10/17/13: Aching Dogs / 9 of Wands

9 wandsYou know the kind of tired that you don’t notice until you sit down, and it sets in? Yeah, that. That’s the feeling I get when I look at this card: a down-to-the-bone kind of tired, the kind of tired that shows up as much or more as a result of mental stress as of physical demands. An “Oh my aching dogs” kind of tired. (That’s referring to feet, for you youngsters out there.)

And this card exemplifies what I love and hate about Osho Zen. How’s this image for blunt, huh? Smacks me upside the head every time, Osho Zen does. The Nine of Fire, aka the Nine of Wands appears as “Exhaustion” and I know some of you out there are really feeling it. And I’m sorry!

Encouraging news about Tarot Nines is the fact we’re nearing the end of a cycle. This card also indicates goals that are achievable, even if reaching said goals will be demanding. There’s comfort in that.

Also remember that many kinds of stress, but especially the mental kind, takes root as a result of thinking patterns and choices as much or more than outside circumstance. Those are factors you can certainly control. So do!

Do what you can to be kind to yourself during difficulties right now, and see to it that the way you evaluate your circumstances and the choices you make support your long term goals. This strategy will get you through it.

Are you feeling exhausted?

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Weekly Tarot Forecast, 6/17: Don’t Give up! Rev. 9 Wands

Not quite as harsh as last week’s video, but still…tired.

Short answer: You may be tired and feel like the struggle never ceases, but it does. Call upon your inner reserves for the last leg of the race, man. You can do it!

Are you running out of steam?

03/31/13: Finish Fulfilling thy Desire / 9 of Wands

“Perseverance is an active principle, and cannot continue to operate but under the influence of desire.” –William Godwin


I always find the Nine of Wands such an encouraging card, even though I know he generally signals a period of weariness. That’s because of two very important points: 1. He’s digging his heels in, still holding his own, and 2. he’s almost done! One of the Tarot Nines, we’re nearing the end of a cycle.

Do what he does: stay firm, stake your claim based on your true desire, and do not relent until you’re done! It’s not so far as you think. It’s the burning of desire in your heart that lets you call up those reserves of energy you need to finish the job at hand.

Which reminds me…I need to finish editing my book. YIKES!

What do you need to finish?

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02/08/13: Daily Fortification / Nine of Wands


9_of_WandsUsually, the Nine of Wands shows us someone standing guard, holding (or being held by?) 1 of the 9 wands of his watch. Like all Tarot nines, he’s tired. The bandage confirms a battle weariness, but his expression is one of pure determination.

The Tarot Nova version has a twist—the figure is barring the window with those wands! I like that. Preparation makes the watch easier. Anticipating trouble help keeps it at bay.

Even if you don’t have reason to assume attack, guard yourself anyway. Say your prayers, create your energy bubble before you go out (EVERY day, not just when you feel insecure!), and keep your attitude solid, balanced and your nose clean. Get enough sleep and care for your body, which helps you keep a clear head. This is simply an issue of covering your ass. If you’re consistently well-fortified, if trouble does show up unexpectedly, you are already in a solid position to deal.

It’s like locking the doors to your house, even if you have no reason to believe a criminal is in the neighborhood. If one happens by, you’ll be glad you did. The effort required is a small investment for the potential payoff.

Since this is the suit of wands (passion and fire) you are well-advised to really MEAN whatever you do in this regard, and a little creativity along with the zeal will serve well. Maybe you’re tired of thinking about what might go wrong. I hear you! But if you don’t make it an event, if you look to make protecting yourself and your energy part of your daily routine, it won’t be nearly as tiresome.

Do you take regular steps to protect yourself or your energy?

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12/03/12: Long enough | 9 of Wands rev


When I see the Nine of Wands reversed, I think, “Don’t give up now!” There’s bound to be a little shaky going down, but that doesn’t mean you’re not almost home free. Tarot nines show a cycle nearing completion, so don’t forget that if you’re looking at a situation and don’t know how much longer you can hold on.

Today’s card gives the answer plain and simple: long enough. You’re in the home stretch grasshopper; it would be a shame to bail out now.

I’m definitely feeling this!

Are you feeling it?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/11/12: Keeping Watch in the Midst of Trouble | 9 of Wands

20120828_133913 (447x620)

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies.” – Psalms 138:7

Stand guard. Weary or no, it matters not. Associated with Mars in Sagittarius, the fight (Mars) in the Nine of Wands is BIG (Sagittarius)! That is exactly what’s called for right now.

I don’t like the title so much here, “Suffering in Silence.” I suppose you could say, “Stand guard without complaint.” There is a tiredness, the weariness common the Tarot Nines, that I’ll admit could be considered suffering. But it’s going to be short-lived, as this card speaks to the ending of a cycle. And while I consider struggle universal in the Earth plane, suffering IS optional. The secret is calling in the right reinforcements.

I like the way she’s climbed up high for perspective. Her mountaintop perch, her gazing off into the sun, suggest a divine connection. She may appear alone, but she’s close to her Gods, the source of strength and stamina. She’s alert, holding her wand and beside her, ready to use it as the needs arise.

This is a fierce card, full of the energy of fearlessness and certainty. I don’t worry for this warrior at all. She may not choose the fight, she may not have sought it out, but she is in it to the end, looking to win. She will win, because she knows the battle, she knows where to get the energy go to on—from the Source. Her cloak is that of righteousness, so it protects her against the forces of darkness. She protects and defends that which is hers.

No cause for fear. Marshall your forces, call upon the holiest of your connections, and stand your ground. The fight will be over, soon enough.

Are you feeling this energy?

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