09/07/13: Crossed Signals / Page of Cups Reversed

Sometimes, the words say one thing, but your heart hears something different. If you are upright energetically, balanced and clear, what your heart hears trumps what the words say every time.

If you’re emotionally off-kilter, listen harder to the words.

I mean, sure. I’ll never tell you know to listen to your heart. Just…well, break it down. Look at your emotions, and ask yourself, “Is my emotional response in proportion to the stimulus?” Whenever the two are not comparable, the event is worthy  of attention. Examination won’t yield discovery about circumstances so much as discoveries about the self.

But those self-discovery moments? They stay with you forever. I’d take one tidbit of hard-earned self-discovery over novels worth of insight on the rest of humanity. The self-knowledge is far more valuable.

The reversed Page of Cups is suggesting potentially crossed emotional signals. Be aware of the possibility of hearing messages that are not really there. Also note the possibility of inadvertently SENDING messages you hadn’t intended. Some messages say a lot more about the messenger than anything else.

You seeing (or feeling) crossed signals?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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04/19/13: Emotional Tantrums / Page of Cups rev


The Page of Cups reversed suggest emotionality run amok—high emotional engagement, quick turnarounds, mostly unpredictable and irrational. Immature and overblown outbursts are a real possibility. That’s not to say the root emotions themselves aren’t real, only poorly regulated and blown way out of proportion. I’m thinking tantrums worthy of a 2-year-old who missed naptime.

Don’t be thrown by drama and for God’s sakes, try not to be the source! If you feel a wave building, execute a prompt retreat because it’s most likely very short-lived. Much better to spend a couple minutes in your own space and expend privately than have need to make apologies once you’ve sobered up.

Judge whatever information such drama yields with the 60/40 rule…60% truth, 40% dramatic license and you should have a good idea of how others are actually feeling. Or how you are actually feeling, if you’re the gushing spigot. It should help with perspective.

How are YOU doing?

  Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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03/04/13: Confused? Wait for it… / Princess of Cups rev


Who’s sick of the Pisces stellium? It’s murky, murky, murky out there with all this fishy energy.

If the squishy, nebulous vibe in the world at large makes you insane, take heart! Before the end of the month, it will be largely dissipated. (Ha, ha, that’s an astrology joke. Pisces dissipates! I’m probably the only one laughing but I don’t know it, so it’s all good.)

But for today, we’ve got the Page of Cups reversed.

To me, this is saying, “Huh?” It’s confusion. Details are not clear! Emotional reactions may be centered on fantasy more than reality, because right this minute, it appears impossible to tell the difference.

While that in an of itself may be annoying, it’s highly useful information to have. If you don’t like your world, chill! Withdraw, detach, meditate, distract, and most of all, WAIT. This is not static, moods are soon to be shifting but in an unpredictable manner.

Don’t sign the dotted line today. Don’t force any round pegs into square holes. In fact, don’t force anything, and don’t react out of emotional impetus. Because whatever it is that seems so compelling right now will likely be changing before tomorrow.Wait for the ground to firm up before stepping out.

So if you feel an emotional wave coming on today, either take a break or if you cannot, grab your surfboard and ride it out. It will pass, and probably fast. Okay?

Is your day feeling like this?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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02/12/13: Feely Faith / Princess of Cups

princess-cups (394x622)

Maybe those feelings are a bit…confusing. New, under-developed. Maybe you’re unsure or uncertain. This is the Princess, after all, aka the Page of Cups. She’s so full of water that she’s blue!

Or maybe she’s holding her breath, waiting for it all to pass.

That’s okay.

Feel it, whatever’s got you in it’s grip. Let the tide come in, knowing for a fact that every time it does roll in, it just as surely will roll back out. Let all those feelings wash over you, move through you, without holding on.

Even if it doesn’t FEEL right, right now. Believe that you don’t have to fight or figure it out in the moment. Know that it becomes clear, once the tide washes back out.

That, my friends, is the definition of faith. It’s worth the work of developing, if only for your peace of mind.

You have “Feely Faith”?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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01/04/13: Obsessed with the Fish | Page of Cups


Y’all know I love switching up my decks. The New Vision Tarot shows us the behind-the-scenes scene, literally. Today, it’s the Page of Cups backside we’re taking a gander at here…and we see what’s around him as he ganders whole-heartedly at that fish in a cup as it were the center of his universe.

Every time he finds a new fish, “This is ‘THE’ one,” he firmly declares.

And that’s the way it stays, until it’s not.

Because the Page of Cups is too immature to have himself a soul mate, although he thinks he does. Always! But what he’s really got is a crush.

Come to think of it, many of us have our own “fish”we treat like this page—an emotional obsession, object of our complete attention, focus of preoccupation. It may or may not be romantic. It may or may not be healthy or helpful. But what is that one thing (oh Lord, I hope you don’t have a barrelful), that ONE thing, that you never let go of, cannot divert from your attention from, the all-consuming worry or passion or drama or drive that you never blink away from?

Look at that. That’s your fish. Fish tend to change periodically, but a lot depends on the Page and the fish.

Questions to ask about your fish: is it really yours? Is it truly about your life, your business, your problem or your joy? Are you going to trip over something because you are too devoted to gazing upon your fish’s intricate scaliness? Are other parts of your life or your soul being fed or poisoned by this fishy relationship?

Do you have yourself a fish? Is it tasty?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/05/12: Emotionally Drunk | Page of Cups rev


I remember when it hit me, clear as day: my emotional stability is largely a choice. I was bawling in the bathroom, and caught a glance of myself in the mirror.

“What on Earth are you doing, Dixie?” That’s what my reflection said to me.

Damn mirrors.

Here, we have the inverted Page of Cups. He’s a little murky. Funny thing—so many times when I photograph the Tarot Cups, my photos turn out blurry. It’s the “drunk-factor” of the Cups, I’m telling you!

Take stock of your emotional reaction. Good chance, those feelings you’ve got so many of? Yeah, those. You have a say. It’s not outside forces. It’s the belief, the thoughts, the energetic vibration that you use in creating them.

Don’t like them? Work on creating something better.

You a little emotionally drunk?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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