Everyday Tarot, 06/06/11: Queen of Rainbow’s Miracle-Gro

daily-tarot-forecast-zen-queen-rainbowsI had an old car once that I hated. Hate-ed. I fussed and grumbled to myself every single time I got into that thing. I hadn’t picked it out, it steered funny, it was a piece of junk, blah blah blah. I didn’t keep anything personal in it, because I didn’t feel connected—I never bonded. Problem was, it was the best I had to drive at the time. And I was creating my own miseries.

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Everyday Tarot, 05/26/11: Queen of Swords Gets Critical

daily-tarot-forecast-queen-swords-osho-zenSeems no matter what you do, there’s somebody always waiting in the wings, more than happy to enlighten you with their blessed gift of insight that you’re wrong! Is it any wonder so many of us are tempted to just keep our mouths shut?

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Everyday Tarot, 05/25/11: Emotional Radar for New Solutions / 4 of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-4-water-osho-zenOne of the best compasses I’ve ever found for how I’m managing is emotion. It’s like reading the energy in the room—if I feel jarred and uncomfortable, reacting out of proportion to stimuli, I know something could stand shoring up. One the other hand, peace and contentment lets me know I’m staying in the flow, in sync with my desires as much as I can be.

While outside events (and the state of the sky) obviously impact stress levels, they don’t dictate how the stress is addressed. Tracking your emotional response can provide solid feedback in that regard.

cups04sToday’s Tarot Forecast is the Four of Cups, the “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the moon in Cancer. Some non-traditional decks illustrate this card with meditation; Osho Zen calls it “Turning in,” picturing a meditating woman,  connecting with the spirit realm. Or is she just turning out other voices to find her own truth? Watery patterns on her dress suggest a complete immersion in  the internal, ethereal realm.

Since Tarot Fours refer to static situations, this card sometimes appears alongside a feeling of stagnation. Are you not considering all the options, not fully tuned in, or missing an opportunity right under your nose—maybe because of emotional (cups) attachment? Even if it’s not everything you want, the familiar has a lot of comfort. Often, the path to change here (i.e. the Tarot Fives) requires you to consider something you haven’t up to this point.

emotional-waves-tarot-water-elementAs you’d expect for a Moon in Cancer card, emotions are the prime avenue of communication here—and protection. Where do you over or under-react? Where is the water not flowing freely in your life? Where do you feel stagnant or tired? This is the energy that needs attention. Uncomfortable feelings are an early warning system that can guide you where to focus light.

With the Four of Cups, needed insight IS available. You just may have to look outside your typical avenues before it hits your radar. You know when you’re getting warm by how it feels—relief, peace, or excitement, the internal “click,” or anything that amps up your positive expectations helps you know you’re plugged into the right energy stream for progress.

Does your emotional state provide you valuable feedback?

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