08/09/12: Secrets of the reversed Moon

reversed-moon-tarot-3It’s the reversed Moon! She’s kind of mysterious and rather emotional, so you know. Sometimes it takes a minute to sort out what she’s got for us. Some of what she may have to say…

  • You’re not crazy. But it maybe it feels a little that way.
  • Take care of your emotional state.
  • Paranoia? You can safely release it.
  • The night is coming to an end. Clarity comes with the morning Sun.
  • Sleep on it. Seriously. Sleep on it before becoming emotionally engaged with a story.
  • Realign to the cycles of the moon. Start anew with the New Moon and wrap matters up with the Full moon.
  • Are you being honest with yourself?
  • It’s not the secret you may have thought it was.

Are you getting any messages from the reversed Moon chick?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Client: “Huge Revelation”

C.M. says:

“You are the DREAM NINJA!! The dreams you’ve done for me have been RIGHT ON!

Oh my God, this was a HUGE bit of enlightenment to the situation I’ve been trying to understand. When I sat back and deciphered the information, it was very clear what this meant. HUGE REVELATION!”

Thank you, C.M.

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Dream Interpretation with Tarot?

Both Tarot and Dreams reveal symbolic, inner landscapes

Working with the cards and working with dreams share great similarity–understanding metaphor and allegory, noting and interpreting the little details that jump out unbidden, and a solid connection to the ethereal are your greatest allies. Both dreamwork and Tarot are powerful avenues to insight and hidden truth.

Comfort with wordplay, thinking outside the box, and an solid eye for symbolism make your work much easier, with either Tarot or  dreams. Work in one realm enhances the other. So bear that in mind when you’re looking to grow your skills in either arena.

That being the case, I’m exceptionally comfortable working in the language of dreams. As I’m sometimes asked for dream interpretation in the course of Tarot consultation (and have had great feedback), I’m officially adding dream interpretation to the services offered.

Recurring or psychic dreams–often especially vivid and striking–are great candidates for dream interpretation.

Expect a 3-5 card spread (or a few more as required to get to the meaning), a full explanation of everything I get for psychically for you,  and of course my famous “take-home message” card to put it all in perspective. Dream Readings are currently priced $25.

I’m looking forward to helping you decode the mysteries of your unconscious! Request a Dream Reading.

Do you do dreamwork?

Psychic Dreams?

Psychic DreamsI have had a few of what I’d call “psychic dreams,” information from outside my conscious awareness and seems to have a higher origin. For me, I can tell the difference between an ordinary dream and one to pay special attention to by how vivid they are, and how I feel upon waking up.

Sometimes, it’s a knowing, whereas other times, it’s a physical sensation that clues me in. For example, I often get goosebumps when I hit an idea that’s very important. That’s my signal to pay special attention.

Do you have psychic dreams? How do you tell them apart from more mundane dreaming?