04/29/14: Pointed / Knight of Wands Reversed

Knight Swords Reversed Meaning

Are you fighting without reason? This version of the reversed Knight of Wands is striking me as irrational arguments, touchy nerves and unnecessarily harsh assessments. Watch what you say, because once spoken, words can be very difficult to retrieve.

Know if your fight is just, or “just you,” you know?

On the flip side, if words sting, don’t take them personally. They are not.

“Pointed” is the description I want to use, as in highly pointed speech. Thoughts may not be clear or rational, but that doesn’t always shut people up!

If something’s poking at you, detach if possible. And for goodness sakes, don’t stab at someone else without cause. Not a good idea, today or any other. But especially today.

You hearing (or making) pointed comments?

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04/28/14: Finding the Good Life / King of Pentacles

King Pentacles Meaning

Well, that New Moon Eclipse in Taurus would surely approve of the King of Pentacles in the avatar of Abundance. This guy knows the good life and is not afraid to live it!

My advice for the day? Eat well, sleep well, and appreciate the Hell out of all you have. Don’t you know there are people that don’t have what you do? Whatever “it” is , whatever is valuable to you, whatever means the most to you, someone doesn’t have it. Whether your something is enough food, a safe place to be, supportive family, good friends, a cute kid, a purring pet, health, a strong mind, what-ev-er! Just don’t be that someone else who is taking it for granted, man.

Appreciate the beauty in your life today, and let your heart swell with gratitude for it. That puts you in the right frame of mind for setting your intentions.

Know whatever intention you are setting at this time is being etched in stone—expect it to be solid, unmovable and long-lasting. So make sure it is born of a loving heart.

Can you find “the good life” in your now life?

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04/27/14: Critical Mass / Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Meaning

I have been known on occasion to shock people with what I can accomplish, including myself. I’m not bragging. It’s just a matter of me really making my mind up to do something, committing for the long haul. Once that happens, something clicks and things are irrevocably set in motion. I don’t get that way about every project I’m interested in because realistically, I couldn’t manage it. But for those things where that’s magic has been laid, it’s stunning to behold.

“Intensity” pretty much sums up the Knight of Wands, don’t you think? That is what if feels like to me. Critical mass building.

I see this as energy building up. We have a Solar Eclipse shortly and it’s in the sign of Taurus. Whatever you commit to doing under such weather has staying power, long-term force. It’s worthwhile and important to put a little thought into it, because I suspect you’ll be living with any promises made a long time.

Are you feeling the building of critical mass?

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Week Ahead, 4/28: Not that bad…

Eh. Kinda ouchy but still manageable…

Short version: It’s probably not as bad as you think–a fact which I underscored and illustrated by misreading Osho Zen’s version of “Strength” as the “Tower.” You’ll get the most mileage by cultivating some faith where it’s lacking, doing what you have to do but letting the rest go.

Upside: May be some blessings in disguise, wrapped up in this intense mess.

Aside: For Godssakes, stop comparing your worth to everybody else’s! This is cropping up all over the place on my radar, so I’m mentioning it now. You are unique and so is your value. Okay?

You feeling this?

04/26/14: Attentive Student / Hierophant


Sometimes, when I go back and read my old words, they amaze me. As in, how much have I forgotten that I’ve known? And do I still know it?

Osho Zen usually has it’s own way of talking, but this version of the Hierophant as “no-thingness” really speaks a different language. The last few days, seems like the themes have been emerging around the spaces between words and the form created of emptiness.

The Hierophant is, of course, an “establishment” type of teacher, representing both long-practiced spiritual traditions and conventional wisdom. And there is no doubt truth to be had there, insights and great value.

But today, I’m seeing the message more closely aligned with what the student hears than what the teacher is teaching.

Zen philosophy would suggest the the Tao you can put into words is no longer the Tao. As soon as you try to wedge universality into limited language, those boundaries unavoidably created by the words can never do the experience justice.

The nature of divinity is not something that can be adequately captured in an image or summed up with even the most eloquent language. It’s an elusive beast, slipping from your grasp the minute you try to put your finger on it. No picture can contain it. But our little snapshots, incomplete as they are, can still help us gradually develop a better understanding along the way. This is the work of lifetimes, not afternoons.

It’s not about what someone can teach you. It’s what you are ready to learn. Being wide open, listening without judging what you are about to hear, and then looking to fit what you divine into a framework of perception—or stretching that framework as appropriate to make room for the new material–is how we cross that divide.

The search today is not for a better teacher! It’s finding the teacher already present in your lives, the teachers than show up in the form of everyone and everything around you. The quest is becoming a more mature, attentive student.

Are you finding lessons all around?

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Weekly Tarot 4/21: Do Your $%*#!

What’s coming up for next week? As usual, I’ve got some advice!

Short version: The reward goes to the responsible. Sorry! But getting it done, well…gets it done! Feels good to check off the list.

You have a long to-do list?