04/09/13: Ah, Contentment / 9 of Cups


Ah, did you deal with the Devil effectively? Because I totally dig seeing the Nine of Cups appear as “Fulfillment of Wishes” as a follow-up! It’s that moment of great satisfaction when you allow yourself complete contentment.

I like to think of this as just rewards, just like this week’s Tarot Forecast. Gosh, I hope that rings true for you.

For me? I’m taking this as opportunity to feel good about what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and what I’ve got in my life. If anything, this is a card of contentment. Mix with a dose of gratitude and enjoy your day.

Do you have some fulfilled wishes on your radar right now?

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03/07/13: Pretty Damned Good / rev 9 of Cups


I always welcome the Nine of Cups, even reversed. Here, you’re getting most of your wish! Perhaps it’s not exactly how you envisioned, or perhaps it didn’t arrive how you planned. Perhaps there’s little detail or two about the whole thing that is unpleasant, although such may actually be part of a bigger picture you’re not quite privy to yet.

But since the essence is indeed intact, I’m wondering, “Why not be happy with what you got?” Because it’s almost, if not quite, perfect, at least for right now.

Rather than focus exclusively on the 2 things wrong, put your energy on the 98 that are right. Dismiss the remaining two and work on getting this card upright, okay? Because I am suspecting that the dissatisfaction is a function of how you’re looking at the scene as opposed to the scene itself.

Maybe everything isn’t quite perfect. But all things considered, it’s still pretty damned good.

Are you pretty damned good?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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02/25/13: Live like it’s your Birthday / Nine of Cups

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” —Bilbo at his 111th birthday party


I’ll take the Nine of Cups in any deck! Here, it arrives as a birthday party. Woot!

For me, birthdays are a time to reflect on what’s come before (Hello, Mercury retro!), and look forward to what’s to come. Milestones are sometimes approached with dread, but I like having check-ins, you know? If I’m not where I’d like to be, that’s indication I need to up my game, or perhaps acknowledge differing priorities. Either way, the knowledge is powerful.

And of course, more than anything else, birthdays are a time to celebrate life. Gratitude, joy, and appreciation of sensual pleasures reign.

So my Tarot advice for today is to reflect, plan, appreciate, and enjoy. More than anything, the Nine of Cups is always a card of contentment.

You can handle that, right?


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Weekly Tarot Forecast, Jan 14, 2013

Another Weekly Tarot Video forecast for y’all. Hope you enjoy these!

Short version: Looks like a great week ahead! Did you set an New Moon intention?

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Opening up that Heart Chakra for Lilliput: Mini Chakra Tarot Reading

“No comment.” -Lilliput

Okay. She didn’t actually say, “No comment.” Since questions were optional, Ms. Lilliput didn’t leave one. I’ll be glad to see what we can get on the chakra scene, man.

Short Answer: It’s your heart that opens the way to fulfilling your wishes. Tarot and Dixie suggest some easy ways for opening up the flow in the Heart chakra.

Good luck!

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07/13/12: Enjoy but Exercise | 9 Cups


One marked difference between reading the cards for friends and family and reading professionally is the huge sense of responsibility that comes with the latter, at least for me. I’ve felt it to be a moral obligation to grow my skills from the moment I started professional Tarot work. Sometimes the ongoing education starts to slide when I get busy; today’s card is a reminder to me to not lose sight of that need.

In this decidedly non-traditional Nine of Cups from Osho Zen, we’ve got “Laziness.” Makes me think of what they say about the trine in astrology—the energy is sometimes too easy. No dynamic, itchy-scratchy friction to create the drive to grow. Discomfort has a way of spurring progress!

Now, I won’t say I’m completely down with this presentation completely . I think we all need pockets of ease and blessings. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what we’ve earned. However, I do take the point there is a difference between contentment and complacency. Complacency may not serve as well.

So I’d say, yes, good enough is good enough, but not necessarily the best you can achieve. Now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Absolutely, enjoy the fruits of your labors and appreciate each and every blessing you have! And absolutely, keep working to improve and grow at the same time.

Enjoy your fine food. But don’t forget to exercise, too. Both benefit.

Do you feel the urge to always improve?

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by US Games

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