Is it okay to repeat Tarot questions?

Don’t keep asking. Let the answer come into focus.

We approach Tarot on issues that matter to us–sometimes, a lot. Maybe this is why some fear Tarot–there’s almost an air of inevitability once “the cards have spoken,” as if all has been magically preordained and there is nothing left save cowering at the eternal manifestation. And we get upset, because, well, even with Tarot talking, we’re just not necessarily hearing.

“What does it mean? Am I sure I’m understanding this message? What if it’s really not what I want? What if I’m getting it wrong? Can I change it? Does Tarot say the same thing today as yesterday? Why? Oh my God, oh my God. What now?!?”

We believe Tarot holds answers, which is why we ask the questions. But sometimes we don’t understand  the answers or don’t like them. So we may ask, again and again–all with the same intense, scattered emotional energy. Panic readings, I call them. And you know, they don’t help much.

Tarot works predictably. The readers’ emotional state IS part of the energy connection. Fear produces static and distortion, scrambling signal. If you keep pulling cards repeatedly on the same question–let’s be honest, most of us have–you’ll start getting nonsense. Or at least, this is how it works for me.

I consider repeating Tarot questions akin to asking a sage for wisdom on the same issue nine times in a row. The first five or six times, you’ll likely get patiently delivered versions of the same message. But eventually, the sage will say something ridiculous to snap you out of your daze. Good! And honestly, I think it disrespectful to overindulge in repetitive grilling. Aren’t you more inclined to share your wisdom with those who try to listen and understand it?

I favor not repeating a question unless conditions have changed or marked time has passed. When I’m not finding the answers I’m seeking, I make note, set the question itself aside, and visualize opening up my chakras with light. I ask for understanding to come to me at the right time, in the right way, and release the question. This creates an empty space for the answer to appear. When I’m willing to let it in this way, I’ve found it does come. Not always on my schedule, but it would be hard to argue, not on the right schedule.

What do you think about repeating Tarot questions? Do you have a rule?