Courting Intuition via Creativity

Opening yourself to creative flow is an excellent path to ramping up your personal psychic mojo. But sometimes? People do it in ways that tend to shut down the channel instead of open it up.

I’ve been thinking about it as akin to courting.

If you wanted to woo a new partner, you wouldn’t begrudge time or energy. This is where you want to spend your resources! You wouldn’t criticize and pick apart your partner or offer a running commentary on your date’s shortcomings.

“I’ve got a few minutes to kill. But I don’t want to spend any more money, okay? You cost so much! And…geez. If I introduce you around, which I think I won’t, but if I do…I will just open with an apology so they know I realize you’re subpar.”

Not exactly promising for a budding romance. But that’s exactly how we “court creativity” all the time. Either we worry about it’s demands or it becomes a reason to focus on our shortcomings. Eeek!

We can do better.

To woo, you wine and dine–eat well and sometimes, indulge. It’s a full-blown, full-body sensual experience. There is not resentment over resources–you feel good about time or money you spend this way. You don’t force the flow and you don’t rush it. Rather, you gladly invite it in and love every leisurely minute of time together. Because it’s too wonderful not to savor!

You can use a similar approach to tapping into you powerful, divine creative force and you’ll find it an excellent tool for turning up and fine tuning intuition.

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This works because imagination is a primary channel for incoming information. It can be just like recalling a rich memory–awareness of vivid, sensory information within your own head. While people sometimes have more tangible, physical experiences (such as vividly smelling dead Grandma’s perfume), most often, interpreting psychic information is much more subtle and internally focused. It’s a light and practiced touch.

Folks sometimes break down this info into categories by how it’s perceived–clairvoyance vs. clairaudience vs. clairsentience, etc.–and can grow a bit of an ego or inferiority surrounding how tangible their own incoming signals are or are not. That’s all fine and well if it interests you, at least the classification part. The ego score we can safely dismiss.

But in practical terms, the reception itself counts a whole lot more than whether or not your aura-vision looks like it’s coming from outside your own head. Whatever form is good enough. Welcome ALL that you get, and bless it and then, utilize it. As you do this consistently, it becomes more and more strong and dependable over time.

What DOES matter a great deal, though, is openness to the incoming signal and facility with receiving and interpreting that signal. This grows from practice. And activities that stimulate your true creative flow–a highly connected state–are invaluable to developing your skills.

Creativity to Improve Psychic Mojo

  • Select joy-driven activities.
  • No self-criticism need apply. (Am I getting repetitive with that point yet? Because if not, let me try harder! )
  • “Let yourself go” into creative activity.

Start by selecting an activity that you really love. Your creative process is ideally classifiable as “play.” It’s best something to look forward to, a rich and deep wellspring of pleasure. The love you have for the doing is already setting the stage for improving your connection by lifting your vibration from the moment you begin planning. Just thinking about it will start the energy moving and the more intensely you’re enjoying the preparation, the more intensely the energy moves.

Since the point here is plugging in, there is no way to get it wrong. There may be more and less effective, but no “not good enough.” Seeing room for improvement can be another avenue of satisfaction for the artist, and that’s great. Just be sure that however you are framing the process itself feels GOOD, satisfying. That’s how you can tell it’s an effective tool for you.

With self-doubt set aside, you are free to tap into the flow. The more you can let go of self-consciousness, the smoother the stream flows. As you love what you’re doing, you begin channeling more and more life force. That’s the real buzz of creative pursuits, tapping into the bigger energy stream of Universal life force. That’s where the high of “being in the zone” comes from.

And as you probably well realize, this in-the-zone state, when practiced and therefore readily achievable, is highly conducive to receiving intuitive/psychic information. And it’s fun to boot. Win-win, man, Win-win.

Have you found creativity to aid your psychic connection? Tell me you story!

From Spiritual Spinach to Painless Practice

For a very, very long time, I felt like an utter failure when it comes to spiritual practices. You know. Those pesky, vibration-rasing things all the woo-woo guru types will suggest?

“This will change your life!” they say, with the gleam of magick in their eye. They are pretty adamant, and I don’t think they’re wrong.

Except, what if you suck at it?

Top of that list is meditation. Hell, I advise meditation, too. Awesome. We’re in agreement. It’s a wonderful, powerful tool. Same page here.

Except, except, except…I could never stay focused on “nothingness” (whatever that means). The more tangible just-focus-on-breathing-advice was a little easier to follow. But during the full 20 minutes or so earmarked for meditation? Uh, no.

And while guided meditations are easier because they give my very active mind something to latch on to, that felt kind of like cheating. If I weren’t a meditation failure, I wouldn’t need to listen to someone describing pretty forests to get my Zen groove on.

It never took long into one of my meditation resolutions before I found myself outright dreading practice time. Sometimes, I got it “right enough” that I’d feel okay about the exercise overall. It wasn’t joy-driven, though, and I knew I wanted it to be. I always tried to find ways to be more relaxed about it, but as often or not I just ended up feeling like an ADD elementary schooler, impatiently waiting for the recess bell.

Are we done yet? Can I mark this off my list and move on to something I want to do?

“But this is good for me,” I’d insist to myself. Maybe not a tasty treat, but valuable. This is what I did over and over until eventually, I realized I’d relegated practice to the realm of Spiritual Spinach!

“Meh” on the gotta-have-it index, but oh-so-good-for-you, so eat up anywho.

Bleh! That’s no fun and it’s certainly demotivating. So I’ve done my best to change this.

I am very loose about what I classify as “practice.” I prefer simple activities that are easy and flexible, so most of my choices fit into that category. But if you enjoy more involved practice or ritual, there’s nothing wrong with that, either! Things I consider spiritual practices might include crocheting while listening to certain videos, or binaural beats on the headphones while making dinner, or filling pages of my Joy Journal. I’m a firm believer that it’s not what you’re doing that counts nearly as much as HOW you’re doing it.

I’ve come up with some new guidelines for myself on the topic and I’ve got to say, they are really amping up my Spiritual Practice Mojo. So I thought I’d share them with you. ♥

Dixie’s Rules for Spiritual Practices

  • It MUST feel good.
  • Zero self-criticism.
  • Mindfulness matters, but it’s all okay.

If my practices don’t leave me feeling good–expansive, connected, grounded and happy? Something is amiss and it’s not serving me. I realized that for me at least, it’s GOT to feel good! Good feelings are my indication what I’m doing is working for me. If it fails this test, there’s no reason to continue.

Nothing is going to feel good when I’m criticizing myself. Being Zen requires a total commitment to being at peace with the now. Where I am is all right because it has to be all right. It’s where I am! No “shoulds” need apply. I am in the perfect place, right where I stand. This one takes some ongoing attention to stay there, but it’s a sweet spot when you find it.

Be where you are, focusing on what you’re doing. What makes an activity a true spiritual practice for me is much less about the activity than it is about the energy I’m bringing to said activity. The “chop wood, carry water” paradigm of Zen has this right. Do I always manage an impressive level of mindfulness? Oh God, no! Not even close (as mentioned in the video). But hey, no self-criticism, Dixie! The mindfulness factor varies from day to day, whatever mindfulness I manage benefits me, be it a little or a lot.

Really, it boils down to finding ways to connect to the broader world, inner reality–your spirit, the soul, light, the Universe, God, whomever or however you envision this to be, on an ongoing basis. It’s little bits of time you carve out and dedicate to connection, because connection is important to you. It’s a gift you give yourself. It’s an opportunity to get into the vibration of joy and love and appreciation, and practice that energy until it’s second nature.

That’s how I managed to move my own spiritual practices from taking my medicine to something I love. Here’s hoping the same for you!

Do you have spiritual practices? What helps you keep them fresh and effective?

Does it matter, what’s in the basement?

creepy-basement-light-1565777-1278x769“Dixie, do you think it matters, what I store in my basement?”

“Yes, I do. I really do think it matters quite a bit.”

If you look at the maxim, “As above, so below,” and “as below, so above,” and if you live in my world, you see everything as a network of energy. You think of everything in terms of what energy it adds or burns.

And you realize, the above part and the below part tend to work in rough sync.

That’s why you can have medical intervention that changes your life emotionally. And why you can do emotional interventions that changes your health physically. That’s why magic spells work. The symbolic representation in the physical manifests outward. It starts ripples in motion.

And this is quite true, in terms of stuff. It can retain vibrations from its past, connections to its former owners (particularly depending on how they currently feel about the stuff), imprints of the kind of emotion and activity that’s happened nearby.

Have you ever looked at something or picked it up, and got a really good, warm feeling? What about going to a place where you instantly felt comfortable? Being around an animal or person, where you felt good, and at home?

Or maybe you’ve had less pleasant experiences as sudden, inexplicable but maybe visceral reactions. These are related to the energetic qualities and imprints.

I find the environment an item is in, the emotions most consistently displayed in its vicinity, the purpose of the item, the relationship to its owner, etc. all play a role in what kind of energy physical stuff picks up. And the MEANING of the item, both generic and personal, play a part as well.

Stuff that’s not used for its intended purpose, stuff that’s packed away and just sits, tends to add staleness to a place’s energetic temperature. It’s like filling your energetic space with waste, withering plants, deadness, lack of fulfillment, you know? Stuff that’s not fulfilling a purpose becomes a burden. Carried out of obligation perhaps, or fear we’ll one day need it, or guilt we haven’t utilized some resource as effectively as we could.

It can pick up residue from our feelings surrounding it and make those feelings less transitory and more concrete.

And even if you don’t feel like that energy impacts you because you’ve effectively managed it, processed or neutralized it, it’s still THERE. Which means there’s quite probably some of your own energy budget that is required to keep those vibrations out of your everyday awareness.

Stuff also maintains energetic imprints from owners or how it was used. You can specifically clean items, smudge or use salt or holy water or sound cleansing or what-have-you to remove “energetic residue” but depending on what it’s picked up and how embedded, some stuff can’t easily be salvaged or may not be worth the trouble.

If you want new into your life, the best way to get it is release old from your life. This creates a vacuum.

But understanding this has a very helpful dynamic: you can use physical items to distance or lessen ties to individuals, situations, and other dramatic or difficult circumstances that you don’t want to invite into your world. Consciously make choices about what you store.

Especially in the basement. Because what is the basement? It’s the foundation of your home. It’s the building blocks you trust to keep you held up, safe from outside weather and threats. It’s what you and everything else in your home rests on, you know?

Now, I’m not saying freak the Hell out over every piece of clutter in your home. Nor am I claiming the effects of too much or the wrong types of stuff is going to be violent or immediate. It’s gradual, like dust bunnies and it builds up over time. Especially if you’re not one to smudge a lot.

I have found it TREMENDOUSLY helpful to slowly, gradually and mindfully migrate stuff out of my life. Start a donate box or something similar and as you come across things, pick it up, observe it. Notice how it feels, and remember, who or what an item is connected to for you.

“Is this energy I want to keep in my life? Does this still fit my life, and who I am in it at this point?”

In the kitchen, ask, “Does this help feed me?”

In the bedroom, ask, “Does this bring me peace?”

In the basement, ask, “Does this help support me?”

In the bathroom, ask, “Does this help revitalize and heal me?”

In the living room, ask, “Does this help entertain me and bring me joy?”

In the attic, ask, “Does this offer me protection and connection?” (Thanks Cat for the reminder!)

In the hallway, ask, “Does this aid in smooth, healthy transitions?”

I especially like to do this slowly, gradually when I’m cleaning for new or full moons. That way, the energy surrounding me is transitioning along with the energetic shifts of the moon cycles. I always go by my feelings and nudges and don’t stress about how fast or how slow it’s going. I just stay tuned in to how I feel about the process to gently, gradually trudge my way through.

Then? I smudge the heck out of the space! Clean it, smoke it. Bless it. Protect it, set your boundary. (You can do this however you like, really. Blessed salt–which you can bless yourself, it’s your damn house–holy water, protective oils, plant guardians, deity statues, animal friends, angels, guides, house spirits. Do what you find meaningful or ask for spirit help from whomever you work with. It’s about finding what resonates for and with you.)

I’ve found these principles just as powerful with electronic items – photo files and emails and texts and such – as with physical stuff. If you want to release someone else’s energy, release emails, texts, and physical items connected to that person and watch how swiftly shifts happen. You’ll be agog.

The other thing to remember: excessive clutter is not a great thing to live with. Ugly, unpleasant energy loves clutter. It hides in dark, messy, inhospitable places you don’t like to look through and collects. So efforts to tidy, clean, lighten and brighten any and all areas of your home will definitely lift your spirits and make your travels through life lighter.

What have you discovered regarding the connection of energy to stuff?

How do you love yourself?

Love starts at home.

Self-worth is not something you can get from other people.

Self-worth is a gift you give yourself–it sets the stage, the energetic tone, for how everyone else in your life treats you.

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Self-love protects you from ongoing toxic relationships. You have no need to wonder if you’ve somehow invited or deserve poor treatment.

You don’t need animosity, towards those who are unkind. Just detachment.

Detachment from negativity is easy if you don’t believe, deep down, negative assessments are correct.

But if the ugly rings true? It sticks.

Whatever resonates most strongly with our deepest held beliefs, we pay attention to and give it weight. We draw that energy like moths to flame, into our daily experience.

What do YOU pay attention to?

The people in our lives can feed us or bleed us. But we prime the pump by becoming willing receptacles of either experience, by way of our beliefs about ourselves.

Whatever you believe about yourself, you will find confirmation (and dismiss the incongruent). This is confirmation bias at it’s finest.

Don’t like the way people treat you?

Don’t bother trying to change them. It’s putting the heart of your happiness in the untrustworthy hands of another.

Instead, look to adjust what you believe about yourself. Once you change that, everything changes.

Have you found this to be true for you?

p.s. I’m checking out interest in doing a Tarot class, customized to the interests of the folks taking it. Since it’s my first go, I’m not charging much for it but am looking to make it a fun, worthwhile experience to anybody who’s participating. So give me a holler if you would like to look into it.

Playing that Hand: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Oct 12 – 18

For whatever cosmic purpose, I’ve been rubbing elbows with a whole lot of grief over the last few months. It started with someone in my circle who lost her son way too soon, and branched outward from there. We’ve more than tripped my 3-times rule, so it’s definitely on my radar.

I’ve noticed–it’s not how people handle the good stuff that speaks to their character nearly as much as how they handle pain.

That kind of pain can cause people to shut down, close off their energy and go underground. And I’m not criticizing. You do what you can do, dealing with pain. I don’t judge on tiny little bit.

But other times? I’ve seen people use that experience to say, “What is really important? Who do I want to be? How can I live better?”

It’s like they have harnessed the power of that intense pain energy and used it to open up the heart, you know? And that is both bittersweet and beautiful.

I know what I aspire to. Just hope that I–and most of you–have little need, anytime soon.

You play the cards you were dealt. And that’s what this week’s forecast is about.


Lots of Major Arcana on deck – Three in the daily draws and one for the overview. The week has import. A couple of Cups, one from the Swords, and a late appearance from the Pentacles makes up the week. We start with looking for our hope (0r adjusting the story as required), move on to managing our emotions, and finish out the week rethinking what really makes us happy and what our hearts say. The week ends with reassessing–what’s in our heads, and what works or does not, on a practical level.

Monday, Joy & Stability, Star Reversed: A little difficult accessing optimism for the future? I hear ya. It’s not gone altogether here, but hard to fully believe sometimes. Be right here, right now. Appreciate the fact you have what you need TODAY, right this very minute. That’s so much more than so many have! Ground and appreciate whatever you’ve got. That’s how you turn it up.

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Tuesday, Take the Lead, Ten of Cups reversed: You cannot make everybody happy, but you can act from a loving place, you know? One thing we tried to teach our kids was that each person is responsible for their own feelings–while you are responsible for your intentions at the same time. People sometimes try to offload their own end of the equation but you gotta own your own self and nothing else. Compromise may be necessary; approach negotiations in good faith. Look for win/win.

Wednesday, Success & Growth, Knight of Cups reversed: Keep your emotions in check and centered. This may include a time-out and frequent grounding to do, but it’s well worth the effort. Distinguishing between emotional flux and actual circumstances pays dividends.

Thursday, Sacral Chakra, Five of Swords reversed: Discord stresses you out? I’m as conflict avoidant as the next gal, so I get it! But there is a call to make your “no” stick, if it was important enough to declare in the first place. I guess the secret is being picking only the battles that really matter. Focus on stabilizing and enhancing your own emotional state and you can also work out some of the stress via creative means. Anything you can cook up to be symbolic or metaphorical of what you’d like to see and execute in real life, setting your intention to use the energy that way, is a great way to do this. For example, if you wanted to reach an agreement with someone, you could write both your names on a piece of paper, and put it in a book with the channeled intention infused into that paper that you are “on the same page.” Just use your imagination, okay?

Friday, Heart Chakra, High Priestess: Ah! I like this one. Listen to your heart, tune in especially to your emotional state for inside (psychic) information. One easy way to do this is to get quiet for a minute and notice the area in the middle of your chest–imagine mentally reaching out an invisible, energetic stream from that area to “take the feeling temperature” of the energy around you. What does it feel like?

Saturday, Solar Plexus, Moon rev: Anxiety, overblown worries. Center, breathe and operate from a rational base. Don’t make long-term decisions on the spur of the moment. Worries can be abated through sleep. So go ahead–leave your worries with your spirits and angels, and then take a nap!

Sunday, Dedicated Effort, Eight of Pentacles reversed: Consider ways your work routine may have gotten sidetracked. Projects can be employment-related or even personal development issues; we’re just talking long-range accomplishments. What habits would you like to build? What routines can you put in place to support your desired, long-term goals? Planning, list-making and strategizing are favored. You may not act today, but you can prepare.

Advice/Overview: Dreams Coming True, Justice: Ever write something and fall in love with a specific sentence or two? That’s why editors rock, man. Because that turn of phrase that just impresses the heck out of you may be exactly what needs to go to achieve your ultimate objective. This week is like that. Don’t let your ego run the show. It’s gotta stay about your objective. Expect to pay attention to staying balanced, reasonable and fair. Step back, take breathers if you need to. Look to isolate the emotional component of struggles and pretend you’re thinking about someone else if that’s helpful. Logic, reason, and pro-and-con kind of detachment will serve here. In other words, don’t become married to your approach or it may stand in your way. Because I want to see you achieving your dreams!

Affirmation: I will do my best to make the best of it. We’ve got what we got. Rather than bemoan what we don’t have, let’s do what we can to make the absolute most of what we do. Fair enough?

As I read this forecast, I know there is plenty I need to attend to here, myself. Okay. There usually is.

Do you feel satisfied with how you manage the hand you’re dealt?

If you dig these forecasts, get your own session! (I’ve got some new readings available. Frequent fliers, email me for the best value.) You may also like Dixie’s Book, Everyday Tarot. This week features theZombie Tarot in honor of Halloween.

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What’s Real: Love in the Present Moment

Excerpted from a reading (because I know more than the original recipient can use this tidbit):

Let go of your fears here. You know better than anybody, that sense of control over your loved ones’ well-being is an illusion. But what’s NOT an illusion is the love that happens in the present moment. That love, you can provide no matter what. That love is what makes life worth living. So focus on that. Focus on the love in the moment, and live that as fully as you possibly can.

Can you shift your focus to love, in the present moment?

Photo: Dave Meier