02/20/13: Mistaken Perspective / Rev 9 of Swords


02/20/13: Mistaken Perspective / Rev 9 of Swords 1Eh. I usually prefer to read the Osho Zen upright, but with the equivalent of the Nine of Swords aka “Sorrow” showing up, I’m making an exception.

Feeling isolation? Self-imposed. Losses may well be real, but the extreme suffering is optional. The sense of aloneness is bigger at night. Guilt and fears play a large role in suffering. So know, you do have a choice here.

Change how you think about problems and it will change how you feel about problems. No, you cannot fly backwards and turn back time but you can assess realistically and deal with what you’ve got now. Look for non-judgmental counsel to help you formulate a plan of action.

And no kicking yourself over mistakes. We’re imperfect. We screw up. Making mistakes is not something to feel shame over. Every mistake, every misstep? Each is an opportunity to grow. In that sense, each is a gift. (Yes, I know there are times I’d like to be a little less “gifted.” Ha!)

Here’s the thing: of ALL the mistakes a person can make, hiding from those lessons buried within is the biggest. So learn the lesson attached and the problem disappears. Otherwise,the damn thing will keep showing up in different outfits. And nobody wants that.

How do you handle mistakes?

02/20/13: Mistaken Perspective / Rev 9 of Swords 2 Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

01/28/13: Putting Fear to Bed | Nine of Swords

nine-swords-zombie-tarotThis Nine of Swords from the Zombie Tarot hits upon the cards main points pretty well—the patient isn’t talking! He’s isolated and alone, clearly worried about his nightmare coming true. Is he going to turn into a zombie himself? The nurse would like to help him, but he’s not engaged with participating in his own care because he’s fixated on the inevitable (to him) calamity.

9_of_SwordsThis card tends to show up when someone is frightened, guilty and alone. Often, they won’t be sleeping well or having nightmares. Remorse, dread and overwhelm can keep a person immobilized under this energy.

I know that is dark. So the question becomes, if this is where you’re at, what do you do about it?

First of all, recognize where you are in the situational cycle. Tarot nines are close to the ending of a situation. Usually (in any suit), by the time we get to the nine, we’re tired but very close to conclusion. There is not a lot more to go, so take heart in that fact!

Secondly, understand that the WORRY is not the same are reality. Fear colors the world black, and impedes our ability to make good choices. Our patient here could probably help with his own recovery, if he’d only be willing to try.

In a Nine of Swords situation, STOP FOCUSING on the fear and pain. Move your sight exclusively to improvements. This card does show up in difficult times. And in difficult times, you need all your resources to recover. So don’t waste your energy on ruminations that no only do not help, but actually make you sicker. You know?

Most often with the Nine of Swords, the very worst of all the woes is the self-induced emotional pain, drummed up largely than life with worry and what-ifs. If you can look to let go of that part, intercept the thought loop when you begin imagining various disaster scenarios, you can short-circuit a lot of the stabbiness here and marshal your resources towards getting well.

Handing the situation over to the Universe and taking a nap is usually a good choice here.

How do you do with Nine of Swords fears?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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12/09/12: Surrendering to the Sad | 9 Clouds

A Pluto transit to the bottom of my chart, hitting Mars—one of those things you don’t soon forget. Late at night, I was downstairs and parked my ass on the couch. I’d cried until no more tears were left. Exhausted, my mind was blank…I watched the shadows of the trees from the street light outside dance and rustle and bustle. Curled up on the couch wrapped in an afghan. I was quiet, not thinking anymore…just waiting. Maybe meaning would emerge. More likely, sleep would come. Utterly spent, I had no thoughts left to think. I just stared, and waited.

That’s the scene I remember, looking this Nine of Swords from the Osho Zen. Like the figure in it’s traditional counterpart, this fellow looks to be very, very alone, wrapped in his heavy blanket of sorrow and sitting in a dark corner, with just his pain for company.

The best way I know to deal with this kind of energy is surrender. What else is there but acceptance? It will go where it will go, nothing one can do about it. So if this is where you are—and I REALLY hope it’s not—just know, there is a way to go on. You release what you cannot control. You accept what has come. You have faith that you’ll get what you need from it.

You let your tears dry and don’t think any more thoughts and lay down. Sleep comes. Turn your troubles over to spirit and get some rest. There isn’t much choice, anyway.

Do you have sorrow about?

12/09/12: Surrendering to the Sad | 9 Clouds 3 Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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06/29/12: Shadows in the Night | Nine of Swords

shadowscapes-9-of-swordsIt’s too much to handle alone, but too ugly to share with anyone—your deep dark secret. We all have them, or have, or will.

The Nine of Swords (Mars in Gemini) is seldom a welcome guest, but like every card with challenging energy, it has it’s time and place. I get the traditional version of this card a lot to denote issues with sleeping or bad dreams, since the figure is often pictured sitting up in bed, with face in hands.

In keeping with the astrological association, I find we often see this energy with an internal conflict (Mars) afoot, where the querent is of two minds (Gemini). The nice news is that being one of the Tarot Nines, this energy is mature and not far from being resolved (although I will admit the Ten of Swords isn’t necessarily the most fun follow-up). Worth noting on the Shadowscapes version, the bird on the man’s shoulder will offer assistance if he’s able to listen.

The hardest part of this energy is the loneliness—the worries and fears and guilt that come visiting are seldom shared with another. So the assistance arriving on cue especially welcome.

Make right what you can, and share what’s left over. Pray, seek counsel, and look for friends to help you find your way out of your conundrum. Maybe you are alone, but you probably don’t have to be.

How do you deal with “Shadows in the night”?

06/29/12: Shadows in the Night | Nine of Swords 4 Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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03/25/12: Sorrow to Divinely Inspired | 9 Swords, 3 Pentacles


Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Swords (aka Clouds, Sun in Gemini) and the Three of Pentacles again (Rainbows here, Moon in Capricorn). Like the traditional Nine of Swords, this image emphasizes a sense of isolation—the kind that visits late at night, when you’re all alone. This version of the Three of Pentacles is an interesting take—like all Tarot threes, a birthing is underway. Here, it comes from the mating of your mind and divine inspiration. One or the other won’t get you there. The inspiration has to be acted upon to impact your world.

Are you feeling sorrowful, isolated? Pray. Look for new ideas, serendipity, and divine inspiration appearing out of nowhere. Those little nudges you feel, one way or another? Incorporate what you’re getting, into your plans. This is the way forward.

Do you find divine inspiration in times of sorrow?

03/25/12: Sorrow to Divinely Inspired | 9 Swords, 3 Pentacles 5 Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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03/17/12: Share Your Perils | Prince Cups, 9 Swords

“Love is metaphysical gravity.” R. Buckminster Fuller


Today’s Tarot is the Page of Cups (Earth in Water) and the reversed Nine of Swords (Moon in Gemini).  Opening your heart lessens the feelings of being under siege. It doesn’t erase it completely, but sure makes it much easier to weather. It’s like you’ve now got a little protection, right there for the taking.

Connect, connect, connect! Be honest and truthful, speaking from the heart. Acknowledge your feelings to someone you care about. It’s much less lonely that way. This is something I’ve had to work on, over the years. My natural inclination under stress is to withdraw, and that doesn’t always serve me very well. So I work on it, you know? And yeah, I find it helpful. Shared perils are less overwhelming. And sometimes, you will find in the sharing, you get EXACTLY what you needed.

Do you tend to reach out when under siege?

03/17/12: Share Your Perils | Prince Cups, 9 Swords 6 Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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