesting to me it’s difficult to be grounded, stay in the moment and get things done today. Details escape notice. Attention span flutters. So I’d plan a schedule light on demanding, precision oriented work if at all possible.

Sunday, Heart of the Situation – 6 of Swords: Maybe part of the reason things are hard right now is the distraction factor. This card tells of being in the middle of a difficult transition. It’s a card of movement, progress, but that progress has definitely had a cost. There is room to feel optimistic you’re on your way to better, though. It’s definitely a hopeful (if tired and battered) vibe.

Overview/Advice – The Star Reversed: Dreaming is awesome, but don’t get carried away with it. If everything has to be a particular way for you to feel like you’re moving ahead, you’ll be disappointed. There is NO WAY reality can ever hold a candle to fantasy. There are no bodily functions in fantasy…

Affirmation: Spread your wings! “Do not hold back right now, the timing is perfect and you are ready to soar.” So maybe everything doesn’t perfectly fall together the way you envisioned. Doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track! It’s a time to keep moving, taking calculated risks, and most of all, give yourself permission to accept the good that comes in your life.

Is this working for you? What do you see?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Hot-Blooded: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 12–13

Weekend Flow July 12 -13

Well, I would expect a busy (and potentially hot-headed) weekend when all we’ve got on tap are the Wands. In keeping with the Wands suit (and the fact that today is my 25th wedding anniversary and I’m not especially interested writing long-winded forecasts), I’ll keep this one pointed.

Taken together, I see these cards as suggesting being active to burn off excess energy, focusing on your accomplishments, and accepting whatever you must without getting overly mired in how you think it should be otherwise. There’s a call to faith here that’s unmistakable to me. It will serve you well if you can muster some up while you’re scooting around doing stuff.

The choice is between busy, hot-blooded, or pissed, hot-headed.

Past Life, Saturday – Six of Wands: Looks like we’re feeling good with where we’ve been so far. Expect to feel the payoff of past efforts Saturday and possible kudos from others. Revel!

Future Life, Sunday – Queen of Wands Rx: You don’t make all the rules, and maybe somebody is being stubborn or unfair or just a general ass and it’s impacting your future. Do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Weekend Take-home – Reversed Two of Wands: Some things you have a choice over and some you don’t. Between that reversed Queen of Wands and the reversed Two of Wands, I would really caution you not to get into an unnecessary standoff. Especially if you have no leverage. Flexibility and focusing on what really matters to you wins the day.

Affirmation – Archangel Raphael: “Give your cares and your worries to us angels, and allow us to take your burdens. Even if you’re not big into the Angel scene, you can consider the advice. Hand it over—to God if you’ve got one (or more), the Spirits, your Guides, your dead relatives, the Universe. Whomever your invisible friends are, call ‘em up and let them do their gig. They won’t step in unless it’s dire or you ask. Otherwise, they tend to respect free will.

Hot-blooded or hot-headed? Or none of the above?

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Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck Review

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot was one of those decks I saw lots of buzz about when I was in the market for a new deck, so I took a closer look. It was lovely! The images are digitally manipulated photos, somewhat more modern than Rider/Waite, but styled to retain a fantasy/medieval feeling. Even for the most modern images, the burnt paper design of borders and embellished typeface keep the overall Renaissance mood of the deck intact. It’s indeed an engaging and pretty deck.

While some imagery reflects Rider/Waite standards, some deviate. All imagery included, however, reflects traditional card interpretations, although sometimes with different symbolism. Still, it’s close enough it won’t confuse you. This is a deck you can sit down and read with immediately.

The cards in this deck all include the moon, intended as a sign of the intuitive process in reading, going deeper and not being fooled by initial illusion. Many/most also feature a Raven, suggested to represent the subconscious and the hidden mystery of Tarot. Unfortunately, that convention makes the additions less meaningful overall, since it’s not specific to certain cards. So while I appreciate the intent, I didn’t feel like the constant prodding to “look deeper” was really required. You wouldn’t have picked up a Tarot deck if you’re not looking deeper already.

The full-length companion book included, “The Dreamers Journal,” is superior to your standard Little White Book. Written by Tarot expert (and all-around cool chick) Barbara Moore, it provides an overview of each card, background and story, and finished up with a few questions intended to stimulate intuitive reading. This makes the book a good companion for someone new to reading, giving enough guidance to get them started with approachable explanations, but without an overly authoritarian tone that might discourage wandering beyond the given interpretation.

All in all, I like this deck. It’s similar enough to traditional decks to be easy to read, but different enough to stimulate creative interpretation and fresh insights. The images are engaging and rich, with both old and new symbolism that’s bound to tweak your imagination. I think it would make a nice starter deck for the new reader who found the Rider-Waite less than enchanting, or a new friend for the experience reader who is looking for a fresh voice.

Like this deck? Anybody have it?

02/02/14: Knowing Better / Fool Reversed

Fool Reversed

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
Henry David Thoreau

I am really digging this Deck of 1000 spreads for the dailies. It makes the focus so easy. A reversed Fool paired up with “What to take from the past” almost writes itself.

Learn from your former naivety, inexperience and wishful thinking. It’s not about self-denigration, which is useless anyway. It’s about growth, damnit! Guilt and embarrassment are deflating. Looking with new eyes is empowering. I think you know which I would advocate.

Because otherwise? You’ve wasted some perfectly good pain. I’m all about using the pain as strong medicine, man. No sense letting it go to waste.

Do you “know better” now?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler Schedule a session with Dixie.

02/01/14: Roller Coaster Love Life / Queen of Cups Rx

Queen of CupsUh oh. I’m going to get complaints for this one. At least one, from a certain kid I know. Who wants to see the Queen of Cups reversed in the “Romance” department?

Oy vey.

I’m calling it as squishy day, emotional swings and likely irrational in all matters of love. So NO running off to Vegas to tie the knot, no impulse break-ups, and for God’s sake’s don’t drunk dial an ex! Possibility of intense emotional experiences regarding love life, be you paired or solo.

Please realize today’s emotions are equivalent to the weather in Kansas—if you don’t like it, wait five minutes. It will change! If you can, sit back and enjoy whatever part of the ride is enjoyable.

If your love life feeling roller-coastery?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler Schedule a session with Dixie.

01/31/14: Take care. Literally! / Temperance Rx

“The body is a sacred garment.” –Martha Graham

Temperence InverseAfter several days of experimenting with the Deck of 1000 Spreads, I’m finding these combos to be like the Transparent Tarot in that they really do speak as a unit. I mean, Temperance inverted paired with the “Body” card? Eliminate toxins, yo!

Watch yourself. Don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much, don’t fill your body with crap and skimp on sleeping to boot. I would say people are out-of-sorts overall and quite frankly, you need your strength. Whether it’s dealing with out-of-sorts sorts or avoiding the becoming of an out-of-sorts-sort doesn’t matter.

Take care! And I mean that physically, tangibly, literally.

Can you do with some physical self-care?

p.s. The quote I almost used was funnier.

“I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.” –Spike Milligan

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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