Hit-and-Run Doomsday Psychic Readers

I recently wrote on negative predictions in readings, from the angle that folks sometimes zero in on less-than-glowing bits in an otherwise optimistic reading. One of the comments I got on that piece was heartbreaking–and I think deserves a followup.

First of all Julie, I’m SO sorry this happened! I’d argue with the “reputable” label, though I realize it’s based on how the reader is perceived as opposed to who they really are. But even then, I just cannot bring myself to repeat the word without a rebuttal. Ugh!

I obviously don’t know your specific situation, but wanted to take this opportunity to comment on  those readers who don’t fit the m.o. of a run-of-the-mill psychic fraud scam artist but still do a huge amount of damage, what I call “Doomsday Psychic Readers.” Such a reader’s reputation may not reflect the self-aggrandizing insensitivity with which they toss out horrific and disturbing predictions. So many traumatized by this sort of reading do not talk about it, so the fear-mongering style, what essentially amounts to emotional violence, can often remain under the radar.

Consumers may not be able to completely avoid these types, but it can help to be informed. I’m hoping these thoughts may help someone avoid some unnecessary pain…

Signs of a Quality Reader

  • A psychic, Tarot reader, astrologer or any other metaphysical professional IS NOT GOD! We are just as human as you, regardless of what tools we  use. That means we do not know everything and even if we do “get” something, we can still be wrong. Responsible readers are upfront about their own human fallibility.
  • A good reading will leave you feeling empowered! If the reader tosses out a lot of dire predictions–especially without offering support and coping skills for constructively addressing your situation–it’s a strong sign of someone who is selling fear, not truth. Whether the point is to hook you into more readings or simply flame up an over-sized ego at your expense, the outcome is much the same and not pretty.
  • Responsible readers can articulate an ethical code for their work. The specifics will vary, but this is an area that every professional reader should have given serious attention.
  • Responsible readers answer questions you actually ask. A given reader may or may not volunteer some stray information that comes through in the course of a session, but if you’re getting horrific revelations without asking about a given topic, that’s a huge red flag.
  • Attitude is instructive: responsible readers do not savor delivering dire news. Quality readers look to HELP and support their clients, not appear important. We may sometimes have to deliver tough readings, but a good reader won’t be matter-of-fact about your pain.
  • High-quality spiritual communication always comes from a place of love. While everybody has some form of intuition and a person does not have to be “spiritual” to access it, the best readers are going to be “plugged in” spiritually. Ideally, a reader will work on personal spiritual development before undertaking a career involved in guiding others spiritually. You want readers who are generally kind and loving. (In my observation, these folks tend to have the most advanced skills, as well as being the least likely to deliver irresponsible emotional smacks to clients.)

You cannot always avoid a Doomsday Psychic Reader, but you CAN honor your own path by making sure that anyone you choose to listen to is actually helping you! If a reading is simply upsetting and not constructive, if a reading drums up fear and dread but not a sense of direction for improving your life, you can bet the reader is NOT serving your higher good. You do not have to accept what such a person has to say.

Protect yourself by guarding your own mind and heart. Be a vigilant gatekeeper and only let love inside. That will protect you from far more than Doomsday Psychic Readers.

Have you had good luck with readers? Do you have anything to add to this list? 

Negative Predictions in Readings

This is a psychic readers’ rant: I can say 200 helpful, positive and optimistic things in a reading. But if I have ONE iffy, even remotely negative thing to say, guess which one reverberates loudest? Guess which one people unfailingly zero in on, over and over again?

I am SO not doing this gig to trump up y’all’s anxiety, man. But I also give you exactly what I get. That’s the deal I made with my invisible friends who help me.

“Give me what I’m supposed to share, give me what’s in the highest and best good for this person to know at this juncture.”

Usually they will give me what I ask or related, sometimes something else if it’s especially important. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you want to hear but other times, it’s not.

Now, it is completely and utterly more pleasant to be able to tell you what you want to hear. And most of the time, I know exactly what that is. (Side effect of being psychic.)  But I don’t hold out on y’all because I don’t want to deliver bad news!  I don’t pick and choose what I give you, or spin it down three notches to take the punch out of it. I don’t want to be in the position of making those calls myself, with my everyday Muggle version of wisdom and sunshine-and-roses biases.

Every life has ups and downs. Some lives have a lot more of one or the other. Regardless of what cycle you’re in, if you call upon me to be the messenger, I’ll do my best to deliver the message with integrity.

I’m not a sugar-coating reader. I’m an OPTIMISTIC reader sure, but there is a big difference. If I’m feeling heavy, difficult and hard-to-navigate vibes, that’s exactly what I convey (along with genuine sorrow over the fact).  The validation of hearing the truth is a lot more powerful than any phoney-baloney “It’s all grand starting tomorrow, ain’t it?” BS when it doesn’t ring true.

I do find profound  reason for optimism in life, and in the amazing human spirit! Y’all inspire me and educate me and lift me up with your strength, perseverance and ingenuity, even under difficult circumstance. But sometimes, you all can also drive me crazy. Har! That happens when people hear only one side of the story. It can be just the positive bits, but far more often, it’s what’s perceived as negative. Big picture, it may not actually be negative but either way, the outcome is the same.

Thing is, besides truth, I also look for the exit doors. I actively seek out ways to short-circuit strife, make painful periods easier, quicker  and more constructive for you. There is no reason to suffer without cause! Surgery can hurt but it should ultimately become healing, you know? Healing! That’s what I’m looking to help with.

So don’t come to me if  you “don’t want to hear anything bad.” Also, don’t come to me if you are only ready to hear the bad! Please take what I have to say with exactly the weight I give it, and more importantly compare it to what your intuition tells you. I am good at what I do for sure, but human as the next pink-haired psychic chick. 

Just don’t pile on a ton of fears on top, decide I’m “being nice” and turn it into doomsday. Fears are not the same as intuition. Fears block intuition. Fears create cages; intuition creates doors.

I am here to serve. Take advantage of what I’m trying to provide: tools for living better, truer, and more in tune with your own spirit. Compare what I offer to what your inner voice has been telling you, and you’ll have a powerful means of moving forward in your life.

Do you tend to get worked up over specific predictions in readings?

Why can’t you tell me what I want to know?

Sometimes, you have a burning question and I WANT to answer it, but cannot. Why?

Short answer: A combination of intent for the reading and the cooperation of the reader’s “people” (or yours) may keep certain information from coming through in a session. What we want to know isn’t always in perfect alignment with our current life lessons and trek.

Do you find this to be the case?

What if that Tarot Reading makes your client Mad?!?

Got an awesome question from one of my Tarot peeps, so I made a video on it. Sorry it took me a while to get this posted!

Short answer: Apologize, show compassion, try to address the underlying concerns in the reading, acknowledge the role of free will and your own fallibility. And detach!

How do you handle this issue?

A Psychic’s Limitations & Your Light

Don't be discouraged quote

” I don’t try much to tap into world events; that’s not something I particularly want to be shown, because what am I going to do about it, you know?”

This was a conversation I had about a week ago with one of my Tarot people. She reminded me there are situations when it could indeed matter–smack! her point hit home–but she seemed convinced in that case, I’d be given the info I needed whether I went looking for it or not.

I wondered if she was right…

I couldn’t help but think of this conversation yesterday afternoon, when I first realized what had happened–the world was mourning the tragedy in Connecticut.

I spent most of the day oblivious: working on that post about Zodiac readings, requesting feedback and setting up a Holiday Specials page. I was thinking about what I needed to change on the site, working up a newsletter, what other gifts or goodies I might offer to my people, and how to improve my business. Mundane matters. I hadn’t spent any time surfing the news or checking Facebook or otherwise interacting with the world.

I had no idea anything might even be amiss, beyond a few moments of idly wondering if or how that Tower I drew for yesterday’s Everyday Tarot column might manifest itself. I hoped it wasn’t connected to my crying jag of the night before. The Tower always makes me nervous.

Some psychic I am.

I’ve had a post half-written, rattling around in my head a while now about how the psychics and Tarot readers and mystics at large just don’t know EVERYTHING. Sometimes, what we’re given via divine grace is SO amazing, so clearly supernatural, that our people expect us to have every single answer. They expect perfection, garnished up at the ready on a silver platter. Failure to serve it up can only mean we’re somehow “holding out.” Lapses of omnipotence must mean we’re not really trying, you know?

No, no, no. I can’t do that. Illustrated in living color, I can’t do that.

This isn’t the post I was planning to write.

I don’t hold myself up as glow-in-the-dark-holy-special. I don’t talk about my great-great-great grandmother handing down the gift of seeing through the veil, near-death experiences altering my DNA or popping out of the womb to be some kind of aura-reading, ghost-befriending infant spiritual prodigy. Like many, I’d explained away most of my own mystical experiences as “coincidence” or “imagination” for most of my life. But they were still there.

That doesn’t make me better or worse than anybody else. I don’t want to stand high above those I serve, teetering upon a shaky pedestal. The ego may dig the attention for a minute–it calms self-doubts I carry in my heart–but the higher the pedestal, the harder the fall. And if you’re honest with yourself, the fall is inevitable.

Instead, I look to walk BESIDE those I work with. I’m a seeker, just like you. Yes, I have innate skills and yes, I’ve worked hard to develop them to the point I can justify charging for their application. But we all have some degree or another of the same gifts. We access those gifts through raising our vibration. I encourage everyone to connect to their own inner divinity. We each have our path, and our job here on earth is to find and follow it as best we can.

Times like this,  the truth becomes even more poignant. NO ONE has all the answers. Nobody has the market cornered on light. But each of us holds a light of our own. Expressing love is the most straightforward way to access the light.

Whatever light you’ve got, please do light your candle by it and step forward. Hug your family and call your friends and do your damnedest to shine that light everywhere you go. As small as it may be, as inadequate as it may seem in the face of great pain, every little bit of it counts. Everyone who speaks and acts in love IS a natural healer. We need you.

Much love.

Tarot Readers Judging Clients

Altarpiece of the Last Judgement, detail; 1443-46; Hotel Dieu at Beaune

“Please don’t judge me.”

The words were just typed into a chat box, but I felt a hesitation, the cringe of negative expectation, just as clearly as if she’d been sitting next to me, looking me in the eye.

“I won’t judge you. I promise.”

I typed the words back, because I wanted them to have that written-word-weight, but also looked up into the camera so she could see my sincerity. She needed to see my sincerity.

“He’s married,” she confessed.

“I don’t judge you,” I reiterated. I meant it, just as much as the first time I said it.

I was doing a video/chat Tarot reading, and set about answering her questions as best I could, leaving aside the morality concerns. She didn’t need my help with the morality issues, no doubt already having had many sleepless nights to struggle with that herself. She was looking for perspective and information on where circumstances currently sat, and I did my best to give exactly that to her.

This isn’t to say I’m a fan of extra-marital affairs. I certainly don’t want any in my personal life! It just means that I am not the keeper of anyone else’s path. I don’t know why a person is where they are. I don’t know where their own path is leading and what is “bad” to me may well be a part of their own journey. I don’t know about the marriage or about the affair or about the people involved or what brought them to where they are right now. Just because I’m a reader doesn’t mean I’m omnipotent. I don’t ever forget that fact.

But more importantly, I’m not here to determine right and wrong for anyone else. I don’t want the karma!

Yes, there are circumstances I don’t think I could put aside well enough to effectively consult. Murder or exploitation of children come to mind as a couple of examples. I could never be objective. There are also some acts for which I will not be a participant because I don’t feel right or good about doing so–every time I’ve ever tried to fudge even a little on what I feel good about, it’s cost me. So if you’re looking to “psychic spy” on your ex, I am not the Tarot Diva for you!

But just because you make different decisions than I would in general doesn’t give me the right to look down upon you. There is always a balance to be struck, between encouraging others to reach for what I perceive to be higher, more positive expressions of energy, versus being convinced I as just a humble Tarot chick have the right to make those calls for everyone else on the planet.

So yeah. If I don’t feel good about what I’m trying to do with our work together, I won’t do it. But you’re free to live your own life regardless, without me sending disapproving vibes or spouting moral imperatives and declarations of ultimate righteousness at you. To me, the point is living righteously, not preaching it. I believe living righteously is the most meaningful way of preaching it anyway.

What’s your take on readers judging clients?

(P.S. If you’d like to try a live video reading, we can Skype or use another video chat online for the same cost as a phone reading. You don’t need a camera. Just let me know when you get a consult.)