When Readings Go Awry…

“I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”¬† Oh my God! It’s the moment every reader dreads.

It’s also the moment every single reader will face, if you do this work long enough. I don’t care who you are. Nobody’s above it. No-bod-y. It can come any time, but I suspect it’s a touch more likely if your head begins outgrowing your hat, you know what I mean?

For me, a hot flash runs down my body and my stomach starts to gets tangled–somewhere around the third chakra, now that I think about it. It’s an awful, awful feeling.

It’s also incredibly humbling, oh-so-human, and without a doubt, part of the gig.

Who knows why? There will always be some people you simply cannot read, for whatever the reason. And even for those that you can connect to, there will be some circumstances where it simply doesn’t work. Maybe it’s the reader, maybe it’s the questioner, maybe it’s the chemistry, maybe it’s not the right time for a reading or maybe it’s something else entirely and who the Hell knows?

I don’t think many realize the absolute leap of faith it takes, to start flipping over cards and running your mouth. Because even when you KNOW it, it’s not YOU who knows it. Readers are not the source of information, they are a channel. For me, getting access to “the good stuff” comes via grace without exception.

When that grace doesn’t arrive, I recommend accepting it gracefully. Sometimes you can regroup and pull a reading out but other times, it just ain’t gonna happen and one had best accept that reality.

To put in in perspective, I believe we get WHAT we are supposed to get WHEN we supposed to get it. If someone needs insight, I am not so arrogant to assume I’m the only potential channel! And if I’m not able to provide insight, I assume there is a reason. I look for a lesson for myself if I can find one, but don’t freak if I don’t see it. Maybe I’ll be given understanding¬† or maybe I won’t, but it really doesn’t matter.

Because all those readings I do? They are not about me.

But even so, I really, really, really appreciate clients who are kind about it. Thank GOD it doesn’t happen often.

Do you have any readings gone awry stories?

Should a Tarot reader answer medical questions?

Asking psychics and Tarot readers medical questions?

When can a Tarot reader answer medical questions?

Like romance, career, or parenting issues, people have all kinds of questions for Tarot readers! If you read for others any length of time, it’s a sure bet you’ll also be asked some medical questions. This isn’t an area you want to screw up, so it’s especially important to have clear guidelines for how you address them. Here are mine…

Working Guidelines for Medical Questions in Tarot Readings

  • I make clear that I have no medical background or special expertise, and do not specialize in medical readings.
  • I do not give medical advice. Giving medical advice without credentials is illegal.
  • I do not diagnose or attempt to treat medical issues. I am not trained in healing work.
  • I never suggest someone go against medical professionals’ advice.
  • I don’t advocate alternative therapies in place of traditional care, but in conjunction with traditional approaches as selected by the individual.
  • While I don’t believe the Source is ever wrong, I know I can be! I cannot make medical decisions for anyone else; health is a personal responsibility.

If we’re good on all points, I will ask the cards about health issues, and share what I get. Under the right circumstances, we’ve found suggestions and assistance to provide comfort, enhanced well-being, and needed insight while managing health issues.

These are the same kind of questions to look at for any sort of professional advice–psychiatric, financial, substance abuse, etc. For me, it seems most important to clearly define my expertise and maintain solid boundaries around what sort of support I’m most suited to provide. It’s worked well thus far.

What do you think about Tarot readers and medical questions?

Asking about Third Parties in Tarot Readings

Asking about Absent Third Party in Tarot Readings

Asking about people who aren’t there?

People come to readings looking for guidance and answers–often, involving situations about people important to them, like spouses, significant others, friends or children. One question that comes up frequently is: What’s okay to ask about other people in readings?

There are definitely ethical considerations. As one of my clients puts it, it’s like “peeking into someone else’s windows.” I can’t think of a better analogy. And yet, questions about your loved ones, coworkers or family and your relationships with them is a very legitimate reason to seek guidance! So, how do you know?

Intent and consent are both central to the reading process. Tarot should be a tool of self-empowerment, not for spying or meddling in others’ affairs. If you don’t focus on yourself, you’re missing a golden opportunity for change right there.

My personal rule is that it’s okay to ask about other people only in the context of the questioner’s relationship to the people and situations. If a wife is trying to determine if her husband is cheating, that’s pretty relevant to the wife, don’t you think? But if she’s wondering if her ex-husband’s cheating on his new girlfriend because, well, she just knows the S.O.B. is like that…eh, that’s gossip. Gossip isn’t very spiritual, y’know.

It can get a little sticky sorting it out at times but it’s important enough to be worth the trouble. I know the information I get is all by grace, and believe if I were to abuse and misuse that source, it would close to me. That’s pretty good motivation to stay away from the dark side.

But beyond conviction I’d lose my ability to tune in the same way, I want to feel good about the work I do. Keeping boundaries intact helps me do that.

What do you think about questions involving other people in readings?

Email vs. Phone vs. In-Person Readings?

The cards will say what the cards want to say.

People often ask what kind of reading is better or most accurate–I find no difference between communication mediums personally. Different clients have different preferred avenues of communication, sure.

And the “feel” of the communication is different, say between phone or email readings. And a little different still than in-person work. The back and forth interaction has a somewhat different character when it’s real-time versus when it’s in written format, although it’s still present regardless of how the messages are delivered.

But in terms of what I get, no, I see no difference. One works as well as the other. Same person, wearing different clothes.

Have you noticed differences between types of readings?

Messages for Me in Other People’s Cards

Spiritual Messages can come from anywhere...

The message matters more than the source.

Sometimes, it’s just remarkable how much information there is for me, in someone else’s cards. Now, I’ve seen it suggested such phenomena is due to projection, poor boundaries, lack of focus or some type of failing on the part of the reader. But I don’t buy that for a minute!

  • People are drawn to others with similar or complimentary energetic vibrations.
  • Spiritual messages can come from any source.
  • Readings for others allow us to step back from ourselves, offering clarity otherwise unavailable.
  • We DO heal ourselves via healing energy directed at others. Love, light and goodwill heightens your own vibration as well as a target’s.

Besides–look at what you’re doing when you sit down to read for someone. I get quiet, get grounded, and clear my head. I pray for guidance and insight “in the highest good of all concerned.” While I’m thinking of the questioner in the asking, if I’m doing the reading, I am a concerned party!

In short, this happens to me frequently and I do not consider it a failing. I consider it a two-for-one special on spiritual wisdom. So thank you, Source! I appreciate your generosity.

What do you think about readers finding messages for themselves in readings?

How much do you tell the Tarot reader?

How much should you tell your psychic?CancerMom had an interesting comment about how much info you do (or don’t) give readers, having gotten some grief for being talkative. Some folks think if you talk too much, your reader will start milking you for details and telling you just what you want to hear. I’ve no doubt there are some that do exactly that. But I’ve also no doubt some of my Tarot people could testify, I’m not one of them!

It’s a matter of personal preference for readers, how much info they want to work with. Some folks want nothing–that way, they don’t have to filter out their own impressions from otherworldly flow. Some want birthdays or pictures or names to work with. Some want just a question, while others want to know whatever background on the issue you’re comfortable giving. Everybody works differently.

Personally, I don’t care. If someone wants to talk, they can talk! If they want to be quiet, they can be quiet. I can work either way. One works as well as the other for me. If there is something specific someone wants to know, it’s good to mention it so I’ll be sure not to miss asking. I try to always honor the question that brings you to me. But in general, we will get what we need to get, one way or the other. Tarot is just like that. Tarot’s got a very big mouth.

As a reader, how much information do you want? As a questioner, how much do you share?