Would Mom approve?

photo credit  hobvias sudoneighm

photo credit hobvias sudoneighm

“What do you think?” was the question, asked maybe the dozenth time.  I lost track.

“Does it matter? Would it change anything?”

A lot of times when that question is asked, it doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t change anything. So why do we ask it?

On my radar: approval issues.  As in who wants approval, who needs it, and what we’re willing to do to secure it.

I saw this as general topic emerging via themes of those year-end Zodiac spreads last year, and figured the Aries/Libra axis eclipses may be coming into play, among other astrological events.

Maybe it’s all this Cancer energy: the grand collective has mommy issues!

“How is she REALLY doing? Did we offend him? Are you having trouble with your weight again? I don’t like the way she talks to her mother. This isn’t mine–it’s for my grandson.”

Every freakin’ which way it goes, I am seeing the world just swimming in who approves of whom and it’s knife-wielding cousin, who doesn’t approve of whom. Even me, the new aged, pink-haired hippie chick, is not immune. Even when it’s not important or informed or meaningful approval. It still IS.

The Universe sure has a way of driving home a point, doesn’t it?

Everybody wants to make Mom proud, you know? More or less. But sometimes, Mom is nuts. Sometimes, Mom just has different ideas than you. Sometimes, Mom means well but doesn’t have a clue.

And sometimes–like if I’m your mom–Mom is AWESOME but she tries to stay the Hell out of your business. I have to do what I think is right, best I can. And if I cannot manage somebody else’s differing opinion, I’m in trouble! Even if it’s my mother. And if I need somebody else’s opinion to appease me, to reassure me I’m doing right, I’m in trouble.

Reminds me of this week’s Tarot Flow forecast: the energy to avoid for Monday was the Empress. Ironic, considering that Cancer New Moon coming up.

Maybe that new moon is an opportunity, to think about how we mother. Who do you mother, and how? (And I don’t care about biological equipment; we all “mother” somehow.) Who do you look to mother you? Are they good at it?

I have more questions than answers today. But that’s okay. It means I’m thinking things through.

Also? I don’t need anybody’s approval but my own. And I approve of this message. Har!

Are you seeing collective “mommy issues”?

Get a handle on your own “mommy issues” or  whatever. Schedule a session with Dixie.

Legacy and New Stuff Around Here

200px-Runic_letter_othalan.svg I have a phone app that suggests a daily rune. Today is Othala. It means “homeland” or “ancestral lot.” It’s associated with the home itself along with heritage, inheritance, security and legacy.  Othala represents a richness, with the inheritance either material or not, creating identity. As the last rune of the Elder Futhrak, it suggests a culmination, a completeness.

How appropriate for a Scorpio moon, huh?

My family, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, raised me to value and preserve the integrity of staying true to beliefs regardless of outside pressure, including death if necessary. Being willing to die for your integrity is no small matter.

That was an incredibly powerful legacy to inherit–though I’ve no doubt spent much of it in a matter not approved by my benefactors.

You can leave your kids a fortune, but you don’t get to dictate how they spend it.

Of course, I inherited much more than that. As we move into the Full Moon in Scorpio, matters of value, legacy and heritage are highlighted.  What we’ve inherited but may forget or take for granted, what we’ve passed on ourselves, and what of all that energy it may be time to recycle. That’s what’s bouncing around in my mind.

What’s on your mind?

 In Other News

Don’t forget, I’m doing my forecasts in a weekly format now. I’ll probably bump it up tomorrow so you don’t lose track midweek, as that’s the downside I’ve found of doing them all at once. The feedback has been pretty good so far. Are you digging it? Would you like to see something different? Let me know.

I’m doing another  Woo-Woo Wonderful! show tomorrow with Josi on Magic Gardening. It’s been 6 months now! You don’t want to miss this one. It will be available via recording or on iTunes if you’re not available live. But have sunglasses ready because I just did my hair and it ROCKS. Har!

I’m thinking of starting a study group on Lenormand with private video meetings. It would be free to join, but I’d like to work with a fairly stable group and may seek permission to use clips from the discussions at some point in the future. It’s just a thought right now though, but if there’s enough interest, I think it could be a lot of fun. If this sounds intriguing to you, give me a holler.

I do have some other fun stuff in the works, but it’s all top secret at the moment. Make sure you’re on my mailing list if you don’t want to miss anything!

Be well.






Body Combat Zen

frosted rose

I have to laugh, as I look at my daily for tomorrow: Psychosomatic Illness. Funnier that it was posted early. The information needed extra air time!

See, I’ve been complaining for the last several days of being under the weather. Sinus issues, leaving me to talk a little funny and perpetually appearing to be on the verge of tears. I’m not, but my face feels like it. And my face looks like it, kind of swollen, when I can see it, between sneezing fits and rubbing itchy eyes.

I want to blame it on Reiki detox, since the second degree attunement I had on the Virgo Full moon. And maybe there’s something there. Or not, I don’t know. Even in my woo-woo world, not everything comes with a legible tag declaring it’s origin.

I don’t see physical issues in and of themselves  as”bad.” Inconvenient or uncomfortable sometimes. I’m very lucky, that’s all I have to deal with! But I’ve seen too many times when the body reacts to emotional shifts and energetic shifts physically, too many times to just judge physical anomalies as “bad.”

Sometimes, they are signs you must make a change. Sometimes, they are signs you have made a change. Either way, it’s common there is something significant happening.

Considering something as simple as a cold–all those unwelcome symptoms are doing very welcome jobs, ridding our bodies of invaders that can harm us. There are purposes served by all our experiences and I welcome the purpose even if the mode of delivery is less than charming.

Staying open to the experience, I hope to help it travel smoothly, efficiently. (Read: Quickly!) It’s like my own form of “body combat zen.” I fight by not fighting–accepting and accommodating and allowing the experience, until I no longer need it.

And having said this, my work is good still anyway–really, the connection is especially solid now. Strong enough I have to periodically remind myself to ground, grab a hunk of Hematite in each hand, and count my breathing while I sink an astral taproot to anchor. Just so I don’t float away…

But I did realize today, I’ve been handing out the same advice over and over in a short period. My 3-times rule is beyond triggered and I already realize that my people’s favorite tactic for getting a message through m thick head is to send me a swarm who need that very message.

“Carve out some time specifically for yourself, put it on your list and prioritize it.” Heard!

So from here on out, I will not be scheduling readings on Saturdays, OR on the days of New and Full Moons. If a lunar event falls on the weekend, I’ll likely take the day before off regardless of what day it is, instead of just Saturday. But in general, that’s what we’re looking at. I’ve carving out this time for personal pursuits, whether woo-woo related or not. So please be aware of that unavailability when we are working together or figuring expected response times.

And thanks for understanding.

How are y’all doing out there?

Lessons from the Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead Readings: Self on Trial

2014 Zodiac Tarot Look-Ahead

Thank you to all who’ve ordered the 2014 Zodiac Look-Ahead readings! I have sent out all of those ordered before today, so if you haven’t received yours, please check your spam folder or ping me for a resend.

This is the second year I’ve done these readings, and I am finding the process fascinating. One reason, I almost always work with a specific question. It’s very rare for me to do a general, predictive overview reading.

But the thing that most catches my eye is how themes seem to emerge in the cluster. I cannot say if it’s information I need to hear, if it’s the astrological weather now, or pointing to what we can expect overall in 2014. But I’m guessing a combination thereof.

If what I’m seeing is any indication, it’s feeling sort of like a showdown between honest (and fearless) self-representation versus living up to outside expectations and how this impacts self-esteem. It’s not about smacking down people who don’t agree with our lives. It’s more about not hiding any more and feeling good about who we are regardless.

Sometimes these dynamics were showing up in a family context, or a career context, or just in general. Considering myself as well as many of my Tarot peeps could already classify ourselves as “out-of-the-closet unique” makes the themes all the more noteworthy. But the clash between who you are versus who others want you to be (and how you feel about yourself in the process) could quite reasonably be expected for 2014.

I’m thinking this is probably due Mars in Libra.  The whole self/other axis just felt very fired up! So if this is an area in your own life where you feel a little shaky, forewarned is forearmed. Finding a balance that allows you to function in circles that are important to you without sacrificing your identity is key.

The other thing that was quite apparent was an overall balance between easy and hard in individual readings. I wasn’t seeing many getting free rides, nor was I seeing full plates of sour grapes. People had a mix. Very Spoiled Mayo, I suppose. So if you find yourself struggling with one area of your life, this is a good reminder to seek support and comfort from other arenas. It will help.

Are you seeing these kind of themes around you?

p.s. If you still want a Zodiac Look-Ahead Forecast, I’ll be offering them at least until the end of the year.

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

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Mercury-Saturn and the Big Mouth

Big Mouth

“Oh my God! I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut!” Mercury-Saturn

Mercury-Saturn contacts can be almost debilitating. There’s often a sense of being offensive, misunderstood, or otherwise unheard. It can feel as if speech or even thoughts are unwelcome and unwanted.

Saturn’s influence may leave a taste of inadequacy that is hard to wash away. Mercury wants to be heard–and now! Fast, impulsive Mercury wants to go, go go, and is not very happy bogged down in the gummy mire of “I don’t think so!” Saturn.

Those impacted by Mercury-Saturn aspects may find it helpful to remember some feelings are more likely a function of the astrology than accurate reflection or either truth or perception. But even knowing that doesn’t make the feeling very warm and fuzzy.

It can be helpful to make sure this energy has an positive expression, though, which helps take some of the punch out of the less pleasant expressions.

Mercury-Saturn people do well to work (Saturn) to speak (Mercury) with integrity (Saturn).  Fact-checking, along with a clear, orderly thinking process, presented with respect is going to net the best outcome. That doesn’t mean the ouch factor goes away! It just makes it easier to let go of the (real or perceived) misunderstandings.

In other words, the Mercury-Saturn person will be well served by being aware.

  • Clarity of thought and purpose for communications from the outset.
  • Balancing out the drive to be heard (now!) with the drive to remain silent (forever). Each has it’s place.
  • Working hard on communications to satisfy Saturn.
  • Continuing expressions despite discomfort to satisfy Mercury.
  • Strong personal boundaries so reactions don’t take on undue importance.
  • Remembering the people who have resonance with your message will be able to hear it.
  • A whole lot of faith!

The bottom line, though, is sometimes there will be regret over words. It’s inevitable. You may know why…or not. There’s not really much to be done for this that I’m aware of, but if you’ve done the best you know how throughout, at least it’s easier to let it go.

What you don’t want to do is let it shut you down because that’s the real tragedy–not sharing your light. You know?

What’s your experience with Mercury-Saturn? Do you have anything to add?

Multicolor Among the Grayscale

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” – Coco Chanel

Y’all have heard me talk about my 3-times rule before, right? And this one has been hitting me in the face, more than 3 times in the past two days.

Other. People’s. Opinions. Of me.

Really, Universe? ‘Cause you would I thought I had this one down.

One look at me should confirm, right? I live my own life and don’t take a freakin’ poll about whether or not what I like is “okay.” Duh. I’m an out-of-the-closet woo-woo pink-haired hippie freak. And proud of it.

But I do notice. Still, I notice. (Saturn-Uranus opposition, man.)

Just an example: Today I posted a link on my Low Carb page, to a Tarot interview I did..  Told them it was “in case you’re curious about the person behind this page.” Whenever I post a woo-woo link there, I always clearly label it “OFF-TOPIC” and warn the spiritually squeamish that if they don’t dig the woo-woo, they should pass it by. I post something off-topic on that site maybe 3 or 4 times a year. So it should be pretty easy to ignore.

There were some unhappy responses. Not surprising, considering there are over 20,000 people there. Some will be scared or bothered or freaked out or whatever by the woo-woo wonderful. Not a big deal, you cannot please everyone and I have no aspirations of such.

But as I am reading the comments, suddenly my heart starts pounding, accompanied by sensations of anger, fear and disgust washing over me like waves. It felt like being in the middle of an angry crowd, and somebody was about to start throwing rocks.

I realized quickly I was getting smacked with the feelings behind the responses (those who wrote and probably those who felt the same but not directly verbalizing). Oh my God! Sometimes, I get a contact buzz off of people’s emoting without really seeking it. It tends to be stronger if the emotion is actually about me. But this was just plain freaky.

I got away from my computer and grounded to catch my bearings. But it shook me a little; I wasn’t expecting it.

Sometimes I think my being different is helpful to other people, in and of itself. Like if I can be a big-mouthed, pink-haired old lady who readily acknowledges I believe in magic and talk to spirits and look to Tarot cards to solve problems, it makes it a little easier for somebody else who would like to be more…”unique”–but is afraid.

I cannot tell you how many times people have come up to me in public to comment on my hair. A few don’t like it–but most keep that to themselves. More light up. And some just sound wistful.

“I wish I had the guts to do that,” many say.

“It’s just hair. It grows out.” I tell them. It never seems to help, when I say that.

But you know, if your boss or your spouse or your neighbors or you mother hate weird hair colors, then it could be hard. Very hard. If you are not already sure you’re golden in terms of being “okay,” then it could be hard. If you’re feeling shaky or unsure or somehow broken, then the criticism and disapproval and negativity of even something so insignificant as your hair color is going to smack you in the face because it feels TRUE. Like all the other criticism you may hear.

I don’t know the moral of this story. Not really. Hater’s gonna hate? That you had better get your shielding in order if you’re going to really stand up and be different as Hell? Even if you know who you are and you know you’re okay, it doesn’t feel good to get blasted with the haters.

Only thing I know for sure: whoever or whatever you are, SOMEBODY is gonna hate it. I’d rather be hated for being myself than partially liked for being somebody I’m not. The only real insulation against any onslaught of such negativity is not giving it any weight. Detaching, you know?

Love thyself. That’s it.

I guess this whole post boils down to those words: LOVE THYSELF.

Can you relate?