Intuition Tip: Staying in the Flow

Wonder how to know if you’re “in the flow,” working with the energetic trends (either at large or within yourself) instead of trying to swim against the tide? It’s not too hard to tell!

How do you know if you’re “in the flow?”

Fluffy Bunny Psychicism (Right Does NOT = Light)

If psychic abilities come from God/the Universe/Source/Insert-Deity-of-Choice-Here, then it’s good and only good, right? If you play ugly, you’ll lose the gift?

A LOT of people feel that way.

I get the reasoning. The implied argument is that if someone CAN do this “psychic gig,” they must be good and upright and just. Gotta be from Spirit and Spirit is always loving, right?

That right there is how people get conned out of thousands of dollars, man! People also say that a beautiful voice is “a gift from God.” But we don’t automatically trust somebody because they can sing pretty, now do we?

Why do people assume all Spirits are of the light, kind and benevolent variety? And that we, in our uber-fairy-magical-rainbow-wonderous-energetic-specialness, can ONLY connect to love and light and goodness?

“Why, evil only exists to those who believe,” they’ll tell you–“and if you don’t believe, it cannot hurt you.”

To that, I respectfully say, “Bullshit.” That belief serves about as well on the astral plane as it does on the physical plane, man.


We readily accept the idea that there are all manners and varieties of PEOPLE on this planet, but not the same of Spirits. We attribute the idea of specialness to those who have “the gift,” sometimes forgetting that WE, too, have the same birthright to the psychic senses as anybody else. We are ALL psychic. Some of us are just better at it naturally–or often, just work harder at developing it–than others, no different from any other gifts humanity shares.

I DO believe if I were to misuse my abilities, I’d run the risk of losing the knack of tuning in the same way I do now. But that’s not because I think the only source of spiritual help is soft, baby-faced cherubs who bask in the light of my inherent goodwill. It’s because I am trying to DO something meaningful and hence, can attract a higher vibration of spiritual contact than, say, four drunks with an oijii board on Halloween.

If I went seriously south by my own choice, it’s my belief “the flow” as I can access it  currently would dry up in a New York minute. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t find any Spirits to help. Thing is, we attract what we ARE. If we’re con artists, we’ll attract spirit helpers that are con artists, too. If we’re liars, we’ll attract lying spirits. If we’re well-intentioned healers, we’ll attract spirits that are well-intentioned healers. I know what I want to be, and what I want to attract.

I’ve MET con artists who can do readings. Being a good reader doesn’t make someone a good person. Free will and all, y’know?

Don’t equate accuracy with goodness. Always, always, always listen for the ring of truth in your own heart. That ring of truth trumps any aura of righteousness anybody tosses around. NEVER give away your power. That’s the bottom line.

What do you think?

Video: Psychic Strengths via Elemental Sympathies in Natal Chart

In this video, Nico explains how the preponderance of elemental energies represented in your chart impacts the way and kind of psychic info you get. He discusses the myths and stereotypes about Water placements being the only psychic-friendly ones. Fascinating!

I have a couple of Air placements, the rest evenly divided between Earth and Water and his descriptions rang quite true for me. This also explains why I hate Yes/No divination questions. I’m very short on fire!

Do you see elemental balances from your chart at work in how you get psychic info?

Five Clair Sisters – Your Psychic Senses

We all have psychic senses that correspond to our physical senses. Medium John Edward calls them the “Five Clair Sisters,” as each begins with the root “clair,” French for “clear.”

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing/psychic vision)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing/psychic hearing)
  • Clairtangency (clear touch/psychic touch & psychometry)
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting/psychic tasting)
  • Clairalience (clear smelling/psychic smelling)

Some would add Claircognizance (clear knowing/psychic knowing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling/psychic feeling) or others to this list, although they aren’t direct translations of physical senses. Clairtangency is often used to described psychometry, getting psychic impressions through physical touch. Of the psychic senses listed, this is the only one that requires using the physical sense to access.

Also, describing these senses as “clear” is a bit of a misnomer, since the information from the psychic senses tends to be subtle. Think in terms of imagination and daydreams–experiences within your mind. That’s why meditation is often suggested to quiet the mind, helping us “turn up” these impressons.

You may get information on multiple channels, although your strongest psychic senses will often correspond to your best developed physical senses. If you’re very visual, you could expect do do well with clairvoyance. If you’ve got a perfect ear for music, you may be naturally inclined toward clairaudience. If you’re very sensitive to fabric and textures, perhaps you can pick up psychic impressions through touch.

One very simple way of sharpening your psychic senses is being mindful of your physical senses. Take time to really experience, absorbing the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures around you on a regular basis. Close your eyes and try recreating those sensations in your imagination. That’s what this information feels like when it arrives psychically, so the sharper you can create your internal experience, the easier it is to access the information psychically.

I’ve found when I’m actively working on my psychic senses or frequently opening up my energy for readings, I become more sensitive to physical senses as well, perhaps smelling things others don’t notice, or being overly sensitive to sounds or tastes. If you’re developing your skills, you may have to be more careful than before of crowds or the people you hang around as well, since you’re more likely to pick up energy from outside sources. Otherwise, you could start feeling overwhelmed with stimuli or energy that isn’t yours. Discriminate.

How do you find your psychic information arrives?

Tips for Reading Tarot Intuitively

Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the CardsWas asked a great question on learning to read:

“I have a pretty good memory and when I look at the cards I usually just remember the meaning that I read in a book. Can you give any advice on how to use my intuition a bit more rather than just a memorized meaning?”

I once had a “starter Tarot deck,” with meanings on the cards. I thought it would help me learn to read. Worst idea ever!  My readings were much worse than with a standard deck, even if I had to struggle through parts. It completely blocked my flow, as I compulsively checked the “right” meaning for every card. Tarot reader fail!

The magic of Tarot is not a function of perfectly memorizing card meanings, obviously. Other folks can give you a starting vocabulary, but you don’t really “own it” until you have developed your own and a relationship with the cards, to learn how they talk to you. (Each deck is an individual entity in it’s own right.)

But the question was how to do more intuitive readings. You start by getting grounded, calling down light, praying, or doing whatever connection “stuff” you do to connect to the Source. Consciously tune in and ASK for intuitive insight. That’s how you start. You get good, though, through practice.

Here are some simple ideas for sharpening intuitive Tarot skills.

  • Visualizations inside the cards. The exercises in Mary Greer’s [amazon_link id=”1564145883″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tarot for Yourself[/amazon_link] are great for this, but you don’t have to have a step-by-step to be successful. Set aside some emotional space, pull a card, and envision yourself merging with the Tarot landscape. Look around, explore the space and interact with figures you find there. Observe and ask questions. Don’t worry about “imagining things” because your imagination is on the same channel intuitive information comes through. Just be open to getting insight this way, much the same you may get insight through a dream.
  • Envelope psychic practice. Try putting a Tarot card in an envelope at the beginning of the day, without peeking. At different times throughout the day, focus on the card inside the envelope, and write down whatever image, impression, word or ideas come to you. Don’t try to guess the card–just ask for related information. Don’t filter or evaluate the impressions. At the end of the day, you can check your card and see how the day’s experiences, your psychic impressions, and the card all speak together. If you save these and review them over time, you can develop a feel for how you personally tend to receive information.
  • Storytime, baby! Flip over three cards, and make up a story based on the images. Don’t look for meanings at all–look for a cohesive narrative flowing between multiple card. Invert one or switch them around and see how it changes the story. You want to become comfortable using the cards fluidly and allowing them to interact with each other, rather than attaching each card to an isolated, rigid definition. I would also not be surprised if you find your stories begin to resonate with other energy you run across.
  • Talking it out. One way to get the flow going is to start by simply describing the card, the scene, and the figures aloud. Without worrying about interpretation, just narrate, expanding upon whatever details catch your attention. Those little things you notice, about the environment, the figures, and the overall mood? There’s intuitive information you’ve got right there, Grasshopper! As you talk, you’ll often realize how what you’re seeing explains the card’s energy, or serves as a metaphor for the situation at hand.

This is an ongoing proposition, by the way. I’m currently reading [amazon_link id=”0738719757″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Psychic Tarot[/amazon_link] myself, because I’m always looking for ways to sharpen my skills! (I like it so far.) Working with Tarot is signing on for a Fool’s Journey, after all.

Investigating different perspectives and approaches gives you an arsenal of ideas to draw from. But it’s from working with cards directly, experimenting with approaches, that you learn what works best for you. Skilled readers need their own relationship with the cards. The trust and ease builds as you work together with your deck. Make friends.

Do you have tips on learning to read Tarot intuitively?