Empress: Self Love Blooms Us

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still. – Lao Tzu

I’ve always loved that quote, because I’ve always felt the truth of it. Self-mastery also feels a lot better and is far more reliable than needing to wrangle outside forces to comply.

“‘Needing to wrangle outside forces to comply’ is euphemism for ‘parenting,'” says Dixie’s brain. 

If you trust the world to spin properly without personal input, if you just let yourself love, knowing the Universe works out the important bits? Then you don’t need to tilt the world just so to feel happy and confident and safe within it.

If you peace is internal, nobody can touch it. That’s freedom.

And the trust? It includes trusting in yourself.

Now is enough. You are enough. Doing what you know how to do, in the place you happen to be right now? It’s enough.

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This Week in Oracles

Here we have “Nurture,” aka the Empress from the Tarot of the Heart. She’s very fertile, in every sense of the word. Creation and regeneration are her very important tasks. She’s couple with Nasturtium, associated with “Victory & Conquest” from the Botanical Inspirations Oracle. She knows how to bring her intentions to life.

One thing you’ll never find the Empress doing is criticizing herself. She hasn’t energy for that! Self-criticism is a weed in the garden that chokes out the blossoms. She’s not going to dilute her creative energy by eating away at her own power.

Make no bother about what you could have done differently, or the mistakes you’ve made. Every second of every day, every bit of every choice, has become thread in the fabric of who you are, right now. It’s part of you. To condemn past you is to condemn present you and that never serves. It takes away your power from the only place you ever really have any–now–and chokes out your blossoms.

Instead of second-guessing ourselves, what if we just declared ourselves doers-of-the-best=we-know-how-to-do? I like becoming more than I was before. I like growth. And every bit of experience contributes to growth.

Even–no, especially–the challenging bits of life shape us in beautiful ways. So who’s to say, the one-of-a-kind works of art we become were somehow “wrong?”

Love every bit of who you are! Love the flaws just as much as the shinier spots–the flaws need it more and besides, love heals flaws. Love helps you understand what you are calling flaws, aren’t. They are just part of your creative process.

Pay no mind to anyone or anything else beyond serving your truest intention of being yourself. Quite simply, that’s living your life full of love and goodwill and unapologetic integrity to the notion of being as much you as you know how to be.

We need you to be you. Nobody else is more qualified for the job!

The beautiful thing about doing this is it becomes easier and easier to feel love for others as you do. Everything starts in the mirror and works it’s way out.

Armchair Astrology

Mercury remains retrograde until the 22nd of December. This one has felt fairly intense to me as far as Mercury retrogrades go. But that doesn’t mean it’s not immensely helpful. Just keep your calm and centered and take on what you’ve got right in front of you. This is a time of energetic cleanup and clarification. You’ll be covering familiar ground in one way or another and you’ll find opportunity and insight within the trek. So just take your time and let it happen. Lean into self care and know that what needs to be sorted out, is being sorted out.

You’re doing fine. Really.

2018 Zodiac Lookahead Readings

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Be kind to yourselves out there!

The Devil: Who’s Writing Your Story?

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it. -Thich Nhat Hanh

It doesn’t even require attentiveness–more a temporary reprieve from steeping in whatever’s not “joy and happiness.”

Yes, I know it’s not always that easy. I know the muck sticks. I know the smacks hurt.

I also know, even under the thickest of clouds, there is something worth loving. Make a habit of seeking it out at every opportunity.

Love isn’t something that generates from lovable conditions, lovable people, lovable things. Love is something you carry in your heart. It’s self-generated. And you can shine it in whatever direction you want.

Wherever you shine it, life blossoms and takes on added beauty. Every time.

Tarot Fix

If you didn’t already know your cards, you might not recognize “Master” from the Psychic Heart Tarot as the Devil.  He may not look ominous–because he’s not. But he is holding himself in a place of pain, ironically enough to protect himself.

It’s understandable, sure. But how do you think that’s working out?

Notice how there are zero outside forces at play in this picture? The man holds his own heart, imprisoned. He has set the conditions and he’s tending to it all. No one else has the ability to release it for him.

If you need someone to be something in order for you to feel okay, you’re screwed.

You can retreat in an attempt to keep yourself free from hurt, or you can keep your heart open and fully experience all there is to feel.

Bless the hard days and the easy days alike, for they all are a part of the human experience. We do our best with whatever we’ve got going on. And that’s worth appreciating.

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Everyone and everything is part of the evolving, collective story. But it’s key to remember who is writing YOUR story. But you don’t have to think your way through it.

Instead, you feel your way through it. Much easier, more effective and bonus points for being fun, if you do it right.

If you want to write yourself a happy story, look to keeping your heart open, flowing love freely, no matter what story anybody else is writing. This is all that’s required.

I love a happy ending, myself.


Armchair Astrology

New Moon in Gemini and Mercury goes retrograde, December 5th. Ho, ho, freakin’ ho! Really, I don’t have much to say about this other than, relax. Let go of any thoughts or ideas that disturb you as there’s a good chance there’s misunderstanding, anyway. Consider this the time the world unkinks itself and retreat as needed.


In Other News

I’m still taking orders for 2018 Zodiac Lookahead readings. I’m throwing in a yearly highlights astro report if you want. You get a real-time, mp3 recording to download and save, pictures of your cards and an email summary. If you’d like to get one, shoot me a payment of $50 and for the astrology chart, include birth date, time and location. Include any areas of special interest if you want, and I’ll be sure to include a little extra attention aimed in that direction.

Be well.

Temperance: From Micro to Macro

People everywhere seem confused, frustrated, unsure. Not knowing who or what to believe. On so many issues!

Feeling so much about what they see as being so important, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed taking it in–let alone knowing what positions or actions or considerations to support. It feels big but who knows how to fix it or even make it a little bit better? Sometimes people think they do, but of course, the rest of the world just won’t get on board.


But, to me that’s missing the point.

There’s no need.

You don’t have to decide what’s best for everyone.

You don’t have to divine fact from fiction in all the places about all the issues.

You don’t have to make disciples or sway adversaries or force others to fall in line to make a difference.

All you’ve got to do is stay tuned in, centered within you. In the moment. In your own skin. In your own head. In your own energy field. Be plugged in and ready to recieve inspiration about those things you care about.

That’s all you can really do, truth be told. But isn’t it a relief to consider it that way?

And if you do that, you plug into the power you really have–the eternal, immortal, soul piece of you, the true you. That’s the power that can change worlds, anyway.

The angry rants on Facebook, not so much. Everything else is just so much static.

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Somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten the collective impression to be a decent human being, we must “work hard to solve problems” and “be sure bad things never happen again.” Of course it’s overwhelming and distressing to look at the world that way because we cannot control all the others.

It’s never been our job to control all the others, anyway.

All roads lead home. Always, always, always.

This week, we’ve got “Balance” from this non-traditional deck, aka Temperance. While I am not sure how I feel about this illustration personally, the point is the point is the point and it’s point I get.

Look to stand steady and centered in yourself and yourself alone. When you achieve personal balance with regularity, it becomes a habit. And that, in turn, vibrates out to all that connect with you, which in turn vibrates out to all that connect with those who have connected with you.

Remember that old shampoo commercial? I told two friends, who told two friends, etc.? That’s how it works. We try to swoop down from the macro level to control what happens on the micro level. It’s exactly the opposite. Manage yourself–the micro–and let the impact ripple out in the macro.

A centered, balanced person is a powerful person. An influential person. A person who makes a difference.

I think of life in this regard as being like a fractal. The tiniest patterns in the smallest part of the fractal get repeated outward over and over again, replicating and rippling out unto infinity. So being one of the tiniest parts of the fractal, I’m consciously setting up what I want to replicate out into the bigger Universe. And it feels good.

I know some of you think I’m nuts and I am fine with that. I’d just quietly suggest you give it a try and see what I’m talking about.

At the very least? You’ll feel a lot better!

Featured: Psychic Tarot of the Heart. Pretty cards! Give Dix a holler if you want to set up a private consult.

Steady at the Wheel: Weekly Tarot Forecast, November 23 – 29, 2015

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” – Matthew 7:3, King James Bible

This week’s forecast made me think of this video, a chapter from my book on the Ace of Cups. We’d do well to manage our own thoughts and feelings more and worry less about everyone else’s. Keep your eyes on your own road and your hand on the wheel steady, and you’ll do great!


In general, the week does have some punch. Of eight cards drawn, five are Major Arcana which speak to significant transitions. Two of the remaining three are Cups (Water element), suggesting emotion is a prominent factor throughout the week. I have a feeling that feelings will be turned up in general, but Saturday is the only day that looks super dicey in that regard. With the Emperor as the guidance guy, we definitely have the resources for managing so long as we manage ourselves first.

For my folks in the states, Thanksgiving looks great!

Monday, Opportunity Beckons – Four of Cups: This is a nice counter to the interpretation of the Four of Cups as discontent or lack of appreciation. Being grateful for what you have is awesome! Good plan. But living in that state doesn’t preclude reaching for more. Stretching out, or even wanting does not equate with a lack of appreciation. Gratitude and growth are very harmonious energies.

Tuesday, Teach – The Hierophant: Speak your truth, even in the small things. No, not everyone will hear it but those inclined will. The right people will hear. And those who don’t? They aren’t your audience anyway.

Wednesday, Spread Your Wings – Two of Wands: Take a risk! Stretch a little more. Investigate, imagine, and what’s more, take a concrete step along the path to where you want to go. This is very much one step forward without worrying about how the other million steps will go. Just ONE.  Step outside your comfort zone, do something new or different, create a new tradition or set a new standard.

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Thursday, Love Abounds – Ace of Cups: Delightful Thanksgiving card! I find my heart, though, drifting off to those suffering because of who is missing from their table. Fill in the empty space with love and gratitude for all the blessings you have now and have received from missing loved ones. After all, to miss intensely suggests you’ve been given much. And that is worthy of honoring. Make today a celebration of that love in any form you can conjure it, and you cannot go far wrong.

Friday, Manifest – The Magician: You, do. You, do. You are in control. This day is what you make it. Good day for magick, too!

Saturday, Rebuild – The Tower: Well, if that isn’t the softest version of the Tower I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is! I’ll follow this deck’s lead though: treat yourself, others, and everyone else gently but honestly. Many are in difficult transitions at the moment, and there is much pain and disruption in the world. It’s not a day for saying, “I told you so.” It’s a day for saying, “How can I help?” And mean it.

Sunday, Love – The Lovers: Look for the areas of agreement, the harmony and the beauty today. Music is a great choice to enhance the day, so long as your choice is soothing and melodious. The voice, in particular, holds special sway. Make your words kind and beautiful and that will enhance your experiences of kindness and beauty. You draw what you put out.

Overview/Advice, Lead – The Emperor: There is only one reason the Emperor is able to maintain his seat on the throne. He controls himself! The overall vibe of this week is very DIY. You get what you put out there. Your days are as lovely or ugly as you make them.

Affirmation: My thoughts are in harmony with my health. I’m not going all pseudo-Law-of -Attraction-victim-blaming here. But I will say regardless of your physical state, the more harmonious, grateful and positive your mental state, the better your health will be. The more angry, depressed, or generally dark your thoughts, the greater the toll on your health. No, being all roses and sunshine does NOT fix everything, health or otherwise. But you know what? If you can come up with a couple of roses and a little sun breaking through the clouds, it does make it better. It does help! And this counts for health on every level, not just physical.

Are you feeling in control of yourself?

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Lovingly Uncompromising. Weekly Tarot Forecast, Oct. 26 – Nov 1, 2016

Thor the Warrior Kitten just has a knack for finding the center of action. 

I really hope y’all are not getting sick of kitten pictures with the weekly cards. He’s not a seasoned enough reader to help much yet, but his heart is in it.

And the heart is totally the star of the show next week. So there you go!


You now that space in time where you know in your heart something you really want to do, something that is important and meaningful to you but it’s scary? It’s like…putting yourself out there, naked. Not your image. Not your mirage. But YOU, the real you?

It could be something little or something big, from anyone else’s perspective. But it’s a big deal to you, it lives in your soul, a dream that’s itching to break free from the world of ideas into the world of manifest reality.

Maybe you wonder…What if everybody laughed, and not in a good way? What if I fail? What if my closely held dream turned to dust instead of reality? What would I hold onto then?

It won’t always work out. But reaching out in the direction of your heart? Never, ever a mistake.

We’ve got several Major Arcana on deck this week and a notable preponderance of Wands – so action is favored with the understanding that action will have lasting impact. You ready?

Tarot_8_StrengthMonday, Just Breathe, Strength: The topical card of “Just Breathe” suggests anxiety but better, a way to address it. Few actions ground better than breathing. And to pair it with the Strength card is a perfect match. One wonderful thing about the Strength card is that it’s universally accessible energy. You don’t have to have some kind of superhuman power to access it. The traditional version shows a woman taming a lion with little more than her infinite patience and purity of heart to keep her on track. If you’re feeling hit here, or have an obstacle to overcome–go right to the core of the matter with gentle, steady attention. Maintaining boundaries and especially not getting flustered will serve you well.

Tuesday, Change Your Focus, The World: What really counts? This is a big-picture day. Let small annoyances roll off your back and focus instead on your responsibility for the final outcome. You have the mastery you need at your disposal. Grownups earn paychecks. Be dependable. Happy Full Moon in Taurus–what are you releasing?

Wednesday, Trust, Ace of Wands: Let joy be your guide today. The project that gets you excited? The thought that quickens your pulse and gets your blood pumping? That is where you direct your feet. Take a specific, concrete action, however humble, in the direction of your passion. Trust yourself. (Ouch–Tarot is looking at me again!)

Thursday, Dreams Coming True/Solar Plexus Chakra, Knight of Cups: There is power to manifest in your emotional state. To work it, it’s vital to maintain appropriate boundaries. Your feelings may be intense, but in flux right now. Don’t allow anyone else to step on your dreams in this state, okay? You are in the process of figuring out your own feelings. Don’t let somebody else overrule your process here.

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Friday, Love, Four of Wands: Activate the circle of love–contact your best buddies, spend time with your family of freaks, or otherwise invoke the sacred space of the heart today. I don’t care who or how you go about it. Be creative if you need to. But we’re looking to generate a combination of safe space and combine it with warm, loving kindness.

Saturday, Manifest, Seven of Wands: This has a very “march to your own drummer” kind of vibe. Take the risk if (and only if) it’s authentically YOU, your energy, your heart you’re putting out there. That’s a little scary, I know. Far scarier than being a copy of someone else. But this is how you create and hone your authentic life. This is how you make it real!

Sunday, Love Abounds, The Fool: Another heart-centered day. I’m loving all the love here! Approach all with a completely open mind. Look, listen, learn and soak up all that you can. Just do it from a loving space. That love is like a layer of armor; it will keep you safe today.

Overview/Advice, Rebuild, The Devil: Where have you over-indulged? What options have you taken off the table? Because that’s where you need to clean house this week. This card suggests letting go of something that’s been a stumbling block, a barrier between you and fulfilling your purpose. With a full moon in Taurus, I wouldn’t be surprised if some habits of overindulgence or plain, old-fashioned stubbornness are in focus. The Devil suggests an element of collusion, your personal cooperation in creating said situation. So let’s all put on our grown-up pants this week, look at the big picture and be the person we aspire to be. Authentic. Real. Passionate–but still responsible. If we’re going to stick to our guns, let’s be properly armed here. Only do what you can legitimately answer for, but be sure you do what you know, deep down, to be right. Remain steeped in love and the kindness will soften any rough edges.

Affirmation: Magenta – Connect to Your Deepest Inner Knowing. That’s a pretty good, all purpose affirmation. But the second part is implied here, filled in by the rest of the forecast. ACT on your deepest inner knowing. What good is having a connection to it if you don’t do anything with the connection?

I cannot promise you things will always turn out pretty. Believe me, I’m acutely aware of that fact. Life has plenty of pain. I think of pain as a sort of currency, the price we pay for loving, for learning, just for giving a damn, you know? I refuse to waste pain, so I end up having bought a lot for mine. And if the price of chasing my dreams is a skinned ego? Well, I’m ready and willing to pay it.

Because I’m not willing to leave this material plane not having lived every bit of life coming to me!

How about you? Do you have a dream you’re ready to get underway?

If you dig these Tarot forecasts, check out Dixie’s book, Everyday Tarot. This week features the Zombie Tarot, thePsychic Tarot for the Heart and Color Cards.

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Executing the Plan! Weekly Tarot Forecast, Oct 19 – 25, 2015

I think intuition can be a form of answered prayer. You do the best you can – thinking, figuring, planning – and then you pray. –Conrad Hilton

Sometimes I think I’m a really sucky planner. Not that I was born without the Virgo planning superpower. I was, I was! I can plan circles around your average bear.

I plan and plan and plan. I can plan you right into next lifetime, if you give me a minute. I can plan out contingencies better than an insurance company or professional gambler, for God’s sakes.

But then…life refuses to cooperate.

Planning gets you started. Planning gets you fired up, and opening up to the possibilities. But in the end, you gotta move on the plans and be ready to shift course as the situation develops. That’s what we’re looking at, next week. Execute your plans, but be ready to take an alternate route if the need arises.


This week looks very hands-on; few cups with the feely-feels to distract us. The focus is on Pentacles, with some wands and swords. So actually checking items off your list instead of thinking them up (Swords) is in order. But there will be shifts in the landscape as we go, so you may need to improvise.

We start off making it through the churned up waters on Monday, perhaps indulging in a bit of fantasy on Wednesday, and potentially reclaiming our own power after a blow on Friday. Sunday is a great day to set the stay for next week and through it all? Pay attention, so you can integrate all those little bits and baubles of truth into a more complete understanding. And most importantly, act on what you’re learning along the way!

Monday, Awaiting Results, Six of Swords: This smacks of pins and needles to me. You’re going to make it alright–that’s the promise of the Six of Swords, although you can pretty much expect rough patches and a general feeling of being worn out, too. But do know that you’ve set the stage for making it through current challenges and it’s just a matter of getting there now, okay?

Tuesday, Manifest, Six of Pentacles: Sixes in Tarot denote cooperation, teamwork. So it’s a great time to pitch in to help make others’ plans real, and please, allow them to pitch in for you! This is very much a “together, we can make things happen” kind of day. Generosity is where the magic lies. But as always, your resources are finite, so be discriminating about how you hand them out. Okay?

Wednesday, Blossom, Seven of Cups: Ah, the dreams are popping! But which have substances and which are utter fantasy? Damned if they are possible to sort at the moment. Just be aware, the sorting it all out part may come later.

Thursday, Love, Ten of Pentacles: Connect with your tribe–the people you feel most at home with. Good time to feel “rich” with the people you care about most, be they present in body or only in your mind.

Friday, Dreams Coming True/Solar Plexus Chakra, Ten of Swords: What an odd combination of cards! Dreams coming true and the chakra of personal power, paired with the card of betrayal? But take another look, because it’s an instructive mix. To be in control of your life, to make your dreams reality, some boundaries are required! There’s no need to hold grudges for those who have hurt you. But it behooves us all to take personal responsibility for our own well-being. If someone does you dirty? Don’t bother using your emotional energy to curse a perpetrator. Just lock that crap out of your life!

Saturday, Choose Your Battles, King of Wands: Spend your energy where it will do some good.

Sunday, Win or Lose, Ace of Pentacles: What you plan doesn’t determine your success. What you DO determines success. Don’t require perfection. Just get started!

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Overview/Advice, Success & Growth/Sacral Chakra, Temperance. Start mixing it all together! Take what you know, what you need, and what you want and begin putting it into a single package this week. It may not initially appear like it will all fit into the same bag, but it will. Take note of any lessons, and more importantly, incorporate them!

Affirmation, Gray – Learn to Scan Your Body. You can scan not only your physical body, but emotional body as well. Breathe deeply a few times, and just direct your attention on making an imaginary sweep, from top to bottom. Do you notice any areas that seem “off” to you? Cloudy or murky? Give yourself extra attention there. If your neck hurts, do you feel too much “weight on your shoulders?” If you have knee issues, do you feel stable in your life? If your chest is tight, can you “feed your heart” with some warm, loving experience? Imagine golden healing light channeling in through the top of your head to any part of your body that feels cloudy, murky or gray to heal yourself.


If you dig these forecasts, you’d probably like Dixie’s book, Everyday Tarot. This week features the Zombie Tarot, thePsychic Tarot for the Hearte and Color Cards.

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