08/21/12: Almost Finished? | Nine of Wands

nine of wands tarot meaning

“It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated… it is finished when it surrenders.” –Ben Stein

Here, we’ve got the Nine of Wands—our happy housewife looks like she has it all under control, doesn’t she? She’s done her work diligently, not a nook or cranny ignored, and stood her ground against the most stubborn of stains.

9_of_WandsThis is a card I prefer to see upright. The traditional version much more battle-weariness depicted, common to Tarot Nines, but either way, it’s a card of accomplishment, a job almost done.

So hold the line and know, you are almost there!

Are you almost done with your cleaning?


The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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07/22/12: Feeling your accomplishments | 9 of Wands

nine of wands tarot meaning

I have an online friend I visit with from time to time. We started rubbing energetic elbows at a crossroads in her life; she was emerging from a whole lot of pain and not exactly sure what came next. I shared my perspective here and there but mostly, I just cheered her on. What else am I gonna do, half a world away? I like to think it helped, though. She comes to mind seeing today’s card.

We’ve got the Nine of Wands from the delightfully cheeky Housewives Tarot. She’s climbed the ladder of success courtesy her own sweat elbow grease! By the time this card arrives, you may be tired but like all Tarot Nines, you’re approaching the end of the line on the topic at hand. Thank God, huh?

If you’ve had a long struggle and you’re tired, take heart. You’ve earned where you’re at now, and you’d be well-advised to take stock of exactly that. Know how far you’ve come and know how you got there. This isn’t a card of completion, but it’s close. It’s a card of accomplishment. Be proud.

I told my friend, “I don’t worry about you anymore.” When you see the Nine of Wands, you needn’t worry anymore. You’ve made it most of the way home. The rest is just in the details.

Are you feeling your accomplishments after a hard road?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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04/27/12: Don’t stop now! | 9 Wands

I used to do a fair amount of writing on weight loss, sharing my personal successes. One of the things people most often asked me about was the secret of my success.

I didn’t use the opportunity to sing the praises of low carb, or toss out tips about miracle foods or cite research on losing and maintaining weight, although I certainly could have. All these things were helpful to me, but none would have done the job in isolation. None were pivotal, except for one…

The real secret to success is so simple, nobody seemed to think of it: Don’t stop.

That’s it—don’t give up, don’t abandon your efforts or get too discouraged and just give in. Just don’t stop! The only way to fail is to stop. The only way to succeed is not to stop.

The Nine of Wands (Mars in Sagittarius) suggests a large (Sagittarius) drive (Mars) to succeed. Often, with Tarot Nines, there is a weariness involved. Any Nine of Wands battle has been long and hard, and you may have been beat up in the process.

I always appreciate this card, though, because even though there is a weary feeling, there is also a palpable determination about the energy. Giving up? Not an option for this guy. He’s going NOWHERE until he achieves his aim.

There may be times where he shifts his attention—maybe he’ll turn to his left instead of his right to see what’s on the horizon over there. He may move around to the other side of his wand fortress, or perhaps call in a friend to assist on his watch. Adjustments he makes with ease, but never abandoning his post.

Another thing I like about the Tarot Nines is that we’re nearing the end of a cycle. You may be tired of the fight, but by the time you get to the Nine of Wands, you’re almost done.

Does the Nine of Wands have any encouragement to offer you?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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03/16/12: Focused Will Holding Fast | 9 Wands


Sometimes, I manage to accomplish something nobody would ever expect. Not every day. But if it’s big, important to me and I commit, I can use an overriding focus sustained over long periods of time.  That’s how I lost 100 pounds, rehabbed our house for sale, and if you want to count it, learned to read Tarot!

Today’s Tarot is Strength, the Nine of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius) —funny, coming on the heels of the Seven and Eight of Wands yesterday! So we’re looking at a very active, creative phase.

Here, strength comes from flexibility, growing and transforming. The moon changes with it’s cycles, and Sagittarius is mutable. What pulls it to together is a single, focused will, shown here as the Unicorn’s horn, pure. This is the force that binds to the energy of the other eight wands.

Maybe you’re getting tired—Tarot Nines can be tiring! And maybe you’re not sure you can make it through. But take heart—you’re almost there. Perseverance to overcome, to conquer, to prevail comes from being willing to adapt as needed while holding tight to your focus.

That means no asking, “Are we almost there?” It doesn’t matter how close or far. (Hint: When you see the Nine of Wands, you are almost done. But that’s immaterial.) All that matters is that you keep on going.

Are you holding fast?

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11/15/11: Do Something Already | Four of Cups, Nine of Wands, Sun Reversed

“The smallest, most humble action trumps even the most grandiose plans.” –Dixie


Today’s Tarot forecast is the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer), Nine of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius), and the reversed Sun. Clearly, we’re talking about feelings here with two of the three cards association with the Moon astrologically. We had the Four of Cups quite recently to boot. Taken together, this threesome speaks to me about dreaming versus doing, avoiding versus attacking.

And you know, okay. Sometimes even when you do attack issues head on, climb that ladder of success, your life doesn’t completely come out sunny side up. I get that. All is not magically perfect. It’s still life, and we still have challenges to face. Granted. But in the stuff that matters most, the essence of happiness is still there, you know? If you’ve got the basic building blocks in place, you can revisit and refine. But you’ve got to sober up before you hop on that ladder to climb up, up, up.

Is there anything you’ve been avoiding?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/03/11: Nap Outside the Tunnel | Reversed Nine of Wands

nine-wandsEvery time I plan to take a nap, circumstances seem to conspire against my goals! Like today’s Tarot forecast, I’m still going but kind of tired.

We have the reversed Nine of Wands or Lord of Great strength, associated with Mars in Sagittarius. Think a grand (Sagittarius) fight (Mars)! Big effort expended here. I most often see this card as indication of battle-weariness, but with resolve.

It’s that place where you’ve dug your heels in, breathing in your second wind, and you’re ready to break through, complete what you’ve started. Inverted, I’d expect more weariness than you’d like as you’re nearing the end of the standoff. The main point here, though, is seeing everything through. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you can absolutely make it through.

After you pull over, you can take your nap. All the lessons you’ve soaked up will parade through your dreams and you’ll get yourself good and recharged with a bit of rest. Almost, okay?

Are you ready for a nap?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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