Queen of Pentacles & Nine of Swords: Making Way

What looks like bad news isn’t always. How many times have you freaked out about something you didn’t want to happen only to realize in the end, it was a good thing? Maybe even the best possible way forward?

When you want to remodel, you have to clear the old mess out. It always gets worse before it gets better.

That’s what this coming week is looking like. Disruptive for sure. But perfect at the same time.

We just can’t quite see it yet.

Next Week In Tarot: May not be Easy

For the outlook we have Flowering (Queen of Pentacles). For advice, I drew Sorrow (Nine of Swords), with a clarifying draw of Thunderbolt (The Tower). I used the Osho Zen Tarot and because of the complexity of these cards, I always read them upright regardless of how they appear.

Putting this together, I am seeing a week of clarity unfolding. All is progressing as it should.

That doesn’t, however, mean it necessarily FEELS like that is what happening. The outlook is great, but the advice cards here are unsettling. So, it may bother us, what we see. We may find events of the coming week upsetting and scary.

But just allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel (and really, what choice have we got)? Understand, what seems scary and disruptive is a natural part of the process. Much change doesn’t progress smoothly, evenly, and gently. Sometimes, it’s the tearing down of the old walls that must happen before the new ones get built. Decay disruption clear the decks and allow for improvement. Without that, we’d be forever stuck.

I would add to the advice here: be slow to take action. Let the disruptions shake out. Be kind to yourself in the midst of emotional processing and allow all of that you need. But don’t let your concerns prompt you to “do something” to resolve at this point because anything you do under a stressed out, must-act-now influence is highly unlikely to be helpful.

Let the truth sort itself out. You’ll recognize what’s solid by what’s left standing.

Are you seeing cause for concern? And are you able to sit it out?

If you would like a private session to check in, give me a holler.

Knight of Wands: Who do you want to be?

I noticed myself not taking my own advice today. I hate that.

I hate noticing, I mean.

I’m sure, I ignore my own advice all the time. There are times you manage being the person you aspire to be, and times you don’t. This is the human condition and there’s not a damn thing wrong with it the way it is. We’re not meant to be static beings, never stretching our wings beyond where we’ve been before. We flex and grow, flex and grow.

The fun of life isn’t about being perfect. It’s not about arriving. It’s about the trip, every minute of every day. And the quality of your trip is in your own hands. What you see anywhere you look says less about the conditions themselves than it does about your focus. We attune most readily to perspectives that are already primed from practice.

What are you practicing? Do you notice?

I was doing a reading the other day–recording onto my phone. While I was talking, the phone vibrated and popped up a notice of incoming call.

Huh? The recording app isn’t supposed to let a call through.

I look down a little sternly, to see what disruptive caller had breached my technological interruption defense system mid-reading. And I laughed out loud.

What was I talking about, again? Because the caller ID said “Dixie Vogel” with my cell number. Somehow, I had managed to call myself. I literally “had my own number” with the advice I giving my Tarot friend at the time.

Damn it.

Every reading, on some level, is a reading for yourself. Every interaction in an interaction with some aspect of yourself as reflected by and in whatever is standing before you.

You are connecting with who you’re connecting to, you’re seeing whatever you’re seeing, as a result of where your own energy is at any given moment.

Sometimes the match is because you’re on the same wavelength. Sometimes the match is about one of you having a little piece of magic the other could use, with the Universe orchestrating meetup. But one way or another, there’s a match.  No match, no manifestation. If it’s before you, it’s matching something you’re vibing out. No way around it.

All roads lead home. You may notice that about the roads, if you’re looking.

And if you’re not looking? You may have to call yourself on the phone to get your own attention.

Well played, Universe.

This week, we’ve got “Intensity” (aka the Knight of Wands) from the Osho Zen Tarot and the No match, no manifestation from Botanical Inspirations–Majesty and Virtue.

Both of these cards speak to purity, focus and integrity. Together, they paint a clear picture of moving forward in a focused way, being sure to remain true to your most deeply held core throughout. You do what you do, and you stay YOU while you’re doing it.

It’s a good time to know your own mission. Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish here? How do I want to feel?” And focus single-mindedly on that. Your attention is best trained on where you want to go, what emotional space. Not where you’ve been or whether someone else is or who you’d like to see somewhere else. Just you and where you’re going.

Knight energy can be somewhat jarring and intense. He is on a mission! He moves quickly and in some cases, may have to make sudden changes in course to maintain his objectives. So if you maintain a close connection to your highest intentions, you can ride the wave comfortablely and quickly. Just make sure your focus is clean and pure. You’re moving fast. Make sure you are feeling good and tune in to the vibe you’re reaching for before you turn up the juice with any action.

Tune in to your highest self–the version of you that you aspire to be–and focus on the feeling you want to have. Use it as your touchstone, your mission statement. Clutch it close as a compass aimed at true North and take every step in expression of that journey. Not where you’ve been or where you’re going. Here and now. Now and now and now and now.

Ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?

And then? Focus on that! And ride. That’s all you gotta do.