10/14/13: Right Here, Right Now / 9 of Swords

Nine of Swords

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” –John Lubbock

The Nine of Swords knows who’s sleeping (and who’s not) better than Santa! I tend to see this card when someone is deeply worried, isolated and often times feeling guilty about the source of worry as well. It graphically illustrates our fears that become louder at night, with tears shed alone that seem to be bringing little relief.

I know it’s stabby out there. I am sorry! Did I not just tell you yesterday, we’re making good progress getting through all this? Fears to the contrary do not negate that reassurance. But you do have to deal with whatever muck you’ve got before you can be done with it.

Being mega-Virgo, hardcore worry is within my emotional vocabulary. Those times I’ve found myself living the Nine of Swords, I can tell you what has been most helpful for me:

  • Sharing worries with someone I trust as soon as I can handle doing so – it lightens the load
  • Facing the root of the worry (this one is HUGE!)
  • Letting myself off the hook for past mistakes
  • Commitment in the present to make things things as right as possible
  • Plans and backup plans to feel less helpless – anything, however small, to improve the situation
  • Realizing that the anticipation is almost always worse than any actual event

I think of worry as energetically creating problems I don’t actually have. Scientifically, the body doesn’t know the difference between real and vividly imagined scenarios. So basically if you’re a graphic worrier, you are quite literally making problems for yourself, creating negative experiences in a visceral way. We don’t need the damn Law of Attraction to know that is unnecessary pain.

Deal with what you have, right here, right now. If you don’t like it, fair enough. Take a step to make it better. And then another, and another. This won’t make it magically disappear, but it will incrementally ease your pain and probably help you sleep to boot. In time, this is how even the biggest messes get cleaned up.

Have you been worried?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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09/18/13: Fretful / 9 of Swords Rx

reversed 9 of Swords meaning

Don’t fret. The reversed Nine of Swords is worry overblown, fretting and losing sleep over problems you don’t yet have. Listen: if you need to make corrections, do it! If you feel guilty about something, do what you can to set it right and then let it the Hell go. Keep moving, okay? Fear isn’t so helpful.

Are you feeling fretful?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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08/03/13: Focus & Use Your Words / 9 of Swords

9-swordsThis Nine of Swords is from the Zodiac Tarot, derived exclusively from the cards’ astrological associations instead of the multiple associations more common for Tarot decks. Mars is forceful energy, and Gemini is multiple channels. Here power (Mars) comes from facts or thoughts (Gemini). The anxious worry often associated with this card originates in thoughts. But this version emphasizes the other side of the coin, the power (Mars) of information (Gemini).

Because of the version we have today, I’d suggest taking a studied approach, being armed (Mars) with facts (Gemini) from diverse (Gemini) sources, using that information as your impetus (Mars). Diversity is strength. While Gemini can suffer from scattered attention, let Mars help you focus by directing the diversity of approach toward a singular goal. This will net the best results.

Gemini being an intellectual Air sign, it’s also the sign of a skilled communicator, and Mars indicates how you go about getting what you want. Just as mother might suggest to a frustrated toddler ready to lash out, don’t take random swings. Instead, “use your words.” If you’ve thought enough about the issues to gain clarity exercised due diligence gathering the facts beforehand, those words should be surprisingly effective.

Are you feeling this vibe?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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07/19/13: Exaggerated Worries /rev 9 of Swords


When it was time to get new eyeglasses, I got very stressed over the choices. I can’t see well to read and it had been maybe three or four years since I’d gotten my eyes checked. Should I spring for bifocals or worse (meaning OLD woman), get bifocal contacts (though I’ve never had contacts, would I be able to adjust), or just get plain glasses and stock up on cheapo readers? Would I hurt my eyes if I made the wrong choice? Would I waste a lot of money getting something I hated and therefore wouldn’t use?

I know. I know. It sounds stupid, but I was truly stressed over it. I didn’t want to make a poor choice that ended up with me feeling guilty or wasting money with something I wouldn’t use. I actually did divination work on the decision.

My tools would not tell me what to do, by the way. No surprise there. Although they were clear, it didn’t really make any difference. So I just made a damn decision, and it was fine.

This is an admittedly trivial example of the reversed Nine of Swords energy. While I didn’t literally lose sleep over eyeglass quandary, I most often see this card when someone is having trouble sleeping, beset by guilt and worries. This is also an isolated, lonely situation. It’s been my observation that the subject of the Nine of Swords is responsible for the situation themselves in some respect, and their desire to hide the fact adds to the isolation.

Inverted, I would expect the worry (or anticipated response if the worry is confessed) to be overblown. Either deal with the situation directly or come clean about it if you need help, because it’s the combination of exaggerated worry and hiding that makes this energy so miserable.

You feeling a little worried?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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06/05/13: Overriding Sword of Freedom / Ace & 9 of Swords


9_of_SwordsWell, nobody much likes seeing the Nine of Swords, whatever version we have. It’s not a comfortable card, you know? But the thing about the Nine of Swords, the isolation of this energy comes from guilt and fear, and that’s almost always connected to choice.

The Ace of Swords following here gives us an option—the power of a single thought, idea or choice for breaking free. Because while swords can wound, they can also perform surgery. And that’s how I’m seeing this great big sword functioning today.

Swords cut. They release us. Now, it may not be a release from anything we want to detach from, but swords don’t distinguish based on emotion. The steel is hard and cold. Doesn’t mean we don’t need the release.

To escape the guilt and fear requires a detachment. The Nine of Swords is associated with Moon in Gemini, which tends towards an intellectualization of emotional concerns. Let others own their own thoughts, path and life. It’s not your job to save them! Own your life instead. Back up and observe emotions, but allow the waves to freely leave once noted. Don’t hold on. Talking it out may help—Gemini is chatty!

The escape from the multiple, sharp thoughts coming at this woman’s head is through adopting a much bigger, overriding idea. This is your surgical scalpel that removes the other unpleasantness. It could be an idea of personal responsibility, or influence of a higher power, or clear understanding of what truly matters and what doesn’t. I cannot tell you what that overriding concept of freedom is for you personally. I can tell you to seek it or ask for it and let go of the rest. There’s not much you can do about it anyway.

Are you seeking freedom from sharp thoughts?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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03/24/13: Blessing versus Disaster / Hierophant, 9 of Swords


This is the Osho Zen version of the Hierophant and Nine of Swords. A little ouchie, isn’t it? There are so many ways this could be read. But I’m seeing this as a bit of a Zen directive today.

The expression of energy itself is not so much right or wrong, good or bad. It merely IS. No-thing-ness. It’s the great teacher, experience, and lessons can be easy or hard but they will no doubt arrive. As they do, it is our own fears, worries, guilt and isolation in approaching those truths that attach “sorrow” to circumstances.

What is awful at the time can be considered perfect with a different perspective. Granted, perspective can be a damned slippery critter.

Some things are HARD, I know. But tears? They can clear our eyes of obstacles previously blocking vision. Tears can be a way of releasing pent up emotion we may not have even realized we had building. Tears can give us a sense of fresh start. Have you ever noticed tears almost always end with an accompanying a sense of relief?

Not that I’m trying to be the cheerleader for bawling, okay? I hate bawling! I’m just saying that the underlying principles of all-that-is trumps transient sadness. The sorrow or joy connected to how this all-that-is reality expresses are very human reactions. What’s more, they are finite reactions. Remember that bit.

Know your emotional responses—positive or negative, for that matter—are just that, emotional responses! They do not speak to the event in and of itself. The more you can release attachment, the more you can see whatever comes for what it is: lessons. Both the blessings and the disasters, you boil down the emotion to get the core ingredient, and everything becomes a lesson.

Have you found your perceptions of blessing versus disaster shift with perspective?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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