Everyday Tarot, 06/19/11: Guiding Your Horse / Page Pentacles

page-pentacles-new-visons-tarot-forecastDo the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Pentacles or “Prince of the Enduring Hills,” associated with Earth in Earth. Where Tarot Aces are seeds of potential, Tarot Pages are seeds of manifestation—and in Earth, that manifestation is in the physical plane.

Sometimes, I let myself stay on a horse, long past the time it’s become clear we’re not headed where I want to end up—and never will. That’s a mistake.

But you know, there’s that temptation there—to give yourself lots of reasons not to do what’s to be done. “It’s too hard to turn back now. I’ve ridden too far. Maybe a new road will be discovered. I don’t want to upset the horse. ” The longer you do it, the longer the ride back is.

Track. And each time you get wind of what direction to go, do it. Don’t hesitate, don’t delay or second-guess or talk yourself out of anything. Every delay costs you down the road, a longer, harder journey, with interest. Stick close to your path now. You’re making the life you’ve been wanting real! That’s powerful. And the higher your sights now, the quicker and bigger that life will become. Hope to it!

Is life manifesting before your very eyes, too?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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