The Value of a Self

On my radar I’ve noticed the question several times recently: how do you set your own value? What is your worth?

Are you only valuable when you sacrifice? If that’s your calculator, then you pretty much always must martyr self for the other. If that’s your measuring stick, then the old or sick or otherwise incapacitated become worthless. Do you think that’s true?

Is your personal value derived from whom and how you help? And if so…where do those people get THEIR value? Do they have to be more valuable than you intrinsically to justify your sacrifice?

Is it in what you create? Is it in who you love? Is it inside you, just because you have the spark of life within you?

I’m not saying there is one right or wrong answer. But think about it. If other humans have “worth” to you simply because they are human, then don’t you have to accord yourself the same worth? If your heart and soul reaches outward to ease suffering when you can because other people have worth–then don’t you, yourself, deserve the same from yourself?

Where does your sense of self-worth come from?

Eclispe: Thorny Rose Alert

Happy (?!) Eclipse!  I don’t know what to tell y’all about this thing that my astrologer friends haven’t said better and with far more authority. (Nadia and Aliza are a couple of the folks I read.)

What I can say is that it’s INTENSE out there–and spiky. I am feeling a definite wallop with this baby! And judging from the folks I talk to, it’s a widespread phenomena.

I was a little surprised today’s Everyday Tarot forecast was for a breather, time to grab a second wind. I write those sometimes quite a bit ahead and don’t usually check the dates against what’s going on in the sky. I hope that ends up being on target for y’all because I know there are plenty of people that could use it right about now.

I don’t like to kick up anxiety or give in to fear over astrology. That’s kind of the opposite of what I’m about, you know? The sky is the sky and we have no control over what energy is activated. All we can do is choose how we focus the energy we’ve got on tap. And powerful energy generally has powerful potential.

I will say these vibes seem incredibly potent. Like a high-power jet stream that’s been blocked up, in the process of blasting through the blockage. So be careful where you aim that thing. Don’t blast the blooms right off the rose bush, you know? But if you’re conscious of your aim, you may be able to power-wash some blockage out of your life.

Much love and good luck to y’all!

How are you all faring under this sky?

Aspirin & Spell


I take workshops at my local witch store. Something said in a healing class really struck me.

“Take the aspirin and do the spell.” -The Teacher [Quoting her Teacher]

Action is one way to make things happen. We must actually apply for positions, make the appointments, do the legwork to reach desired goals.  This is taking the aspirin.

A fairy princess probably won’t show up at our door with dreams, gift-wrapped and sprinkled in glittering gold dust. Especially if desires are extraordinary, lack of follow-through will leave wannabes as wannabes. Action is required!

But without belief, without faith (in ourselves or the divine or both), without some forces at work to orchestrate the occasional minor miracle on our behalf, dreams go flat and lifeless. There’s no momentum, no spirit without focused will and belief.

What do you working magic is comprised of, anyway?

The magic–be it executed in the form of prayers, spells, affirmations, visualizing success or what have you–is a method of directing will, shifting energy. But it’s not a promise. It’s a way to shift circumstances in your favor, tapping the flow of natural energies. If you want to go all Quantum physics, working magic is collapsing potentialities towards a desired outcome. It’s a sort of observation that changes reality. But it doesn’t replace reality. More like a reality-enhancer.

You could do but one or the other, to demonstrate the superior efficacy of your choice. But that strikes me as counterproductive. Why not stack the odds in your favor by taking the aspirin AND doing the spell?

Do you rely on both Aspirin and spell?

Spring Cleaning Yourself a Void

Y’all know how I talk about my 3-times rule, right? Something hits my radar three times in a short span, I pay attention. Right now, it’s Spring cleaning.

Kind of metaphorical, kind of literal. I don’t make a clear distinction, you know? Because that’s the magical world I live in.

Objects retain energetic vibrations. They carry echos of memory, past uses, the emotional environment. Energy sticks like a layer of reside. Think of this this way: when you get something new, shiny that you just love? You glow. You’re happy using it, and it glows.

After you’ve had it a while, and it’s not longer your “favorite,” or when you’ve replaced it with something that suits you better now, it doesn’t shine quite as bright. It’s not longer a match for where you are NOW. Not that it’s bad. Only not a match anymore. Maybe time to pass it on?

How do you think psychomotry works, man? Objects retain vibrations!

Or think of your favorite outfit, one you always feel lucky and confident wearing? Those emotions get imprinted in the material, like a layer of emotional residue. (In this case, nice residue! But it’s still cumulative.)

Words retain vibrations, even words set in the electronic mediums. So your old texts and emails? Yeah, they carry the energy they were sent or read with, still hanging around in your archives.

You want new flowers? Clear the old flowerbeds.

You want some new projects and adventures? Clear out your old ones. Finish them or let them go, but clear them out.

You want to let go of past relationships? Get rid of the words and physical objects that keep them fixed and present in  your life.

ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, get rid of it’s energy in all forms.

Anything new you want in your life, make a clean space for it.

Nature fills the void. But first, you must create the void, and allow it.

Have any voids to create?

What I Learned from the Zodiac Tarot Forecast Readings

zodiac-tarot-spreadFirst of all, I want to thank everybody who has ordered one of these readings. I’ve enjoyed doing them so much! And I’m very interested to see how the year plays out in comparison, so y’all are welcome to give me updates.

I even did one for myself and am saving it–I pretended I was somebody else, to see if I could get a better read that way. (Yes, I thanked myself for getting a reading from me. I am polite, damn it, even to myself!)

I have sometimes done Zodiac spreads when someone isn’t quite sure what to ask. It covers a lot of bases. But this is the first time I’ve done them in the context of forecasting. And the most interesting things emerged (to me, anywho)–first of all, I got a clear sense of where someone is in a larger cycle. I felt a sense of context, which surprised me some since I was specifically asking about the future. But what I liked even more was the way that the different positions spoke to each other, you know? For those areas of life that looked particularly challenging, I’d usually get the sense of an antidote in another area.

I was able to say things like, “Okay, it looks like your finances will be challenging this year, but you can expect to make good strides in career–you’re building something here, there is a point, so focus on that.” If 2013 looked to be a challenging year for family relationships, escape routes for tension would emerge through creative pursuits, etc. Even with difficult spreads (and there have been a few), being able to put it in the larger context, being able to offer suggestions for mitigating difficulties have made these readings feel especially helpful and therefore rewarding.

It’s served as a really good reminder for ME that everything happens in context, as it should, part of a bigger process. That right there is valuable knowledge, you know? For all of us.

If you haven’t gotten one and you’d like to, I’ll be doing them through the end of January. After that, no more until the holidays roll back around.

Weathering Raw Emotional Weather

Photo by Shandi-lee

I noticed yesterday, and it’s spilling over in the comments here and there. It’s very RAW emotionally out there right now. I’m seeing people dealing with things like death, relationship blowups, illness, pets passing, and physical attacks, just to rattle off some examples. Most seem glad to bid 2012 farewell and it feels like a lot of uncertainty is consolidating around 2013.

When I’m dealing with raw emotions, I find it helpful to cut myself some slack. Wrangle extra downtime, get plenty of sleep, eat good food and be kind to myself and my body. I limit exposure to upsetting or demanding people and in general, treat myself as if I’m recovering from an  illness and require extra TLC to maintain my health.

I also don’t make any major decisions in the heat of the moment and stay very, very conscious and careful about what comes out of my mouth. Some things are impossible to take back.

One of the most powerful acts for me when I’m feeling hit hard, is doing a gratitude list. YES, I know this sounds insanely simplistic, but it really does raise your vibration and offers near-immediate relief. The trick is that you have to work on it long enough and get yourself out of the stingy mental place long enough to really FEEL the gratefulness, the appreciation for what is going right in your life. You can always find something that is. If you can generate positive emotions by focusing your attention very specifically on the good, it does help. It lifts you up and makes you stronger.

I don’t have any magic make-it-not-hard words for you here. I just wanted to acknowledge this, and point out it appears to be part of the overall energetic weather and not personal to the individual. I wanted to remind you to be kind to yourself and be kind to those you come in contact with. There is a lot of pain out there and we need as much kindness and love as we can to help heal it.

What helps you get past raw moments?