05/28/12: Brain/Mouth Filter ON! | Knave of Swords reversed


“I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.” Robert E. Lee

It’s nice to be a dreamer sometimes—head in the clouds, playing “what if,” thinking, thinking, thinking about all sorts of wonderful things. Airy-fairy intellectualization has it’s place in the natural order of the Universe. Ideas ARE important.

But are you getting so caught up in the ideas that you miss the practical (Pentacles), emotional (Cups) or creative (Wands) implications of your ideas (Swords)?

The Knave/Page of Swords is Earth in Air. Air energy can become a little too detached at times, even when the ideas are clear and technically correct.

I often see this guy inverted as a reminder to watch the mouth! The words can carry more weight than you realize, perhaps having an impact that was not intended.

But even more, he can advise us to watch our thoughts! Thought energy is the first ingredient in manifesting reality. It’s lighter and finer than the energy created with words, which in turn is lighter and finer than the energy created with action. All of this is lighter and finer than what we see as physical reality, but it’s all part of the same whole.

If you find yourself with uncomfortable thoughts, look to readjust them. Use the Knave’s intellectual prowess to reframe and redefine. Maybe that sounds lame, but it’s a more powerful technique than most realize.

Filter out thoughts that don’t support the life you want to live, and make sure your words support your thoughts. Make sure your thoughts and words add to what you want, and not inadvertently tear it down.

That helps aright this young fellow so he grows up in the way you’d hope: effective, kind and sharp at a tack. Upright, he can cut through a lot of dredge to find his treasures.

Do you thoughts and words tend to support what you want in your life?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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09/25/11: Working the Mouth | Reversed Page of Swords


“Instead of focusing on that circumstances that you cannot change – focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can.” –Joy Page

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Swords inverted, also known as Princess of the Rushing Winds, associated with Earth in Air. I think of this page as the first step in the process of making ideas real.

What you say has substance; it helps create your reality. So if you don’t want to live it, don’t continually repeat it. That’s how fears manifest. Not that you need to stress over every little syllable that escapes your rosy lips. But be aware. Anything you say over and over leaks into your perceptions of reality. It alters how you think, judge, and process information. Even if it’s just living in your brain at the time, it still becomes part of your life, you know?

And if you’ve got some pressure building up, things you feel you need to say but haven’t, let that go, too. Whether it’s released verbally or otherwise, don’t let it back up. It’s the difference between having a bad taste in your mouth for a minute versus feeling sick over what you’re struggling to keep down.

On the flip side, DO talk about what makes you happy, feel and builds you up. Be selective about what you invite into your energy, and you’ll live a happier life.

How is your mouth working for you lately?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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09/07/11: Obsession | Rev. Eight of Swords, Devil, Rev. Page of Swords

Well, I tell ya…when I sat down to write today’s forecast, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of it. I pulled these cards a few days ago, but getting ready to write this up shortly after doing several readings, I’m realizing what I’ve got here could easily apply to that work, or other energy I’m seeing at large, for that matter. So I’m not sure if this is “reading residue” or just in the air, but I’ll give you what I’ve got and see what you make of it. Fair enough?


Today’s Tarot forecast is a 3-card spread.

  • The Eight of Swords reversed or Lord of Shortened Force, associated with Jupiter in Gemini
  • The Devil or Lord of the Gates of Matter, associated with Capricorn
  • The Page of Swords reversed or Prince of the Chariot of the Winds, associated with Air in Air

That feeling of being trapped, unable to move outside strict parameters without serious pain? That’s yours, not a product of unavoidable, outside circumstance. It’s a result of being fixated on details, minutia, not the true, immovable facts of the bigger picture. Remaining tied up, stuck, there’s almost a sense of a “delicious trap.” It’s giving you a fix, a sense of control but more, escape. You’re not bound to remain stuck by agreement, cosmic or otherwise. You won’t be cutting those around you by detaching. You’re not letting anybody else down if you choose to move on.

Realize it’s not your fixation that keeps everything “okay.” It’s not your willingness to suffer and stay bound that keeps the world safe from disaster. Sorry, but nobody is that indispensible! The obsession serves as a mental pain killer, dulling fear. It submerges, not heals. Face the fears head on and you’ll no longer have need to numb.

What have you been unwilling to acknowledge? Because the cost is steep for avoiding, and the comfort you feel in the familiarity of these limitations seems hollow. This clouds your thinking, but clarity is within your grasp. You’ve got to be willing to survey the entire landscape and consciously integrate the entire experience to move on. If that’s what you want to do, of course. Free will can be a bitch sometimes.

So, do you know what to make of this?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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