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I have to laugh, as I look at my daily for tomorrow: Psychosomatic Illness. Funnier that it was posted early. The information needed extra air time!

See, I’ve been complaining for the last several days of being under the weather. Sinus issues, leaving me to talk a little funny and perpetually appearing to be on the verge of tears. I’m not, but my face feels like it. And my face looks like it, kind of swollen, when I can see it, between sneezing fits and rubbing itchy eyes.

I want to blame it on Reiki detox, since the second degree attunement I had on the Virgo Full moon. And maybe there’s something there. Or not, I don’t know. Even in my woo-woo world, not everything comes with a legible tag declaring it’s origin.

I don’t see physical issues in and of themselves  as”bad.” Inconvenient or uncomfortable sometimes. I’m very lucky, that’s all I have to deal with! But I’ve seen too many times when the body reacts to emotional shifts and energetic shifts physically, too many times to just judge physical anomalies as “bad.”

Sometimes, they are signs you must make a change. Sometimes, they are signs you have made a change. Either way, it’s common there is something significant happening.

Considering something as simple as a cold–all those unwelcome symptoms are doing very welcome jobs, ridding our bodies of invaders that can harm us. There are purposes served by all our experiences and I welcome the purpose even if the mode of delivery is less than charming.

Staying open to the experience, I hope to help it travel smoothly, efficiently. (Read: Quickly!) It’s like my own form of “body combat zen.” I fight by not fighting–accepting and accommodating and allowing the experience, until I no longer need it.

And having said this, my work is good still anyway–really, the connection is especially solid now. Strong enough I have to periodically remind myself to ground, grab a hunk of Hematite in each hand, and count my breathing while I sink an astral taproot to anchor. Just so I don’t float away…

But I did realize today, I’ve been handing out the same advice over and over in a short period. My 3-times rule is beyond triggered and I already realize that my people’s favorite tactic for getting a message through m thick head is to send me a swarm who need that very message.

“Carve out some time specifically for yourself, put it on your list and prioritize it.” Heard!

So from here on out, I will not be scheduling readings on Saturdays, OR on the days of New and Full Moons. If a lunar event falls on the weekend, I’ll likely take the day before off regardless of what day it is, instead of just Saturday. But in general, that’s what we’re looking at. I’ve carving out this time for personal pursuits, whether woo-woo related or not. So please be aware of that unavailability when we are working together or figuring expected response times.

And thanks for understanding.

How are y’all doing out there?

03/17/13: Antsy / Hanged Man

“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.” Mahatma Gandhi

20130310_140338 (383x600)

So maybe your life isn’t going as planned, not even close! And maybe you’re beyond bothered, having tried so hard to do all the “right” things. I get you. There’s a edge here, an urge to make make some sort of grand gesture akin smacking all the chess pieces off the board and starting over.

I wouldn’t. Not today, at least.

We’ve got the reversed Hanged Man (or here, the Hanging Man) from my new deck, The Gilded Tarot. He’s not on the traditional tree, and strikes me as being more active than most versions we see, but at the very least, he doesn’t seem anxious or upset despite his predicament. And like most versions, his legs form a “4” shape, which I associate with Tarot fours, meaning stability and safety.

Connected to Neptune, the Hanged Man often speaks to concepts like faith and sacrifice. His energy is very hard to pin down, and reversed, even more so.

Think back to the challenging times you’ve had in the past, those points where you felt lost and frustrated. Some may have been extremely unpleasant, but did you not manage to find your way out? Did you not manage to grow in the process? Did you not learn lessons that could not have been learned any other way?

(If your answer is “No,” you’re doing it wrong. No judgment, I just believe in extracting gifts from sucky life experience.)

Mercury is going direct and motion, hence leaving you feel less blocked shortly. In the meantime, grow your faith and accept where you are now in order to ride the energy in a natural progression.

Are you feeling antsy?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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Being Invisible as a Superpower

You mean I’m not invisible?

My husband told me a long time ago, that if I were aware other people could see me, it would ruin what I do.

I have the Neptune.

I think he had a point.

But the good news? Even if I notice you can see me, I can erase it.

I WILL erase it. I don’t have to try. It just happens. I forget.

Just the same way I managed to forget I spill food on my shirt pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY.

invisible manI would spill the food, get mad, and promptly forget about it. Until the next day, when the same thing would happen. And that’s where it would have ended , if it hadn’t been for Captain Virgo pointing it out to me, this is a pattern…I argued for a while, but damn his Virgo, there no letting my subjective bullshit override the facts.

Fortunately, I don’t often remember this conversation.

I also get to act like a total weirdo. I can go to the grocery store in rubber duckie fleece pants and completely forget, that isn’t considered appropriate attire. The freedom is great!

Perceiving myself as near-invisible allows me to speak my mind, explore nooks and crannies and corners out HERE, in public, all while completely forgetting it’s in public. Nifty trick, huh? Being honest, being truthful without concern of who thinks you’re a dork or crazy or just plain freakish–that IS powerful.

The downside is that sometimes, I can upset people. I notice (eventually) in a realization of some type or another. I perceive the reaction and go looking for the root and soon or later see, “Oh…”

That part kind of sucks. I never intend to be hurtful. But it happens. I send goodwill and try to forget it. I think it probably works. I forget it (until I don’t) and then forget it again.

I think everybody has superpowers. The trick in life isn’t adopting someone else’s superpower. It’s embracing your own and learning how to use ti for good instead of evil.

What’s one of your superpowers?

(P.S. The first time I tried to post this, the post went BLANK. I had to restore it from a revision backup. Now THAT’S funny!)

06/14/12: Wait and See! | Hanged Man

Hanged Man Tarot

“Faith is spiritualized imagination.” Henry Ward Beecher

We’ve got the Hanged Man (Neptune), just there, fully in the moment without consternation or agitation. He’s eternally patient.

Much like the High Priestess, the Hanged Man is not an superficially active guy. As advice, he says, “Do nothing.” As a forecast, he says, “It comes.”  He waits, he allows, and he integrates. He does not struggle. He accepts and therefore maintains a sense of peace as a result of transcendence.

We are not writing the script, nor are we in control, much as we may pretend otherwise. Surrender and sacrifice are the Hanged Man’s strongest plays. I realize that is sometimes challenging advice.

This isn’t as passive as it sounds, though. Neptune energy is slippery—I’ll give you that! But in accessing this ethereal vibe, you earn you TRANSCENDENCE. You get REBORN. There is a melding between DREAMS and REALITY.

The Hanged Man always gives me a bit of relief, because I know his overriding message is some variant of a reassurance.

All is as it should be. Wait and see.

Are you feeling the Hanged Man?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Are You Getting the Message? Mercury and the Page of Coins

With the current sky (Mercury/Neptune action), thought I’d pull up some more Page of Pentacles communication love from some old work for you all…

When I was a kid, my mom often said, “Do as I say, not as I do.” It was one of her catchphrases that eternally frustrated me. It did not compute! Earthy bundle of goodness that I am, I expect what you say for me to do and what you do yourself to match. That’s only logical, right?

Mom wasn’t buying it. She was invoking a parental authority prerogative, I guess.

The Page of Pentacles (or Coins) is associated with Earth (pages) in Earth (pentacles), sometimes expressed as “Earthy part of Earth.” Ha! Pages often refer to communication, so inverted, you may want to look at disconnects in the communication process.

Different people, different charts, will hear messages best communicated different ways. The Page of Wands (Fire) communicates with passion, heard loudest by those with Mercury in a fire sign. Page of Cups (Water) communicates emotionally—arguments based on emotion convince Mercury in water folks. Page of Swords (Air) intellectualizes, just as Mercury in air signs look for the dispassionate, logical arguments. And the Page of Earth looks at tangible action as the overriding method of endorsing a message, as Mercury in Earth signs will tend towards.

Not so very long ago, I started following politics. My husband is a die-hard newshound and watches the events of the world closely, and some of it rubbed off. My good fortune was that this interest hit in time for that Saturn-Uranus opposition, when political discussion hit new levels of rancor. Ugh! But as uncomfortable it has been at times, learning to hear others’ messages is something that I needed to master, and I think I’ve made progress. It’s essentially picking up a new language.

The inverted Page of Pentacles reminds me to check to see if I’m really HEARING others. Some don’t communicate the way I do. I still choose to place more weight on what people do than what they say (being a Mercury in Earth gal), but a different communication style is not automatic license to discard the message. You get a lot more out of this trip if you are willing to tune into a variety of stations. You know? It also reminds to me be aware of my own communication. While I expect my actions to speak for themselves, someone else may need to feel it or understand it in a different way.

What messages persuade you most readily? Can you see it in your Mercury?

04/24/12: How’s your movie? | Hanged Man

What’s your story? What movie are you starring in? Does your script need a rewrite? If you alter lines will it change the outcome?

The Zodiac Tarot has such an interesting, astro-only take on the cards. Today, we’ve got the Hanged Man, associated with Neptune. Here, it’s shown as the movie theater, where the drama is playing out on screen and all the attendees are voluntarily immersing themselves into the story.

It’s NOT about what’s going on in your life. It’s all about the story you tell yourself about what’s going on in your life. EVERYTHING is perspective!

Got that? Everything. Is. Perspective.

If you don’t like it, rewrite your own script—that’s the only one you’ve got editorial control over, y’know? And if you cannot immediately impact outer circumstances that you don’t like, fair enough. Adjust your inner dialogue, and the whole tenor of the movie will change. It’s akin to changing your life’s background score. It impacts the subjective experience more than you’d ever guess.

Yes. It is that simple. Take faith, friends, and apply it to the task at hand.

Does your movie need some rewrites?




Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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