Fogged Mirrors. Oy! Weekly Flow, Sept. 15 – 21

Tarot Forecast Sep 15 -21

I’m seeing a lot of confusion over your own feelings and motivations in this weekly flow. If last week was fogged up windows, this week is fogged up mirrors. Eh, what are you gonna do? At the very least, knowing what you’ve got going down is helpful.

Noticing the general mix for the week, 3 Swords, 2 Cups, and 2 Majors—and some of them not exactly comfortable cards at that—I’m expecting some emotional (Cups) rawness (Swords) at least and dealing with situations that are personally significant (Majors).  The advice and affirmations suggest really going the extra mile to take care of yourself physically as being a helpful measure in holding up. I’d stay on that. All told though, whatever is murky and confusing throughout the week (with 5 of the 7 being reversed), you’ll understand by Sunday. So hang in there!

Monday, Others – Seven of Cups Reversed: This card in the position of others suggests a misunderstanding of who someone is, or perhaps a very incomplete conclusion based on limited (and misleading) information. I’d suggest not acting on hints about other people today because there’s a better-than-fair chance your info is off, incomplete or otherwise misrepresented. Stand back and wait until you have confirmation.

Tuesday, Crowning Influences – Seven of Swords: Who is flying under the radar, sneaking around and not telling the whole story? This is the deciding factor, what’s putting the icing on the cake today. Verify. Even if it’s what you’re telling yourself, verify today.

Wednesday, Underlying Influences – Nine of Swords Reversed: Denied worries or justifications you don’t really believe are clouding thinking. Come to terms with any guilt or fears you’ve been packing away in the back of the closet because they do influence you in ways you may not imagine.

Thursday, Finances: Queen of Swords Reversed: Is there a need for economizing that’s been brushed aside? The reversed Queen of Swords could point to a logical cut that has not been made. I’m not thinking painful so much as rational, reasonable, a good idea.

Friday, Situation: Chariot Reversed: Focus is off. Progress doesn’t get made when you’re running the wrong way, no matter how much you feel compelled to do so. You can counter this with the very simple question, “What do I hope to accomplish?” Because if your urges do not match your end-game, best not to act on them.

Saturday, What to take from the Past – Five of Cups Reversed: Remembering what you’ve lost is fine, but don’t dwell or fixate. Also remember the times you’ve come through grief and loss successfully. That counts, you know? That pain didn’t last forever and you’ve come through it. Today, instead of thinking of the “ow,” direct yourself to the healing from the ouch, how you got through and grew.

Sunday, Immediate Future – High Priestess: This is a reassuring card to wrap up the week with. Most of the flow up to this point is confusion, misdirection, self-delusion and out and out denial. Lots not being seen. Ending the week with the High Priestess says you’ll just know what you need to know without reaching for it. Get quiet and let your inspiration arrive. In the position of “Immediate future,” you may not be able to see far out in advance, but you’ll know for sure what the next step is, what to do right now. I’ll take it!

Overview/AdvicePage of Pentacles: Take care of yourself physically! Also take care of practicalities and deal with communications. Do your job, make you phone calls, answer your emails, shop for groceries and get your sleep. When the emotional side and the energetic side of life is not easy to grasp, the practical, everyday side can get neglected in a sense of being overwhelmed. This advice for the week is to keep up with your simple, everyday needs as a way of staying grounded and on task.

Affirmation – Cloak yourself in light. This speaks to protection on several levels. There is the old-fashioned “visualize a protective bubble of light around you” kind, a great habit to cultivate! There is the kind of light that comes from how you act, doing your honest-to-God’s best to being a decent person and living in accord with your moral compass. There is the kind of light that comes from who you surround yourself with, what companions you choose. There is the light that comes from what you fill your head with – your thoughts and energy and vibrations.

A really easy way to turn up your vibration any time you’re feeling low is gratitude shout-outs. It doesn’t have to be written down or even spoken aloud. Just say to yourself, “Right now, I’m grateful for…” and list two or three things, big or small. But let yourself dwell, soak in the feeling of being grateful, of appreciation, of happiness for those gifts. If it’s for someone else in your life, you can also share it. You’d be surprised how much that amplifies the good vibes.

Here’s hoping for a manageable week for you all out there, with plenty of light!

How are you doing this week?

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Unyielding Truth: Weekly Flow, June 9 – 13

Weekly Tarot June9 - 13


Update: Bumping this up to keep oriented. How y’all faring? Mercury Retro is being a BEAR from all the reports I’m getting, and the energy has felt wonky as Hell all week long! And of course, don’t forget we’ve got that Full Moon in Sagittarius happening leading into Friday and followed up by a rather dense T-Square in the sky. Astrology buff or no, put it all together and it feels like CRUNCH to me. Next week should feel a little lighter, so hang in there!


These cards show the making of an intense week, with overtones of honesty vs. deceit and the importance of scrupulously objective self-review, even with some subject matters that leave you uncomfortable. Two (rather unhappy) Swords cards suggest dealing with uncomfortable thoughts and facts constructively. Four of the six cards pulled were Major Arcana, so expect the events of the week to carry long-term impact.

Wishes will not make much difference this week. We’re in the category of truth and it’s not budging!

Monday, What to Leave in the Past – Seven of Swords: Any misrepresenting going on? This includes wishful thinking or an overly critical self-perception, by the way. Yeah. Drop it all because if you don’t, looks like by week’s end, whatever you’re not willing to bring into focus may come back and bite you in the ass. So let’s get real, now.

Tuesday, Others – Hermit reversed: Don’t expect others to see their own behavior clearly today, nor want to accept personal responsibilty. That’s okay, because it’s WAY not your problem! Just don’t be one of the pack in that regard.

Wednesday, What to use in the future – Nine of Swords: All those things you’re fretting over late at night? That doesn’t have to stay classified as random anxiety attack. It could become contingency planning, yo! The best cure for getting bitten by the “Oh-my-God-what-if?!” bug is generating a “what” for your “if.” Look at what you fear when moving ahead, seeking ways to insure against the bad to feel more confident.

Thursday, Past – The Emperor: Looks like a King who doesn’t know he’s been voted out to me. Is it you? Cool it with the orders if so. If not, I would probably just keep my mouth shut about the unexpected drop in rank. He’ll figure it out soon enough.

Friday, You – Judgment: Remember what I said for Monday? Today is when you answer for your behavior the rest of the week. Remember, though, with this energy it’s very important for you to be fair. Many will caution you to take your own lumps here, but I’m also adding to that, do NOT take someone else’s. Judgment isn’t about self-criticism OR other criticism. It’s a dispassionate evaluation to extract information.

Overview – The Tower: Disruption this week is quite likely, but what I always like to remember about the Tower disruption holds true here, too. Whatever has been misrepresented, ignored, glossed over or otherwise denied is what’s coming down.

If you’ve followed this week’s advice to accurately represent yourself, stay true to your own ideals, turn worries into contingency planning, question who is giving orders, and fairly weigh out your role in the situation, you’re going to be in the most solid position possible here.

Affirmation: Every reality has been focused by someone into being. What’s here today did not arrive unbidden in a vacuum. It’s a result of what’s gone before. What arrives tomorrow? Well, that’s a result of what’s happening today.

Live today to the best of your ability, even when it’s hard. It absolutely is the best way to ensure a happier future.

How’s your week shaking out?

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03/30/14: Stress Insomnia / Nine of Swords

9 of Swords Meaning

All the stress? It wears on you and it does impact your health, but the scares are a result are probably blown out of proportion says the Nine of Swords, paired with “Health.” Also be aware of the role guilt and fear plays into the picture, because it does.

Aside: get some sleep for goodness sakes!

My advice: Self-care, and seek support from trusted companions. That in and of itself will make you feel better in an immediate, tangible way. And of course, you can always fill my favorite prescription of a good, long nap!

Is the stress wearing on you?

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The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions

02/08/13: Wiggle room? Not much! / 9 of Swords

Nine of Swords ResolutionsUh oh! A repeat man…and not a pretty one. Here, the Nine of Swords pairs up with “Resolution” to tell me you have limited options for resolving.

While the Nine of Swords in general speaks to worry and isolation, this particular version emphasizing that “trapped” feeling by showing a person whose hands are tied, front and center. Looking at yesterday’s Page of Swords in the flow of story, I’m thinking that you may have limited wiggle room.

Could you use a sword to cut the rope? Probably, but be aware you may draw some blood yourself in the process. You’ll have to judge your own risk tolerance on this one.

Where you are is where you are. Work with it as best you can. Id’ say look for the lessons within because somehow, it seems that learning those lessons appear to be central to moving the &%^$ on from this stuff…and don’t overdo the guilt factor. Also, it’s also helpful confiding with others if you’re in a Nine of Swords type situation. If nothing else, the support can help lift your spirits.

Are you feeling limited wiggle room?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler Schedule a session with Dixie.

02/03/14: Goodbye, Helplessness! / 9 of Swords

Nine of Swords

To me, the Nine of Swords always evokes those nights when you just cannot sleep, haunted by self-perpetuating thoughts of how there is no way out. And the worst part? Nobody to talk to, and knowing it’s your fault.

Er, ah. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

This is what we’re advised to release—“A mindset, resentment, ideal or other situation you need to let go of  to achieve your desired outcome,” according to the Deck of 1000 Spreads.

Well, that’s much nicer than holding on to it. But if it were so damn easy, we wouldn’t be looking at those tied hands to begin with.

Listen: you are where you are. Simplistic maybe, but an accurate observation nonetheless. In our everyday, mundane life, time is liner, always crawling ahead. Take stock, separating out how much is reality of the situation versus how much is fear of where the situation may lead. Many get these conflated.

Question the “unthinkable” regardless (because a lot of the time, “unthinkable” is a euphemism for “I refuse to accept that”).

Realize guilt, isolation, and worry doesn’t help. Right? It just clouds the head. Accept inherent limitations while at the same time, look to reach beyond. This means seeking outside counsel if appropriate. It almost always includes forgiving yourself for being in the situation to begin with.

I’d say once you are familiar with where you are, shift gears to where you want to go, and then look for something, anything—however humble—that moves you a little bit closer. Taking even a small action will help you feel better.

Lather, rinse, repeat. That’s how you let go of the helpless feelings.

You feeling this?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

12/30/13: Overblown / 9 of Swords Rx

reversed 9 of swords

“What’s the worst case scenario? What’s the best? You can bet your ass, it’s going to be somewhere in the middle.” –Dixie’s annoying anxiety advice

Don’t make those night terrors out to be legitimate threats. The reversed Nine of Swords says your fear is getting the best of you. Whatever worries we’re talking have reached the point of irrationality.

I most often see this card when someone is feeling guilty as well as anxious. The guilt factor tends to create isolation. Who wants to ‘fess up to stupid mistakes, poor choices, or otherwise acknowledge behavior that may feel shameful?

But talking it out usually does help. Almost invariably, fears I see with this card reversed are blown out of proportion or just flat-out unrealistic. Plus, you’d be surprised how much less harsh other people judge you than you judge yourself. (And if you don’t find that the case, may be time to look for some new friends!)

Do what you can to get fears off your chest. You’ll find yourself sleeping a lot better afterward, too.

Are you seeing this dynamic?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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