Fogged Up Windows-Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Sept. 8 – 14

Tarot Forecast Sept 8 -14

Looking at this weekly flow as a whole, it smells very strongly of transition. Hard-to-hold-on-to, slippery and unclear transition. Sorry, I’m not expecting this to be a popular conclusion. But no matter how thick the fog, the sun always comes out sooner or later.

Not shocking, starting out with that Pisces (confusing!) full moon, but I am having a hard time seeing much where this is going other than the constant? Change! The number of inverted cards points to the potential for confusion and delays. Major Arcana cards for Thursday, Friday and Sunday indicate some gravity to what’s up this week. I do find it interesting that the cards from the The Deck of 1000 Spreads are almost all “Influence” cards. That suggests to me that lots of outside factors are in play through the week in terms of what you’re reacting to. However, your reactions always belong to you! Also, if you don’t expect immediate gratification, you’ll be a lot happier because I don’t think many are likely to get it.

Monday, Question – Five of Wands Reversed: Who’s on my side? Am I angry without knowing why? What am I really fighting for? These types of questions, especially acknowledging conflict that is not out in the open, can lead to useful insights today.

Tuesday, Disappointment – Six of Pentacles Reversed: I’m reading this as sadness over a lack of engagement from others, a lack of contribution. There’s almost a loneliness here, like we are NOT all in this together. Bah! For yourself, don’t give with expectations or strings attached because it will backfire. Make sure your offers are honest and upfront, from the heart without ulterior motive. A little detachment can also ease the sting of not being happy with what others put forth. You’re responsible for YOU. That’s more than enough.

Wednesday, Surprise – Three of Cups Reversed: Still a bit of isolation here, like the group is either not on board with plans or only partially supportive. This isn’t getting kicked out of the club entirely, but it’s not being the guest of honor, either. Be sure you allow people space to have their own perspectives and don’t assume you know what everybody else things. If you can avoid being oversensitive, you may learn something from listening to alternative perspectives now.

Thursday, What is Hidden – The World: The weight you carry and the responsibility with which you’ve toted it is not visible to the rest of the world. This isn’t good or bad so much as it just “is.” Efforts are appropriate and effective, but not outwardly obvious.

Friday, Crossing – Judgment: How others see you may be weighing heavily. Or maybe it’s how you see yourself. One of my life guidelines I try very hard to follow is to never behave in private in a way I would not be comfortable with becoming public.

Saturday, Attitudes and Thoughts – Nine of Wands Reversed: This is a very tired day! Feelings of being worn out, unsure of where you’re going and just wanting to “get it over with” are likely. This would be an excellent day for some recreation, down-time or distraction. Ruminating on issues is to be avoided. Let the week sink in without forcing yourself to come up with “conclusions” right now. A little laughter does a world of good today.

Sunday, Hopes and Fears – Death: I’m seeing this as the “it can’t go on the way it has been” declaration. Both hope and fear something serious is going to completely and utterly change. This is one way to end a “transitional” week for sure. Obviously, the Death is not literal here, but a belief or perception could easily just slip right out of your hands today.

Overview/Advice – Page of Cups Reversed: Don’t let yourself become too emotionally overwrought. Talk to friends, journal, meditate, take a nap (my favorite!), just do whatever it is that you “do” in order to manage emotional demands. I think there will be plenty this week and they need to be looked after.

Affirmation – Decide. One potential benefit of having outside input withdrawn is clarity. A times, we lose focus on what stuff is really ours and what comes from outside us. Sometimes people ask me, “What do my guides want me to do?” as if there was one right answer to how to live that is supported by Spirit and infinite numbers of wrong answers. Your free will matters, not just to you but also to your spiritual support team. They will support your growth in whatever way you find it, but the route, the means, the easy or hard part? Well, that’s up to you. If you don’t learn a lesson one way, you’ll learn it another. Once you’ve made a clear decision about what it is you want in your life, however, and put that clear decision out there to the Universe, you’ll often find the support you need to accomplish it serendipitously show up. So this week, don’t obsess over who approves of your life and who doesn’t. Who cares?! Instead, use this week to obtain greater clarity about what you really want it in your life. Times of transition are tough, but they also offer great opportunity. You’d be silly to pass that up.

This week has the feel of fogged up windows to me. Just because you cannot see what’s on the other side of the glass doesn’t mean it’s not there. Soon enough the sun will come out and the fog will lift. In the meantime, just keep driving—carefully, that is!

Do you feel like you’re looking through foggy windows?

Fogged Up Windows-Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Sept. 8 - 14 1Fogged Up Windows-Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Sept. 8 - 14 2Fogged Up Windows-Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Sept. 8 - 14 3

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Good in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16

I was talking to someone about a recent event, something that upset me a lot.

“It’s no doubt a good thing in the long run,” I said. “It was upsetting but I needed to be more proactive than I was.”

That sums up this week’s forecast pretty well. It’s all about the long run.

Tarot Forecast Week of Aug 11 2014

When 5 of 7 daily draws are reversed, I know it’s going to be a challenging week. And oddly enough, this week ushers a meeting of the Tarot Kings. The only King who didn’t show up at the summit is the King of Swords. Does that mean a level head is going to be in short supply? Eeek!

I do expect plenty of action, though, as the Wands are kind of jumping out here. And we have a special appearance by a card somehow shuffled into the wrong deck, so of course I’m going to interpret that for you. Would you expect anything less? Ha!

Monday, Clarification – The Star Reversed: The situation is less important than how you FEEL about the situation. This looks like disappointment coloring assessment. It’s not the direness of it all that hurts, it’s the loss of hope. But you know, even reversed, this is a positive card. I think at least some of pessimism is unwarranted if not all of it. Maybe the outcome’s not what you wanted, but more importantly, it is what you needed?

Tuesday, Romance – King of Pentacles Reversed: I’d much rather see this King upright for the topic romance but since he isn’t, it’s a day when you may not want to act overtly possessive with your sweetie or partner. Allow space and remain friendly and supportive, keeping it light. I’m just seeing a potential for overwhelm and impatience with neediness. If you are currently sans sweetie, consider this advice in terms of any close relationships. Let it be light and fluffy as much as possible, okay?

Wednesday, Mind – Page of Cups Reversed: Emotions impact how you hear the message. Thinking may be cloudy or wires are likely crossed. Don’t sign anything or make irrevocable declarations until the fog lifts.

Thursday, Heart of the Situation – Nine of Wands: You have to stick it out! That’s the bottom line. Rewards come to those who don’t pack up their toys and go home/dixiblog/domains/, even if it appears you have very little support. Don’t give up!

Friday, Career – King of Cups Reversed: Engage the brain-mouth filter in any career interactions to save upset.

Saturday, Conscious Desires – King of Wands Reversed: Inertia is the curse of the King of Wands reversed. In the position of Conscious desires, he says, “I don’t wanna!” Compromise. Work some and play some.

Sunday, Resolution – Ace of Wands: This is a more productive day to work through your to-do list. Or at least, you could finish one, very important item on that list. Take advantage.

Overview/Advice – Four of Pentacles: You may feel scared, but you are also stable. Move through the week slowly and deliberately. You’ll make it!

Affirmation: My future is glorious. If you cannot believe it when you say it, do the one-step up. Maybe try, “My future could be bright.” And work you way from there.

Bonus card (hidden in the Deck of 1000 Spreads) – Seven of Pentacles: Between this and the affirmation, I’m finding some encouragement. Sometimes the day-to-day struggles become the trees for which we miss the forest. You know? This week is all about what needs to be done long term, what’s best in the long run. Sometimes, what’s best in the long run isn’t too exciting in the short run.But that doesn’t change the fact you’ll be glad you did what you needed to do…in the long run.

Are you dealing with “the long run” lately?

Good in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16 4Good in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16 5Good in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16 6 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim HuggensGood in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16 7

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Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 – 25

July 21 -25 Weekly Flow Tarot

In the last few months, I’ve started consciously working with moon cycles. One of my very early intentions was to honor and respect my natural cycles. I tend to push myself harder and feel bad for needing to when I am having an ebb, and expect myself to be at constant flow. That is kind of what this forecast reminds me of: honoring one’s natural energy cycles.

The weekly here is showing a very definite ebb and flow to energy. Cycles, ups and downs. This is very helpful to know, as we can work our way around the situation by riding the flows and allowing the ebbs.

Monday, Body – The Emperor: Be in charge of your physical self today, not the other way around. Seeing a Mars-ruled card paired with body, I would expect exercise as a method to burn off any nervous energy is a super idea! Stay in control of what you eat, what you do, how you move. The idea is being master of your physical self and health. If that means naptime, so be it. Just make it a decision, not a default, that’s the whole point. Not how much or how little you push yourself physically. Just that you are making a decision what’s best for your body and then following it.

Tuesday, Relationship – Ace of Cups Rx: Uh oh. That’s an emotional disconnect today. I’m seeing this as being drained, maximum emotional bandwidth already spent. Don’t expect a heart-to-heart to go far today. I’d back off and opt for a little distraction as opposed to trying to hash anything out. Care for your own feelings if they are tender. Allow others to be raw if that’s what they are. Kindness goes a long way…

Wednesday, Mind – 9 of Pentacles: Clear, focused and spot-on today. Maybe the break yesterday helped! A good day to observe and learn from your observation.

Thursday, Health – 8 of Pentacles Rx: Are you neglecting your physical temple? Because this combo says something about the health routine just isn’t working. For me, that “something” that’s not working is most likely to be me. Uh oh!

Friday, Hopes and Fears – Page of Cups Rx: We want love just as we are, but fear we’re unlovable if we’re fully known. It becomes a catch-22. Intimacy requires honesty. I am reading this as worries about how others feel about you, and how much you are actually valued. I don’t know a great cure for that, other than being loving yourself and letting people know how much you value them. That usually helps warm things up.

Weekly Take-home/dixiblog/domains/ – 6 of Pentacles: I’m thinking of this in terms of investment. Invest in your health by taking care of your physical needs. Invest in your relationships by being kind and letting folks have the space they need. Invest in your mind by feeding it engaging stimuli. Invest in your heart by staying centered in that energy, living from your heart. What you feed, grows. The energy you put out this week is an investment.

I’m hearing that song in my head, Give a Little Bit…it would be an awesome theme song for this week.

Give that little bit!

Angel Message, Clairvoyance -  Archangel Raziel: "I am helping your spiritual sight to awaken fully so you can clearly see Heavenly love." What a lovely message! Squishy-soft-love-and-light as all get out, but a lovely message nonetheless.

In the context of this weekly forecast, keep your eyes open. Extra information may be available visually. If you are working on actual Clairvoyance (or would like to), ask your invisible friends to send you visual images. Then pay attention to anything that seems to “jump out” at you visually, anything that seems larger, brighter or slightly more prominent. It’s subtle and at first, you’re going to question whether or not you are imagining. Also pay attention to images that form in your mind’s eye, as incoming messages often arrive this way. But even if you’re not attuned to the psychic gig, do watch and learn this week. I’m betting there will be a lesson worth paying attention to!

How does this stack up with your week?

Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 - 25 8 Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras
Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 - 25 9Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 - 25 10 Reminder: Dixie is not available this week, but you can schedule a session for when she is back on the job!
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Multiple Choice Realities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 2 – 6

Weekly Flow June 2

I got a request to bring back the Deck of 1000 Spreads, so I thought I’d see how it fit with the weekly flow for the next couple of weeks. Like each day’s card, the affirmation card and an overview card I drew, I pulled the positional cards as a divinatory draw.

As I look over this spread, there’s no element that leaps out at me as dominating the mood, although we have a couple in the Cups suit. But looking at this as a whole, I see a week where HOW YOU THINK has a major impact on HOW YOU FEEL. Not that the idea doesn’t always apply to some extent, but especially now. There is a lot of choice implied here, with outcomes in the balance.

ASTRO REMINDER: Do your last minute pre-Mercury retro stuff now, early in the week! The week will probably start to wonk out before the weekend, so keep procrastination to a dull roar.

Monday, King of Swords reversed as Hopes and Fears: I’m seeing worries that if you set boundaries, you’ll get kicked to the curb. My question for you is, “Would a station curbside be preferable to remaining without the freedom to honestly set boundaries?” Don’t agree to what you’re not willing to provide here in order to appease. You won’t get much sympathy later. Make sure you’re absolutely as good as your word—which would suggest being judicious with your word. Because you can bet your ass somebody will quote you.

Tuesday, Page of Cups as Health: Pay attention to your mood, folks! It can make you sick OR or well today. Relaxation, music, and time around water is helpful in soothing a troubled heart. Drinking or chocolate, both approved if you don’t go nuts with it already.

Wednesday, Four of Pentacles Reversed as Advice: What have you been afraid to consider? Consider it. What’s your definition of stable? Is that accurate? Do something brave today if you get the opportunity presented. Let go of something outdated, something that doesn’t fit anymore. It can be a pair of shoes, a companion, a self-assessment, or a view of reality. Fear is like a ball and chain that won’t let you fly.

Thursday Wheel of Fortune Reversed as Future Life: Don’t count on just good luck to get you through. But don’t assume all bad luck, either. You win some, you lose some, you know? This reminds me of the idea, you don’t always get what you want, but you do get what you need. (Cue the Stones.)

Friday, Queen of Wands as Negative Influences: If you’re too caught up in your own opinions, you’ll not only not hear anyone else’s, but they won’t bother sharing them with you. This can give the mistaken impression your world feels exactly as you do. Dismissiveness isn’t a character strength.

Overview, Six of Pentacles: A little trust and a little faith goes a long way. You may once again be triggered a bit by childhood experience this week. That’s okay, so long as you recognize it for what it is. And why not consciously bring up some of the good stuff you got from way back when in the process? The totality of experience is never all good or all bad, but oft times we focus on one end or the other of the stick. No need to be blindly optimistic or insufferably inconsolable. You do the best you can with what you’ve got to work with, and you stay busy making things better and enjoying the Hell out of what you have to be grateful for.

Affirmation: I have the ability to direct my own thoughts. This kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

How’s your week looking?

Multiple Choice Realities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 2 - 6 11

Multiple Choice Realities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 2 - 6 12Multiple Choice Realities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 2 - 6 13Multiple Choice Realities: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 2 - 6 14

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03/01/14: Muddled Thinking / Page of Cups Rx

Page of Cups Rx

Page of Cups Rx paired with “Mind” suggests emotions have likely muddled thinking. The thinker may not be in the least bit aware of the fact.

“Good idea to factor this in,” Dixie says softly, with a knowing look. She’s aware you won’t “hear” loud now, and over-sensitivity can make loud painful. But she still says this, because you never can tell when the understanding may come in handy.

Are you seeing this?

03/01/14:  Muddled Thinking / Page of Cups Rx 15 03/01/14:  Muddled Thinking / Page of Cups Rx 16 03/01/14:  Muddled Thinking / Page of Cups Rx 17

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12/20/13: Teeter-Tottery! / Page of Cups Rx

Reversed Page of CupsThe reversed Page of Cups leaves me still feeling very teeter-tottery. (Yes, that’s an actual phrase. You know because I just used it on the internet, damn it. Don’t make me cry with your grammar Nazi-ing now.)

While yesterday may have been populated by poked-bear growls, today I’m thinking waterworks is likely as not. Followed by bouts of mania. Up and down, up and down!

If you didn’t already learn about tetter-tottering on the playground, I’ll clue you in now—best to let go and enjoy the ride as much as you can, all the while understanding you have no control over what the kid on the other side of the plank does, man.

It’s not about you.

I’m sticking with my tried and true advice here: tend your own garden and sneak a nap in there if you’ve got the opportunity. Kids get cranky without naps.

You seeing this?

12/20/13: Teeter-Tottery! / Page of Cups Rx 18 The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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