Lion to Lamb – Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Aug 25 – 31

Tarot Forecast

Seeing the week start out with so many of the Wands, I am thinking we begin with some heat, some motion and a lot of activity. Expecting a busy week, with recuperation needs to catch up with us at the end of the week. The flow here reminds me of the old phrase about March, in like a Lion, out like a Lamb? That’s this week. Roaring on Monday all the way through napping on Sunday.  So plan your activities to tackle high energy demands early in the week and you’ll be more free to flow into the end of the week with less stress.

Monday, Lesson – Queen of Wands: Why me? Sometimes when faced with challenges, we ask ourselves, “why me?” This queen would tell you, it’s because you need to know you are strong, because your will is being clarified, because you need to prioritize and crystallize your intentions. She says that life is the sandpaper that smooths the wood. The Queen of Wands teaches the lessons of strength, perseverance and single-mindedness to complete a quest. Emulate her today and you’ll graduate this lesson with a passing grade at least.

Tuesday, Situation – Page of Wands: Think active, laying the groundwork for what is to come. Pages are young, so things are just getting started. There may be big plans, exciting plans, or a message with possibilities. This is a day for setting the stage. If you have to-do tasks for long term goals, employment related chores, or the inspiration to begin a creative project, it’s an excellent time for starting to get things in order. Just understand there may be changes and morphing along the way. But for now, getting started is what counts.

Wednesday, What you can Change –King of Wands: Quite literally, you can change what you DO. You cannot control what anybody else does, or thinks or believes. But you can change what you do. So if you want a change in what’s going on, make a change in what you do. Keep following through with what you started earlier in the week.

Thursday, Coworkers – Strength: Get some extra patience, help and support from those you are working with, or offer some up if you’ve got some to spare. Here, “coworkers” can be anyone with whom you share common objectives. The idea being that getting through life’s difficulties is a whole lot easier if done in a group, and that group support is on offer right now. Gentle, easy-going and patience, it doesn’t have to be dramatic. But the results of group endeavors might be. Just not the endeavor itself.

Friday, Conscious Desires – Hanged Man Inverted: Tap, tap, tap, foot tapping! This is impatience. This is an urge to “meddle” and mess and an undercurrent of anxiety. There’s an itch to just “do something.” I’d say most likely, you’ll have trouble completing something concrete, it’s sort of a hard-to-grasp energy here. But you can make lists, contingency plans, organize and classify. That counts as “something” that can be done. So do it, and then take yourself a walk to burn off nervous energy. Ground, okay? Ground.

Saturday, Blocking or Covering – Two of Wands reversed: Are you feeling kind of insecure, wall-flowerish? That timid response can be a liability if nobody understands what you’re trying to say. Be clear. Stand up for yourself as needed without being argumentative. Being clearly yourself and clear about yourself doesn’t start a standoff. It helps avoid misunderstandings.

Sunday, Body – Ace of Cups: An emotional day, or day to emotionally recover. Time outside, time around the water, meditation and overall quiet does an awful lot of good. I’m also getting the feeling we really just need a chance to process the rest of the week! Don’t overbook today. Allow spaces between the activities because the most important parts of this day happen in the spaces.

Overview/Advice – 10 of Cups Reversed: You may not see consensus among those you care about this week. Family and the family of friends you call your own might not see everything eye-to-eye with you. That’s okay. You don’t have to agree with someone to love them anyway! Otherwise, we’d only have to look in the mirror for companionship. I’d be very aware throughout the week of putting the love first, the opinions and differences clearly second. You know what I mean? Peace is worth cultivating. You have to make your own decisions, and should. Just don’t let differences in perspective drive a wedge between you and loved ones. Opinions change, but people that give a damn about you are VALUABLE. If feelings are getting a bit raw, seek space to allow a little cool down time. That helps. And look forward to some nap time on Sunday if you can!

Affirmation: “Woo-Woo” is wonderful. Love this one! Be you, free and true. One of the toughest things for people to get over when they are really kicking in with tuning in to their own intuition, more into the “woo” as we say, is NOT outside criticism although there is that aplenty. It’s the self-criticism that shuts them down! Without it, they can begin to hear the inner voice and getting that kick-ass guidance system fully operating. Stop worrying about how or why or God help us, what next, what next?!? Just DO. This is a great week—okay, I think every week is a great week for really turning the connection on high.

We’re starting out on fire, so make the early week active as Hell, knock out as much as you can, allow others to be there for you as they show up, and sink back into the comfy chair to figure out what happened next weekend. But through it all, be YOU, be honest with yourself and take deep breaths to listen, listen, listen to what your gut tells you. Don’t you know, it never steers you wrong?

Does this fit your week’s schedule?! Sounds busy, sometimes kind of challenging, but damn productive. Go get ‘em!

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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In the Moment, Best We Can: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 5 – 6

Weekend Flow Tarot, July 5 - 6

I am not a huge fan of The Tower for an overview/advice card! However, you get what you get, you know? Look at these cards as a whole, I am inclined to say to stay fully present in the moment, best you can.

Saturday, Career – The Hermit: A day off will be good for your work mojo. If you do have something to accomplish, best to withdraw and do it alone. Possible follow-up could be a rewarding, relaxing self-indulgence. Naptime in your future? A good meal, an evening of relaxing, or the coveted luxurious bath are all good options. Also: Be super in touch with yourself, how you feel, what your personal triggers are all about, and the state of your own psyche. This knowledge can come in handy.

Sunday, Romance – Page of Wands: An outing with your sweetie should fill the bill nicely! But even if you don’t go anywhere, doing something together is a win. If you don’t have a sweetie right now? Well, get out and about, be active and DO something anyway. It’s good for your heart to move.

Overview/Advice – The Tower: Geez, really Tarot? Okay, okay. With the Tower as overview, it looks like an intense weekend even without harsh dailies. Something coming apart at the seams over the course of the weekend? Because if it is, it was destined to do so. Acceptance, flexibility, and picking up the pieces are what we’ve got to work with. You know how to do that, right?

Affirmation: I am a vibration begin in a vibrational environment. What we feel is not always about OUTSIDE events or other people’s behavior. In fact, by and large, it almost never is. How we feel, what we focus on, the referential framework though which we view our world, makes ALL the difference here. Maybe you cannot “fix” everything in your life this very minute. I can’t, so I hear you.

But can you improve how you feel about it? Can you raise your vibration, just a little? Can you bring a little more love, and little more joy, a little more appreciation, even it’s a tiny bit, into where you are at right this second?

Because I promise you, if you can do that, even just a little bit, you will feel better and your prospects will brighten immediately. So that’s your mission, should you choose to accept it! Improve the vibration surrounding YOU, just a little bit, just for now.

How’s your weekend looking?

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01/05/14: Uncensored Joy / Page of Wands

page of wandsHere I am, facing my least favorite Osho Zen card…again. I’d honestly tell you (and I have) that it’s the creepy, half-dressed clown lady giving me pause. And I’m sorry, but a big red nose is flattering on no one!

However, I cannot help but wonder if the bigger reason it’s my least favorite card because I’m so damn inclined to ignore it’s advice?

The Page of Wands in the Osho Zen deck is “Playfulness,” emphasizing boldly expressing your joy, “playing” in your passion. How often do tiy skip right out and roll around in the sheer joy of doing what you love?

Pages are associated with Earth, and Wands with Fire. So we have Earth (real world) in Fire (spirit) here. ACT OUT (Earth) your passion (Fire). Personally, it’s hard for me to overcome self-consciousness at times, which may sound odd for a Leo rising who makes videos for Gods sakes. But you never know what’s going on in somebody’s head, huh?

Find your joy today and absolutely revel in it! Make some time for what you love and in that space, allow no guilt or self-censoring or criticism to burst your bubble. Let your magic flow freely and see how much it invigorates you.

I would not be at all surprised if the exercise left you uplifted and making a commitment to do it a lot more often.

How does your playfulness express?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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11/29/13: Satisfaction / Page of Wands Rx

“When I’m drivin’ in my car
And that man comes on the radio
He’s tellin’ me more and more
About some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination
I can’t get no, oh no, no, no
Hey hey hey, that’s what I say .”
– The Rolling Stones, Satisfaction

That’s the song that comes to me, seeing the Page of Wands reversed. If you’re not feeling inspired, maybe you’re looking in the wrong places.

Ignore that man on the radio (or the internet). Look within, look at what you dig. Even if everybody else thinks it’s crazy. Because I’d like to see this page upright, man! Potential is there or he wouldn’t show up to begin with.

Are you feeling satisfied?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems[Trimmed and Glittered]

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07/31/13: Seriously? / Page of Wands


Man, I never have liked this version of the Page of Wands, aka “Playfulness” in the Osho Zen. Number one, clowns are CREEPY. Number two, this sheer clown-suit barely covers her naked self and I’m sorry, but clowns are way NOT sexy. (See #1.)  But somehow, this card comes up very frequently for me in this deck anyway. Maybe I should take that as a hint.

But enough kibitzing. Let’s stick with the point.

It’s the spark of fun, the everlasting NOT-so-serious, that gives our art and work and life magic force. Recreation is creative. Laughter is healing. Don’t underestimate the magical and transformative power of playfulness.

So always do your best to laugh—at yourself, at your problems, at your faults, and at your life. Remain humble and accept your trek for what it is: a grand adventure with sometimes epic silliness and mishap! See the humor. If you’re not happy at the moment, actively seek the absurdity, the silliness, the goofiness inherent in all situations to free up creative energy and move forward.

Can you find ways to use playfulness to serve you?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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06/03/13: Roadmap for Manifesting /Queen Cups, Page Wands, 9 Cups

I realized it’s been a long time since I pulled out the Transparent Tarot and it’s a fun and interesting deck to work with, so come atcha, a slew of daily forecasts from this non-traditional work. A particular strength of this deck is the layering visually suggests complex interrelationships and ideas with very simple image.

Take this one, for example…


To begin creating what your heart desires, acknowledge and feel it deep within. Let yourself EXERIENCE it fully. The action needed to bring it to fruition will reverberate within you to generate a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. This is how you live your dreams.

Do you have use for such a roadmap?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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