08/15/12: Emotional Resolutions | Page of Cups

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“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” –Paul Cezanne

Ah, man. I’ve been a bit…emotional lately. Some flashbacks here and there, hard memories, squaring off with current, everyday life. What I want to create isn’t always what I have before me. Not that I’m complaining. (Well, okay. Maybe I am.) But these are the threads from which lessons are weaved. And we’ve got just the fellow to help.

Here is the lovely Page of Cups! Doesn’t it look like that fish is whispering to him the secrets of the sea? Fish swim in the depths of the water (i.e. intuitive and psychic information) and therefore have deep knowledge. And the Page can speak the fish’s language! He knows many secrets but he doesn’t necessarily understand them.

Associated with the element Earth (as a Page) in Water (suit of Cups), his specialty is manifestation of the emotional realm. He’s an artist, a dreamer and a lover. He’ll inspire and empathize, sometimes with feelings you didn’t even know you had He often shows up at the beginning of a new love relationship, and in that context can signal a strong, emotional bond is beginning to form. Pages are young energy.

But like of all the Tarot court, he’s not without challenges. Highly emotional and intuitive, he can also be over-sensitive or just plain moody. At times, he could use some of the Page of Pentacles’ practicality, or the Page of Swords’ discernment, or the Page of Wands’ toughness. No one suit has it all, after all.

As advice, the Page of Cups would have us listen closest to our hearts—our emotional responses serving as compass in making decisions. Meditation, praying, and seeking intuitive guidance would be potential expressions of his energy. Also writing it out, speaking to a loved one, or listening to music could be less etheric ways of tapping into his essence.

But also understand that FEELINGS are in major play. Rationality takes a back seat to emotions when this page is on deck, so factor that into the process. Waiting until the waves settle before committing may be in order. Since he is but a child, you can also expect the situation he speaks of to eventually mature. Consider whether the highest good would be best served by letting the Page of Cups grow up a bit.

So yeah, I know what I need to do for me. Pay attention to emotion and intuitive guidance always. But be ready to let the tide recede a bit at the same time and know, with some maturing, emotional clarity will come. Focusing primarily on emotions like love, hope and faith helps bring out the highest manifestation of the Page. I can do that.

Do you feel this Page’s presence?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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07/25/12: Who, me? Triggered? | rev Temperance, Page Cups

I was a little crazed, to be blunt. Tearful and irrational. to the point that whatever was coming out of my mouth only half made sense. I knew I was overly upset but couldn’t let it go; I was up all night alternating between sobbing and anger and painstakingly trying to document that I was a decent human being. Seriously, that’s was my goal. To prove that I was a decent person.

It took my husband plainly pointing it out to me, “This is NOT you” for it to begin to sink in, how far over the top I was.

I already knew it mattered to me a lot more than I would have expected but in the midst, I hadn’t questioned it until he said something. Why did I care enough to make myself sick over it? It’s one thing be disturbed when someone you respect thinks ill of you. It’s entirely another thing altogether to feel like you’re dying inside over it.

That’s when I realized exactly how much I’d been triggered. This stuff can sneak up on you.


Reversed Temperance paired with the Page of Cups suggests the process for emotional integration of “old news” is perhaps underway but not free flowing, and at least some aspects of fitting that life experience into your worldview is young and not well-developed.

Certain experiences don’t just melt away. They may take many years—and a whole lot of work!—to integrate. There may always be a sting, an emotional limp of sorts. Being aware helps. It’s easy enough to brush off pain sometimes, try to “walk it off,” blame on on something else or otherwise dismiss it as yesterday’s news, without properly healing the underlying injury. Who wouldn’t prefer anesthesia to the wide-awake surgery, you know?

The message today is be aware of your triggers. If you find yourself significantly out of balance or out of sorts, more than you would expect from the external circumstance, that’s your cue. “What am I really bothered by? What does this remind me of?” That clues you where the pain is really coming from, and hence, how you can best manage it. Hint: recreating the situation in another venue pretty much never works. Facing the origin of the pain usually does help, though.

You have some triggers, too?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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07/10/12: Leap of the Butterfly | Page and 8 of Cups

On my outside Zen/Sacred Garden coffee break, a tiny, black butterfly fluttered by.

“Are you here for me?” I asked, might have been aloud. Who knows? I was thinking, if he’s here for me, he should land on me. That’s so much more remarkable than just flying by.

I mean, I knew already he was here for me. He made himself…felt, you know? He flew around me slowly, deliberately. That’s how I recognize my animal messengers. They give confirmation in the form of a feeling.

But I still thought, it would be nice if he actually landed on me. Nice to have the external confirmation, too. And makes for a better story.

A few seconds later, he landed on my leg and sat there a good five minutes. Okay! Thank you, tiny little butterfly.


Here, we’ve got the Page of Cups (Earth in Water) and the Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) from Osho Zen. What a beautiful, evocative rendition of these cards.

A long time ago, I was given a small plaque. It has a butterfly etching and the words, “Sometimes, you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” I loved it because it personifies how I intend to live. I felt very seen, you know. That’s exactly what Tarot is saying to me today.

If you want to CHANGE, to GROW, you’ve got to have the faith! Transformation doesn’t come without a surrender. Let go, follow the call of your heart and let those little drops of day-to-day concern melt away into the grander whole. Give your worries and complaints up to the divine so you can be free of their weight. Transcendence—not holding on to the old, the outworn, not bearing attachment to a particular outcome or worldview—is what makes transformation possible. Without the trust, we cannot let go.

Make no mistake—it IS work! But worthy work. Letting go is what grants freedom. I feel more free, every day I trust, every day I believe, every day I let go of my attachments and accept, in joy and gratitude, whatever life gives me. I can do this only if I hold the core belief, I get exactly what I most need.

Are you feeling (or seeing) these principles at work in your life?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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04/17/12: Sheathe the Sword for a Minute! | rev Queen Swords, rev Page Cups

The reversed Queen of Swords (Water in Air) and the reversed Page of Cups (Earth in Water) say to watch over-pruning. Are you a little too zealous with the sword? It may be your job, to streamline and prioritize and in general, not put up with any crap to keep the world moving. I get it.

I’m just sayin’, don’t get carried away. Feelings, yours or another’s, may not be out in the open, may be going unacknowledged or misunderstood. Don’t assume you know what everyone else is thinking. Some days, it’s not entirely safe to assume you know what YOU’RE thinking! (Or is that just me?)

Maintain the rational approach, but keep the sword at your side until feelings have had a chance to surface. It helps from inadvertently doing in the quest to do good instead.

Are you usually quick or slow to pick up your sword?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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03/17/12: Share Your Perils | Prince Cups, 9 Swords

“Love is metaphysical gravity.” R. Buckminster Fuller


Today’s Tarot is the Page of Cups (Earth in Water) and the reversed Nine of Swords (Moon in Gemini).  Opening your heart lessens the feelings of being under siege. It doesn’t erase it completely, but sure makes it much easier to weather. It’s like you’ve now got a little protection, right there for the taking.

Connect, connect, connect! Be honest and truthful, speaking from the heart. Acknowledge your feelings to someone you care about. It’s much less lonely that way. This is something I’ve had to work on, over the years. My natural inclination under stress is to withdraw, and that doesn’t always serve me very well. So I work on it, you know? And yeah, I find it helpful. Shared perils are less overwhelming. And sometimes, you will find in the sharing, you get EXACTLY what you needed.

Do you tend to reach out when under siege?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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01/25/12: From the Heart | Page of Cups


“Go to you bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.” William Shakespeare

When I’m struggling, bothered or uncertain, I’ve found a pretty simple way to decide how to behave, including or how to deal with others who may not be acting in a way I like: I do only what I can feel good about doing, and pull back from what I cannot. Yes, that’s simplistic, but it really does work wonders. It discovered that approach through the world’s ugliest custody battle and I’ve used it for difficult situations ever since.

The Page of Cups (Earth in Air) only knows one way to live—from the heart. Pure and simple. When I remember that, I seldom go astray. Complications arise when you try to “manage” outside yourself, be it the environment, another person, outcomes, long-range direction, whatever. Wondering and worrying and trying to manipulate the details never has gotten me very far.

But the simple question, “What can I feel good about?” is huge! Not what I feel good about in terms of anybody else or an outcome I don’t directly control. I have full rights over my own involvement. This page reminds me as long as I keep my actions in line with a pure heart and good intent, I’ve done the very best I can do.

I think it works because it forces you to focus on what really matters, using that as the point of reference. What I feel good about contributing to IS very much my business, while any other ick is not. It doesn’t always guarantee I’ll be happy over an outcome for sure. But it does promise me I can sleep at night.

Do you live from the heart?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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