01/06/13: Witnesses to Grief | 5 of Cups


This version of the Five of Cups speaks to me not only to the sufferer, but even more to the witnesses. In life, we’re more often witnesses than sufferers usually.

One thing about sadness—it’s a lonely business, by and large. Few people have the fortitude to stand by, stay fully present and allow you to be in whatever grief and pain you’ve got. Most want to point out those cups still standing behind you, without acknowledging the very real loss of the cups that have spilled, you know?

If you find someone who can stay beside you in that difficult moment gracefully, hold on to that person! Value and treasure such a friend; that’s a rare gem indeed.

If someone around you is hurting, your job is NOT to make it stop. Not only is that impossible, it’s not truly your right to do so. Your job is rather to be a witness. Your job is to feel just a little of that pain—if you have the capacity yourself, that is–thus lightening the weight. Your job is to listen and support and let the pain be spent.

It doesn’t need to be forever.

In fact, if a griever chooses to linger and wallow in hopelessness, you’ve got my full blessing for moving on. But that’s talking beyond a reasonable time, straying into the territory of stagnation and eventually, pathology. Just don’t try to rip the memories and thoughts away before there is a chance to integrate and heal. It’s the difference between slapping a Band-Aid on a gushing wound and calling it “all better” versus allowing the bleeding to stop before dressing the wound, you know?

What I’m saying here is that if somebody has a loss, and they feel bad, let them! Let them cry! Let them rant! Let them hurt! Don’t say stupid shit like, “You still have so much.”

Yeah, even when the stupid shit is true.

Because the stupid shit people say is not to make the person HURTING feel better. It’s to make themselves feel better, by slathering on a sugary platitude Band-Aid on top.

That’s all. Just be kind to anybody you see hurting. Don’t let ‘em pull you under, for sure, but let them grieve if they need to. And if it’s you hurting? Do the same. And look for the people who can stand by—all the while staying aware, there IS a cost to them as well for doing so. Don’t inflate the cost by staying mired as a way of life.

What’s your philosophy surrounding grief?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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01/05/13: Do Only What You Need to Do | Five of Swords


Ready to go nuclear? There may be a lot of smoke and burned buildings (not to mention bridges) after the fact. Some things cannot be taken back.

Make sure it’s worth it. If so, carry on.

If not? Then maybe you’ll “win” the battle, but be left without a reason to fight the war. I’m not saying don’t fight it out, don’t defend yourself and your tribe.

Only make sure, it’s a conscious decision, and justified.

If it is, do what you need to do.

Here’s hoping you don’t need to do it. Do ya?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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01/04/13: Obsessed with the Fish | Page of Cups


Y’all know I love switching up my decks. The New Vision Tarot shows us the behind-the-scenes scene, literally. Today, it’s the Page of Cups backside we’re taking a gander at here…and we see what’s around him as he ganders whole-heartedly at that fish in a cup as it were the center of his universe.

Every time he finds a new fish, “This is ‘THE’ one,” he firmly declares.

And that’s the way it stays, until it’s not.

Because the Page of Cups is too immature to have himself a soul mate, although he thinks he does. Always! But what he’s really got is a crush.

Come to think of it, many of us have our own “fish”we treat like this page—an emotional obsession, object of our complete attention, focus of preoccupation. It may or may not be romantic. It may or may not be healthy or helpful. But what is that one thing (oh Lord, I hope you don’t have a barrelful), that ONE thing, that you never let go of, cannot divert from your attention from, the all-consuming worry or passion or drama or drive that you never blink away from?

Look at that. That’s your fish. Fish tend to change periodically, but a lot depends on the Page and the fish.

Questions to ask about your fish: is it really yours? Is it truly about your life, your business, your problem or your joy? Are you going to trip over something because you are too devoted to gazing upon your fish’s intricate scaliness? Are other parts of your life or your soul being fed or poisoned by this fishy relationship?

Do you have yourself a fish? Is it tasty?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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1/03/13: Off Your Own Case | rev Queen of Swords


Any time I see Swords inverted, I’m inclined to take it at least in part as warning to watch my mouth. That’s not a bad thing, considering I have a pretty big mouth. I need frequent reminding. Har!

But with the Queen of Swords inverted, I often think of this lady’s less attractive qualities. Being critical in particular is one of her vices.

Today, I’m inclined to say it’s also largely about being critical of oneself. As in, beware of doing that!

Be kind, to others and to you. Charity doesn’t cost much—a little forethought, some self-control and using your imagination to create positive assumptions instead of negative ones. Worthwhile exercise and use of energy, if you ask me.

Have you been on your own case lately?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/18/12: Family Love (and tame dogs)| 10 of Pentacles

10-pentacles meaningWhat a welcome sight after the last few days! The Ten of Pentacles is by all accounts a happy card, emphasizing prosperity both in terms of financial matters and interpersonal relationships. The multi-generational scene of people gathering in obvious comfort, well-dressed (and grandpa looks pretty well-fed!), conjures up visions of happy family gatherings.

Dogs often speak to our animal nature in Tarot symbolism. Here, the creature within us is tame and loving, in harmony with the rest of the family. We’d be wise to do the same…look to tame your inner creature and live with the whole self intact, amongst your people, you know? Taming our urges and living in concert with both our basic instincts as well as the higher ideals is part of the gig in living a well-rounded existence.

I won’t go on and on here. I’ll let you just enjoy that Ten of Pentacles moment.

Are you feeling the family love?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/17/12: The Lightening | Rev 3 of Swords


“It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place… it’s when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood.” –David Hume

Not a surprise to see the Three of Swords. But very good to see it inverted! That tells me that however humble, perhaps in only small ways, no matter: we ARE on the mend. The heartbreak is beginning to yield to healing.

I won’t dwell a whole lot on the pain part—who needs a flow chart? But I will point out this version from the New Vision Tarot shows us the reverse of the classic Rider Waite. See all the people in the background? This heartbreak impacts many. Not just me. Not just you. Many, many, many. They all experience it in unique and individual ways.

As this card is associated with Saturn in Libra, it may be wise to show a little restraint (Saturn) in your relating (Libra). As my husband mentioned, he’s GLAD there are some things that people become absolutely, uncompromisingly emotional and irrational about. Some things should be incredibly disturbing in a civilized society…that’s a good thing. It’s evidence of humanity.

But staying absolutely, uncompromisingly emotional and irrational over the long haul is not such a good thing. It can end in attacks of people who are not truly enemies. In the heat of passion, one can end up stabbing some whose goals are the same, even if methodologies and beliefs differ.

But do what you can at this point to show respect for others. Your pain or outrage or hurt isn’t any more valid than anyone else’s. Tarot threes are creative energy. The experience of heartbreak is unique and individual. The assessment of meaning, the search for solutions, and the diving of truth from said pain is also unique to the individual. That’s why it can be such a powerful growth mechanism.

Know the pain dulls in the days that follow, Walk softly, and in love.

Are you feeling the lightening?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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